"New era, new thinking, new way": Chinese tehfirma take a course on the Communist party
Material posted: Publication date: 26-05-2018
Increasingly stringent regulation, the China risks to damage the own innovative technology sector, writes the American newspaper the New York Times. "The rate of the country's authoritarian leadership under XI Jinping, the can jeopardize the reputation of technology firms", – the journalists Raymond Zhong and Paul Mozur.

Private technological company in China closer to the Communist party through a number of initiatives – from unmanned vehicles to the social credit rating, from face recognition and votes to satellite navigation. At the same time, the party is more firmly embedded in the companies themselves. Zhong and Masur note how this is evident in the headquarters of Tencent, the largest tekhgigant China:

"Table on the wall showing how many members of the party (more than 8 thousand this year). On another worksheet displays a monthly schedule of party training (this month the planned workshop on the theme "New era, new thinking, new path")".

But how actually does the process of the "party of education"? In the newspaper Economic Daily published a report about the training session in one of the leading startups of the country to Beijing ByteDance Telecommunications Co. Ltd. Last month, the company was subjected to harsh punishment, and its CEO was forced to apologize for "choosing wrong road".


Economic Daily reported that "the CPC Committee of the company held a thematic course on the conscientious study of the spirit of the National conference on cyberspace". In this forum, the President XI Jinping delivered a speech in which he linked the cyber and national security, urging to "improve managerial capacity in cyberspace".

As for the control information si said (quoted by the news Agency Xinhua): "online media should disseminate positive information, to maintain the correct political direction and to Orient public opinion and values in the right direction".


Training seminar in ByteDance was held under the chairmanship of Secretary of the party branch and the chief editor of the company Zhang Fumina, who explained the connection between the spirit of the conference and the internal situation in the company. Was at the meeting and top managers, including CEO Zhang min, whose self-deprecating and openly political apologies have become the main news of the last month. Also on the agenda was rendered "building digital silk road", pertaining to another political initiative of XI Jinping's "One belt and one road".

But the main message was the control. Secretary of the party cell and the editor in chief Zhang fopen reminded of the line, which, according to the Secretary General, to be followed by all technology companies: "We must be faithful to his main responsibilities, in any case not allowing the Internet to become a platform for the transmission of harmful information and rumors. As a technological company with its own media, Bytedance need to install [right] guidance in the first place to commit themselves to carry not only basic but also social and moral responsibility."

The control and development pulled the blanket over each all four decades of the reform era in China. Now, in a period which can be called post-reform "New era" XI Jinping, tension between control and innovation (the new fashionable term for development) remained the same, if not increased.

The party is betting on your future, maintaining a balance between both of them.

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