Sneak-attack the assault team against the FORTS of Koenigsberg
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The mighty German fortress, absolutely impregnable. Where do you find such a infantry that would be able to take it? Of course, in the Soviet divisions in 1945!

"Come and get it"

The approaches to the German königsberg covered these FORTS. What is it? For example, Fort Ponarth (aka Fort No. 9): the thickness of the walls and a half — three meters of brick plus five meters of excavation sprinkles. Around — the shaft and the moat. Trench width of 10-25 meters, depth — seven. Shaft height from the bottom of the moat is 13 metres. In the narrow streets of the city barricades. In homes — a lot of emplacements, bricked up the window.

Fort "Ponarth" (No. 9) (photo source)

In parts of the first echelon of Soviet troops created one assault squad in the regiment in the second echelon — tactical teams in the regiment. In assault squad (about three hundred people) was composed of two companies of Riflemen, platoon knapsack flame-throwers, machine-gun company, engineer company, a platoon of "the thirty" (T-34), five self-propelled guns ISU-122; guns — a pair of polkovodec, 76-mm divisional and 122-mm howitzers and a company of 82-mm and a battery of 120-mm mortars.

Assault group (60-90 people) is structurally reminiscent of the squad, just "pipe down": a company of Fusiliers, a platoon of sappers, one or two T-34 and so on. The idea was this — the Soviet assault troops break through the outer defensive belt of the Germans, and then later an assault group attack individual houses in the city. From the actions of the attack depended the fate of the offensive.

The men were given machine guns, grenades, mines, Finnish knives, "probes", "cats", scissors for wire cutting, assault bridges and ladders, and cumulative charges (to break through brick walls, reinforced concrete and bronchopul) and extra charges (to make passes).

Eight days before the attack, the stormtroopers began to prepare special educational fields. There he built their original positions and put this whole defenses — trenches, anti-tank ditch with water, bunkers (or their models), bunkers, barbed wire and minefields. And assault training stone buildings and techniques of street fighting used individual farms and towns, and did not forget to build barricades.

For starters officers parts separately showed what is in the assault squad (or group), its equipment, how it moves and fights. Then it showed the rest of the stormtroopers. Then soldiers learned to overcome any barriers and to break through the cutting edge.

Stormtroopers could for an hour and a half to go to four or five kilometers into enemy positions.

The assault groups were also shown the technique of the assault of some stone buildings: first, in spherical vacuum, and then from a tactical background. And then taught to attack the group of buildings connected into a stronghold. After — management technique of street fighting. In the final exercises with live firing. The analysis exercises were conducted personally by the new commander of the 50th army Fedor Petrovich Ozerov (old — General Boldin in February 1945, she was kicked out for a failed attack).

Particularly important was considered the interaction of infantry with artillery, tanks and aircraft. For this, each company appointed two whistle-missile. Separately taught how to dazzle smoke projectiles, mines, bombs, grenades and swords system German fire, and burn with flame throwers.


"Come and take"

370 th regiment were tasked by dawn, April 9, to seize the Fort by the pond, oberteich. The regimental commander decided to attack suddenly by night. Gathered 25 "daredevils" (that's right and then write). Four were engineers, and they got two machine-guns and self-propelled gun. First to the Fort went four scouts who have studied the hidden outskirts. They quietly held the assault group from the direction where the Germans were not expecting an attack.

Ten o'clock in the evening. The sudden cries of "Hurrah!". Stormtroopers burst into.

Fort took "bold and daring" — 18 dead Germans, 21 a prisoner.

As booty they took three machine guns and four hand. The loss of the attackers... two wounded.

Street fighting in Koenigsberg

Assault group 200 th regiment attacked the quarter 172, where the Germans put gun emplacements in three tiers. Each platoon was divided into two subgroups — one attacked the building and were clearing it, the second covered the first fire and destroyed the retreating enemy. Tanks and self-propelled guns supported by armor and fire.

The result — took out a quarter, captured nine guns, stood at point-blank range, four machine guns and 96 prisoners.

523 the third quarter — a dozen houses in two or three floors, up to 20 firing points. Right and left the garden, to the West of the trench. The commander of the assault detachment, major Eyskov night quietly walked the quarter in the garden until three 76-mm cannon and two "maxima" distracting. By dawn on April 7 stormtroopers crept up to fifty meters. Each company knew which building to attack her, someone who supported.

Three minutes of fire attack, the hour of combat. The district is completely cleared. From our side — two killed, seven wounded. Seized 128 prisoners, 19 machine guns, a couple of 75-mm guns.

German prisoners (photo source)

The documents repeatedly calmly notes that further stormed "about the same way", just the opponent was more demoralized.

More "demoralization" on top of falling for two or three hundred 305-mm shells per day — and that's just one of the guards corps.

What Fort Ponart? 30 Jan sappers — army kulba and corporal Chistyakov — was lowered into its ditch barrel with 200 pounds of TNT. I saw in the wall of the caponier door. Blew her small charge, gently rolled the barrel to the underground corridor and hid themselves. Barrel hooked up, it detonated the ammunition of the Fort. When the smoke cleared, the engineers saw "a huge funnel, shapeless lumps of masonry and frozen soil".

Barrel against the Fort (photo source)

Here is a simple Soviet soldiers without the guns and multibarrel machine-guns at the ready, without fighting robotsand assault starships broke the strongest defense. Smart tactics and training proved to be stronger than steel and concrete.

Blown up Fort No. 9 "the don" (aka - Fort "Ponarth") at Konigsberg. (photo source)


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