The last stop on the Silk road
Material posted: Publication date: 17-06-2018
A year ago, Alexander Lukashenko called the Belarusian-Chinese relations "all-weather friendship". Last weekend the weather finally became summer: the two countries signed the intergovernmental agreement on gratuitous technical and economic assistance in the amount of 800 million yuan. The money China will give Belarus for the construction of national football stadium, swimming pool, residential complex. And — a soft loan of 4.3 billion yuan for the project on organization of high-tech agricultural production of a full cycle. Finally, the agreement on mutual visa-free regime for holders of ordinary passports. In General, the weather whispers.

In such situations, always looking for the answer to the question, what came first, the chicken or the egg? That is precisely the abolition of visas Belarus opened the door of the Chinese box — or, conversely, "bezviz" was the result of the signed agreements. In our case, surely the second. And the stadium has got nothing to do with it.

Belarus is the last station of the silk road in plain coordinates. Next stop is Europe, with which it is not too easy. So, at the last station, it is desirable to have not only a right for boiling water to escape, but some other law. A better — rights and property. That's what China is doing now in Belarus.

Stadium with swimming pool — this is not too important. And not too expensive. In the past year, China has already built for Belarus a few social houses and dormitory.

Among businessmen it is called the "entry ticket", then there is a fee for the privilege of doing business in this territory. The state calls it social software.

At the time of such "programs" from Belarus ran the brewing company "Baltika" after invested in the dying Minsk million brewery Teimuraz Bolloev was faced with a choice — or build an ice Palace and quietly brew beer on, or leave it. But China is not "Baltic". China what stadium to build that pool — so the peas go through.

But the Chinese loans — interesting stuff. It is not the Russian loans issued without conditions and additional agreements. China provides loans, in essence, himself. Because they all have hundreds of pages and sections, providing for the purchase of equipment for ongoing projects exclusively in China, and the execution of works — mostly by Chinese experts.

That is, the Chinese government, giving loans to other States, it creates jobs for its specialists and provides the marketing of their own businesses. And visa-free regime for holders of ordinary passports need not so much Belarus as China. An average Belarusian tourist of modest means in China to go expensive, and the Chinese replenishment of the budget from the Belarusian tourists are expected. But the Chinese workers will now be much easier. They are no longer constrained by the Belarusian law on visa-free entry exclusively for 5 days.

Actually, this is economic expansion.

And it's not in the stadium. Please note in the amount of agricultural preferential credit. More than half a billion dollars to invest in unprofitable agriculture in Belarus? The risk, of course, a noble cause, but not so expensive. However, already invested money in dubious plant "Belgee" — there Belarusians assemble Chinese cars Geely, which nobody buys. The company subsidized the Belarusian government, cars in small quantities purchased by state agencies, and it is unclear who in the end outsmarted whom.

By the way, quite recently — in March — Alexander Lukashenko at the meeting denounced vengeance "Belgee" and two Chinese investment project: Svetlogorsk pulp and paperboard and cardboard Dobrush plants. Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko replied that to blame the Chinese contractors. Well, now everything is clear: just there the experts could not provide its full presence. And after the abolition of visas, the wheel will spin like a squirrel.

China is now generously scatter the eggs on the Belarusian baskets are not too worried about the performance of the baskets. There may be many, they may even be unsustainable. The main thing is another: "one road, one belt".


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