To catch up and overtake China to make America great again
Material posted: Publication date: 11-07-2018
In the US joy: America was overtaken by China as part of supercomputers. Until this week the fastest and most powerful was the Chinese "tai light", and now — American Summit. Last ready to fulfill tasks on the part of energy research, as well as in the area of national security and other spheres.

But there are suspicions that this record for a while. By 2020, expect the emergence of a new giant, occupying an entire room, it will be called "Tianhe-3" and by this name it is clear that America again revert to the second place.

For professionals — new "Tianhe" will refer to the E-class, it needs to beat "Summit" on petaflops and other mysterious figures of supercomputers.

So, there is a struggle for first and second place. And the third again the American giant — "Sierra", "Tianhe" the older generation holds fourth in the world speed record, and only the fifth place is not the Americans and the Chinese, and Japanese.

The main thing in this event that very recently, few could imagine that between the US and China in General, perhaps such a competition, not to mention the fact that America was happy and felt great again, catch up and overtake the Chinese.

Previously, it was clear from the start that China will overtake the US in total GDP, which includes, as you know, everything from bags of rice to car tires. But the competition between the two giants was not in quantity but in quality, that is, in terms of technological superiority, it was impossible to imagine.


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