Grevs V. "the American adventure in Siberia (1918-1920)"
Material posted: Publication date: 23-09-2018
Book of American General Graves, former commander of the USA who took part in the allied intervention in Siberia, is of special interest in the sense that it reveals the main motives for the intervention in Siberia, and a mixture of contradictory interests of the major imperialist States, who participated in the intervention. Of particular interest is identifying the role of Japan, of its intentions in the far East, Japanese relations with the military command of the Russian white guards in Siberia and the far East. In the description of the white guards, its leaders - Kolchak, Semenov, Kalmykov, their bloody acts the author claims to be known for objectivity.


The United States of North America in the intervention
Preface to the American edition
The objective of the military intervention in Siberia
Help the Czechs
Before the truce
After the armistice
The mobilization of Russian troops
Railway agreement
Kolchak and recognition
Japan, the Cossacks and anti-Americanism
The Rebellion Guides
The defeat

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