Attack of the drones: the attack on "Hamim" led USA
Material posted: Publication date: 25-10-2018
Managing the drones that attacked the Russian air base "Hamim" in Syria, was conducted with an American spy plane 8 Poseidon, said the Deputy Minister of defence of Russia the General-Colonel Alexander Fomin. Russian military rarely directly accused the U.S. of coordinating the attacks, however, the base videoconferencing subjected to frequent drone attacks by militants, mentioned earlier by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

During one of the massive attacks of unmanned aerial vehicles on the Russian air base "Hamim" to control the drones when they are faced with a jamming system, switched to manual mode, which was conducted with American aircraft 8 Poseidon, said Deputy defense Minister of Russia Alexander Fomin.

"Thirteen unmanned aerial vehicles <...> there was a single military order, managed a total team. At this time, American reconnaissance aircraft, Poseidon 8 circled in the Mediterranean sea for eight hours,"

— quoted by RIA "Novosti" the words of Colonel-General.

This is not the first attempt drone strike on a Russian military base in Syria. In March 2018 the Syrian news Agency Al-Masdar News, citing sources in the government of Syria announced that the Islamists tried to attack the air base of Russian air force "Hamim" by using unmanned aircraft. According to sources, the drone was destroyed by the air defense systems another approach to the airbase.

Jihadists attempted to attack the Russian planes VC based on "Mamimi" but the UAV was destroyed by fire soldiers of the Syrian Arab army — they keep a security radius around the base.

At the same time, the sources noted that any damage terrorists cause they could not. None of the terrorist organizations has claimed responsibility for the attack. The Ministry of defense of Russia gave official comment on the attacks of the militants.

In September, the Russian military, according to the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov, two Russian fighter-bomber su-34 destroyed the plant of the terrorist group "Jabhat EN-Nusra" (banned in Russia) in Idlib, where they used to assemble shock unmanned aerial vehicles, and a warehouse with explosives, which were filled with improvised explosive devices to drones.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in September said that Syria had frequent attacks of terrorists from Syria's Idlib province on the Russian airfield "Hamim.

"There began to be attempts to attack our military targets, the Russian military facilities, including the airfield "Hamim" — said Putin.

According to him, there are more terrorist attacks on the Syrian city of Aleppo.

In may 2018 on a Russian military air base in Syria Hamim shot down unidentified drone. According to the Ministry of defense of Russia, after the onset of the dark time of the day the drone was close to the Russian base "Hamim". "Twenty-first of may c the onset of the dark time of the day controls the airspace of the Russian air base "Hamim" on removal from the airfield were found small aerial target unknown origin (UAVs)," — said the military Department.

According to the military, the goal was eliminated staffing anti-aircraft firepower base videoconferencing. Injured in the incident, no material damage base has not suffered and continues to function normally.

The previous drone attack on "Hamim" took place on 6 January 2018 — then managed by terrorists from the "moderate opposition" drone Packed with explosives attacked a Russian air base, but their attack was thwarted by the efforts of the electronic warfare systems (EW) and air defense. In addition, the drones attacked and the point of logistics of the Navy in Tartus.

Earlier, the Russian General staff said that the drones become a threat on a global scale. Military sure to neutralize such threats today require serious attention and cooperation of all stakeholders at the international level. "The same deadly drones can be used by terrorists in other countries, and not only against military objects", — noted in the defense Ministry.


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