Heavy 2019: is there for the Russians the light at the end of the tunnel
Material posted: Publication date: 02-01-2019
This year, if the attitudes of authorities will not change, will definitely be the year of protests.

31 Dec almost always greeted with hope for a new year's miracle. But the morning of 1 January, as a rule, characterized by very different sensations. The new year has passed, fireworks have died down, Olivier doedu (or thrown, if the refrigerator is not removed), it's cold outside, extra money for some long trips to warmer climes once failed to save, and there is still almost a week off... About this picture many Russians in the first days of 2019. There is no miracle. And it is so necessary right now. For the whole country should be very.

And what, in fact, still hope when you look in your wallet and realize that the money spent on himself new year's table and gifts, and the advance will be given only after the Christmas weekend? To spend had: Olivier rose this year by 5%, and indeed, how not to spend money, because it is the most important holiday, and to save for a vacation makes no sense – still a trip to Turkey or tickets to the Crimea is too expensive. Another case of "revel" will appear soon. Therefore, on average, Russians spent on new year's table 6259 rubles. While real disposable incomes towards the end of last year again, rolled rapidly down: in November 2018, they fell by 2.9% compared to November 2019. Almost five years of continuous decline of income... Not from good life people to the maximum laid out on Christmas holidays, and out of despair – a sort of feast during the plague.

And it may well all go away and begin to fight for their happiness? In the new year with a new life. But how? It would be good or find a new better paying job or any part time. Yes, but no hurry to recruit new employees: new increased from 18% to 20% VAT loaded the business with additional costs, company executives do not know what to do with employees close to retirement age, which it is impossible to fire under the threat of criminal liability, even if they do nothing. And generally high tax burden (15% more than in Europe!) and a complete lack of understanding of what will be at least six months, to cool the ardor of entrepreneurs, once aspiring to development. To open a business? Not everyone has an entrepreneurial spirit, means to start and running your own business is risky. The head start be filled with thoughts about why the government we have can not create normal conditions for development and work.

Hard. Need to quit these thoughts, to take ski and go to fresh air to pave the trails! Only to follow that fresh air again, far away. In the city I could from the plants and dirt that threw up utilities. Yes, and if to drive off from a city would see not pure the woods, and going to landfill.

And then the average Russian is literally "to boil" begins, sincerely and justly without knowing why the authorities on him, to all people, just spit and do not meet the trivial requirements in clean air. Last year already marked a number of large rallies and large series small. Protested the deceived investors to the region and the people demanded the promised compensation against floods, but the main theme, after all, was the environment. People in Chelyabinsk marched on the streets against environmental genocide, and the protests against landfills and do become widespread. But clearly people have acted in the Arkhangelsk and Tambov regions.

What should I do? Wait, when all will be adjusted? This is unlikely: the authorities themselves have not decided what to do with the protests. First manifestations of discontent was just trying to ignore, each time pretending that nothing happened. Till the certain moment all worked, but then the news from the regional level, where the real power can easily drown out, began to burst at the Federal. And went full discord: the power of the weak and very quietly surrendered, and then went against people with direct threats. It can reach even up to 282 article of the criminal code on incitement to hatred.

In this situation, the idea of getting together with other people on the street doesn't look insane. Because you can not Russian man to corner. The most terrible – when a person has nothing to lose. The worst that can happen, and so there is an opportunity to convey to the government their opinion. Here it came Arkhangelsk protests to Putin and the Tambov Vice-Governor and all promised to close the controversial landfill.

Such points of tension in 2019 will be more. Last year it began to develop the theme of ecology, and this wave of protest can spread to other problems. Before people more or less calmly accept the enrichment of those in power and close to them people, but with the hunger and acute sense of justice. Rising inequality can take to the streets those who just want to work normally and to earn a living. And there are many! The evaluation of the Ranepa, the country's 32 million poor people. No army in the world can't compare numbers.

New year's spleen is dangerous for the government because it gives people time to think about their future, gives the opportunity to ask difficult questions in the most delightful atmosphere. Earlier, people suffered, but this year, if the attitudes of authorities will not change, will definitely be the year of protests – too many people have started to think about ways to achieve their goals. And worst of all would be if different groups protesting for different reasons to unite against the government. Then depression becomes a hurricane.

How to avoid it? While there is a good chance. Well, at least put people under the tree a gift in the form of dissolution is rapidly losing the confidence of the people of the state Duma. It will delight, and rest of people. But the real alternative to the street can only be social justice. The growth of taxes and the impoverishment of the very annoying people at the time, as a small group of the richest people rapidly increase their savings.

So the choice is, in General, is not great either 2019 will be the year of the protest, or the year of a new political reality and social justice. The third is not given. The path to social justice is complicated: it requires the recognition of past mistakes and a radical change of course development. It requires to take the risk and abandon manic hoarding and review the basic principles of social and economic policy: money should work for the benefit of the population, and not to lie in the cupboard unused. All this is possible, the main thing - to want and not be afraid. That's such a turn would be a real Christmas miracle.

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