The people and elites of different "digital consumption"
Material posted: Publication date: 26-03-2019
The experts of the public "The Technodeterminist Papers" translated truly powerful text New York Times that the consumption of digital services is a sign of poverty.

"We're talking digital economy, and implied the service economy for the poor. You poor, if your doctor advises you on the Internet and not a face to face meeting. Poor, if your children are learning online and not at brick and mortar teachers. Poor if you buy goods online and not in a nice shop in the center of the city," write the authors.

"The fact that the rich prefer old-fashioned Tutors, personal trainers and chefs, not Coursera or order food via a smartphone, for anybody not a secret," sure they are.

"But the author Nelly Bowlers goes further and declares that there is a "luxuriate" human relations. If you continue to get services from people living or have the opportunity to communicate with them, then most likely you are a representative of a new elite, prestigious consumption which is to abandon digital services in favor of brick and mortar," the wise says columnist edition.

"The poor buy on credit iPhone, rich refuse from smartphones. Poor try to make their children know how to use computers, the rich offer to the heirs of private schools where teaching is based on communication between people. A life spent in front of the screen, now there is a sign of your failure in life" - a verdict the expert.
"If that you die, you'll let a computer program, it means that you die as a poor man in the digital economy",- experts say.

"That's all right. Up to a certain level, the use of modern digital practices — relatively speaking, ordering a taxi, write to the doctor, buying a ticket, booking a hotel is a sign of advancement and the availability of funds for a new smartphone, taxi, tickets. Stylish, fashionable, youth, richly-expensive-and I'm in the barbershop, and you're in a SPA" - complement the material administrators telegram-Canada "Mediatechnology".

"And at a certain level you're already surrounded by those who you will provide — your the driver, the doctor. pilot Concierge "book a Charter and a ticket to La Scala", you have a gardener, cook, designer and you're not looking for a lady on the site, and you all sorts of Listerman customize them",- they say sure.

"Another thing is that our Soviet... the Russian people for the most part barely seeks in the first round — well, at least the fitness, taxi, holidays abroad, food delivery, etc. And most of the credit because the poverty provincial, pioglita yard-garage hopelessness and the Kingdom of the poor in fact and spirit...",- cruelly, but sincerely stating they.
"A well-known fact that as soon as a civilizational benefit becomes cheap enough that any fool can afford or gives that "any fool" the access level of life, unknown before - it becomes a "way of life of the poor" and the rich migrate to other places," say the authors of a public "all Seeing eye".

"So it was with the books after printing became cheap enough and mass. This has led to the emergence of mass entertainment literature (instead of the marketplace booths). And the rich began to "luxuriate" education that allowed them not just to read books and reading books and smart to understand and learn to read. With gadgets is happening now is exactly what I did with books: they are cheap and mass", they are divided.

"But, by analogy with the books, "luxuriate" will not personal communication. Rather, it is a side effect: for example, when books became for the poor, theaters still remained for the rich everywhere except the USSR. Like travel. You this the book read - I can really see such the difference between us" - give examples of the authors.

"But most importantly, who will "keep to yourself" the rich are access to information that you poor, they their usage of the Internet give. The proverbial "bigdata" will give you a La carte, small grants, under the social support from the state. Where the social support is there. And to do that all this is real money, open and social changes will only the elite, with your modest personal data full and unrestricted access",-"sentenced" experts poor.


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