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West to stabilize the situation with the aim of consolidating the results of the defeat of this part of the Russian world.

First of all, is to take stock of Russian interference in Ukrainian Affairs. To those of course, I do not consider DPR and LPR, who have defended their sovereignty from Kiev puppet regime. That's consistent and principled non-interference in the internal Affairs of Ukraine freed the hands of the American secret services and Western agents of influence who cultivated them neo-Nazis have made the defeat of the Russian world in Ukraine, new Russia and Carpatho Ruthenia. Cost "the Russian bear" story, at least the eyebrow, neo-Nazi scum and their oligarchic owners would immediately turn tail in fear of a nationwide revolt 20 million living in Ukraine Russian people. And then there would be no bombing of Donetsk or mass murder of the residents of Donbass, no split of the Church.

The scale of this defeat is not less than committed by the Nazis in 1941-44. According to experts of the Institute of Economics, economic losses due to rupture of cooperation ties between Russian and Ukrainian enterprises and the cessation of trade is from 80 to 140 billion dollars for each party. In sum, for the Russian world — at least 200 billion dollars. Impairment of joint investments — about 50 billion dollars. Casualties are estimated killed and maimed as a result of counter-insurgency operations — not less than 100 thousand people from both sides. Yet the same victims of political repression. At least 10 million people were forced to leave the occupied Pro-American neo-Nazis of Ukraine. And this is the best of its citizens: engineers, scientists, doctors — productive elite people. And his gene pool — beautiful girls and strong boys, now used as slaves in the European Union. And those who follow them made the "European choice", captured state institutions, Skakov of the uneducated Gopnik in "noble lords": the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, heads of state enterprises and law enforcement agencies — are cashing in on the looting of the remaining "sovereign lane". Finally, the ideological loss. What failed to do by force the German Nazis tried to turn the people of occupied Ukraine to Bandera, American curators have managed to do this by brainwashing, turning hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian children into crazed cannon fodder, voluntarily enrolled in APU for killing their own brothers.

Main conclusion: Russian world suffered catastrophic losses, surrendering almost without a fight geopolitical opponents its essential, and not afraid to say, in many ways (from the climate to the scientific and technical potential) the best part. The five-year occupation of Ukraine us intelligence agencies under the guise of the puppet regime of Poroshenko became the final stage of the system work, they were a quarter of a century with the connivance of Russia. No doubt inspired by this success, they use captured in the historical centre of the Russian world is a springboard for his further defeat. I think in the near future we should expect Maidana transfer technology in major Russian cities, as well as increased American pressure on States of the Eurasian economic Union. The first results of strengthening this pressure is already evident: for example, change the Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet in Kazakhstan, which aims to cut from the Russian world second in size and economic potential of Ukraine after the former Soviet state.

Once again, that the occupation of Ukraine Russophobic forces became possible only due to our complicity. Not only do we fundamentally did not intervene and did not try to resist the genocide of the Russian population of Ukraine, but actually played up to the crimes of the Kiev regime — recognizing President Poroshenko, and usurped the authority of the Supreme Rada — the Parliament. Some of our media have interpreted the actions of these criminals as a policy of the legitimate government of Ukraine, not realizing that this policy was carried out on the orders of us intelligence against the wishes and interests of the vast majority of people. Thus, in Russian society, provoked anti-Ukrainian sentiments continuing neobanderovtsev. Instead of helping the people of Ukraine to deploy liberation movement against the usurped power of the American puppet, we "happened" to their provocations, many times worsening the situation of the Russian population of Ukraine. In response to anti-Russian actions are controlled by the USA of the Kiev authorities, we have imposed sanctions against the whole country, not realizing that they beat primarily focused on the Russian population of the southern and Eastern regions of "independence." Just look at the list of the sanctioned enterprises and citizens of Ukraine among whom were many of our partners and allies.

By themselves, the election of a new President of Ukraine the situation does not change. Remember, on occupied by Nazis territories, including Ukraine, too, the elections were held. The population of the "elected" mayors, village chiefs. And in occupied Western and Central Europe continued even national public authorities. It is obvious that in the first three candidates with the most votes in the first round of presidential elections, there was not one candidate, not sworn allegiance to the American occupation authorities.

There are, of course, the nuances associated with heterogeneity of interests of the Western "puppeteers". Perhaps a bet on Zelensky, made long before these elections, associated with the General roll of the administration of the tramp in the direction of the extreme right in Israel. Probably they will put before you updated the Kiev regime new challenges. I do not exclude, for example, a mass moving on a "stripped" from the Russian population of the South-East of Ukraine are tired of permanent war in the middle East the inhabitants of the promised Land, the same as running from illiteracy European Christians. Incidentally, this region was already under Catherine, who founded the home for the new leaders in Kiev city. So the results Ukrainians Russian passports can be very useful...

There may be other scenarios — depending on the balance of forces and interests in the Western political, business and ideological elite. The invariant will remain Russophobic nature of the occupation authorities, in a timely manner changing some of the puppets on the other. Poroshenko its radically Russophobic policy itself against the vast majority of citizens of Ukraine, as illustrated by the results of the vote in the second round. The continuation of this madness of the Ukrainian society could respond with rebellion. Now the West needs to stabilize socio-political situation in order to consolidate the obtained results of the defeat of this part of the Russian world. As the saying goes, the moor has done his work — he cut the heart of the Russian world, breaking the humanitarian, economic and religious ties connecting Russia with Little Russia, new Russia and Carpathorussia. Now the moor can go, leaving his successor to consolidate and legitimize this split. Successor immediately confirmed the mission, saying that Ukraine has with Russia remained a common border.

So while there is no reason to expect a major change: the American occupation regime with a puppet government will remain and, most likely, will be strengthened, acquiring a legitimate and respectable character. Zelensky nothing to do with obvious criminals who usurped power in a coup in 2014. There is no blood of innocent victims of the neo-Nazi regime, although his partners and organized the mass burning of people in Odessa and punitive battalions in Donbass. He probably distanciruemsa from them and, if necessary, can even take them to the international Tribunal, if you want to go for a second term. He has a unique chance to cleanse the state authorities against bandits, corrupt officials and obsessed with Russophobia idiots. To try to "bring" not only the urinals and gay parades on the streets of the capital, but also a more attractive side of the "European choice". But this will be done by the Western owners. They will privatize the Ukrainian land, buy the plants, to advise the public authorities, to send media, to lead culture and education. Against Russia, possibly, will remain isolation, a disgruntled Russian people will be given the opportunity to receive a Russian passport and to leave their land.

In military strategy the worst thing is to underestimate the enemy. In relation Zelensky absolutely inappropriate are the images as a clown and servant of the people. He's undoubtedly talented, smart, cynical and calculating politician. In the next couple of years it will stabilize the situation, helping the enemies of the Russian world kept in the genocide of the Russian Ukraine results. And the genocide voted for Zelensky voters of the South-East of Ukraine will continue.

But it could happen a miracle. Because initially, some of who blew up the Russian Empire the Bolsheviks were not less Russophobia than supplied by the Americans to reign in Kiev puppets. Trotsky turned the Russian people into cannon fodder and fuel for kindling the world revolution. But there was a transformation of power from Dzhugashvili grew up Stalin, who in 1945 had thanked the Russian people for won over European fascism Great Victory. But our people have suffered it is a miracle at the cost of countless victims of hardship, extreme tension of all spiritual, creative and physical strength.

As warned Dostoevsky, demons fanned in Russia the fire of world revolution in which, given three wars, famine and devastation, Russian people "lost 100 million heads". Today the demons collide the two parts of the Russian people. If we continue to condone this devilry, on a daily basis allowing the devils of all stripes to push us together, we will lose another 100 million. Will remain just $ 50 million is optimal from the point of view of many influential leaders of the Western world, from Hitler to Albright, the number of Russian to serve the interests of Western capital.

To prevent the defeat of the Russian world, we should be aware of their indissoluble unity with the part of the Russian people, who today suffers immensely from the oppression in Ukraine. Crimes are being committed daily by American puppets in Kiev are a crime against us. We are responsible for the fate of millions of Russian people who became victims of genocide by the grown intelligence services of NATO member States neobanderovtsev.

Occupation of Ukraine is a military operation conducted by the US and its allies against Russia. In this hybrid world war the stakes are as high as in the world wars of the last century. In > > American politics are not much different from Hitler's strategy. They use other methods, corresponding to modern technologies of manipulation of consciousness, financial markets, political situation. No need to exterminate millions of people, if they can subdue the "soft power" and make you behave yourself properly against their own interests. We must not delude ourselves with the appearance of favorable changes in the behavior of the enemy. We need to carry out a systematic policy of liberation of Ukraine from neo-Nazi Russophobia regime in the interests of its own people. Understandable, legitimate, open, consistent and honest. And then there can be miraculous transformation of power.

Sergei Glazyev

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