Silant'ev, A. Yu., "the Social laws and the global development model"
Material posted: Publication date: 21-06-2019

The book is for everyone who wants to understand what is happening in the world, society and our minds. Wish to simple analysis tool event — read the Chapter about social organisms. Ready to build models — learn the social laws. If you important facts and the author's view of the future, just go to the forecast of world development. The book contains many definitions and references. You will learn about social groups, resources and energies on the fundamental principles and hierarchies of systems, what is a haplogroup and the mentality of the interaction of modern civilization, why not avoid the global crisis and how we will survive.

Everyone wants to know why there are those or other events. And even better to be able to foresee and influence them.

Billions of people have the will and make decisions, able to influence what is happening. So is it possible to anticipate? It turns out that you can.

There are a number of events that occur with high probability, despite the seeming randomness of facts causing them. And the more people involved in the action, the more inevitable events occur.

Can I control events? Can. For this you need to control the factors that determine events. If you don't control the necessary factors, you have to observe and act in accordance with your capabilities.

The prediction is based on the information. Influence requires resources. Both uses the model of what is happening. How to build models, you will find in the book.

In 1972 the club of Rome published a report that predicted the global crisis in 2020-2022, the growth of the population.

In 1997, Zbigniew Brzezinski book "the Grand chessboard" laid out a model of the "world hegemony of US democracy".

In the first case were taken into account the real factors managed with insufficient existing concentration of resources. Prediction comes true and will cause significant changes in the development of mankind.

In the second case, the model reflects the claims of certain circles on world domination. The claim is not adequately resourced. The global hegemony the US will not.

In the XIX century Karl Marx described the law of class struggle. Come true a lot. Mind you, his followers that the social laws more, the world could be different.

The book consists of three chapters. In the first you will find qualitative theory of social organisms. It is enough for understanding and application solutions.

The second Chapter outlines the patterns of social laws.

The third Chapter is applied. In it you will find historical examples and prognosis of global development. The Chapter can be read independently of the first two.

The first two chapters and sections 3.1–3.3 was written in 2002 it took time and can be judged in the dynamics of the events.

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