A surprise for the enemy: how the Red Army surprised the Germans on the 22nd day of the war
Material posted: Publication date: 20-07-2019
On 12 July 1941 in the town of Strugi Krasnye in the Pskov region with the radio signal detonated three mines at 250 pounds each. Distance up to 150 kilometers. Then killed dozens of German soldiers of the 56th mechanized corps. It was the first combat use of the Soviet Union charges explode on the radio.

By the beginning of the great Patriotic war and during the war the Soviet engineering of special forces was bombs tactical and strategic actions - FTD, f-10 and other complex electronic devices. And so they were used to explosions at a distance since the moment the Germans attacked the country. These explosions were very effective and produce major destruction in the deep rear of the enemy.

On 12 July 1941 for the first time in world practice the military blew up three radio-controlled land mine in the town of Strugi-Krasnyye. Was the 22nd day of the war. The Soviet troops retreated. Therefore, in the basements of three buildings set mines. Encrypted radio signals to undermine radiological sent to a distance of 150 kilometers at the direction of the chief of engineer troops of the front, the then Lieutenant Colonel Boris Bichevskaja with a special radio station. It was located in the Gatchina Park. By the way, Boris Bychevsky 4 August 1942 received the rank of major-General of engineering troops, and on June 22, 1944 - Lieutenant-General.

That day, 12 July 1941, the military tried to catch the moment when the buildings will be a lot of Germans. Data reported by the intelligence. Then the explosion occurred. Two days after that Soviet pilots took a picture of Strugi-Krasnyye. As the remembered Boris Bychevsky, who wrote the memoirs about the great Patriotic war, instead of the houses were ruins and a huge crater in the place where he laid the land mines.

Radiotovary the Red army used on different fronts. On the Western front early in the war, there were four separate platoon of special mining. The platoon of Lieutenant Nikolaev established operated mines in the town of Rzhev, the platoon Baturina has gone from the Dnieper river in Rogachev district to the suburbs. On the highway between the towns of Nelidovo and White, on bridges and on the roads in the marshes, he set about 10 radio-controlled roadside bombs with powerful charges. And each time the Germans suffered heavy losses.

Three platoons of the special mining operated in the South-Western front. Engineering special battalion was formed in Moscow.

One of the most famous episodes of the great Patriotic war was the explosion produced in November 1941 in Kiev. The evening of November 13, 1941, General von Braun in his residence in Kharkov, held a meeting. It ended late at night. And 4 hours and 20 minutes later the building blew up. The explosion was killed by the General himself, and about twenty officers and soldiers.

After the explosion, the headquarters and other institutions of the Nazis left all the major buildings of Kharkov. The engineers carefully checked. And during yet another failed attempt to defuse the Soviet mine found severely damaged electronic parts. Then suggested that the explosion was carried out on the radio.

The mines, controlled by radio, was used until the summer of 1943. After the German defeat at Kursk, the Red Army launched an offensive on all fronts. In these circumstances, the need to use RC min disappeared.

By the way, the Nazis could not evaluate radio-controlled bombs. After the fall of Berlin, the Deputy commander of the 1st guards engineer brigade Colonel Viktor Kharchenko said during interrogation the commander of the defense prisoner of Hitler, and last commandant of Berlin, General Helmut of Weidling: where in Berlin is set bombs and if any of them blow up on the radio? The General replied that the city didn't use anything besides the usual anti-tank and anti-personnel mines. "first, there was no time, and appropriate equipment had not. As for radiological, your engineers are far ahead of ours," said Weidling.

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