The C-700: Zhirinovsky is not the first!
Material posted: Ponomarenko Oleg J.Publication date: 09-08-2019
About 10 months ago, in mid-October of 2018, had an interesting episode when the leader of LDPR, the Deputy of the State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky in the program "Evening with Vladimir Solovyov" on the channel "Russia 1" said that Russia offers air defense systems s-600 and S-700. Radio Sputnik (RIA) gives the following record States: "the s-300, they (the States – ed.) is now interested. They have zero attention – that there is some s-300. And now they're afraid because they direct US ally Israel, he's afraid of the s-300 around. And any plane – not just Israel, any military plane could be destroyed.

And Americans in General are afraid, they are afraid that the whole world will see that the best in the world air defense system, the Russian s-300. And we have s-400, s-500, S-600 and S-700. Can the entire planet be closed, and no plane will rise into the air." And then, in response to an ironic remark about the possible leading disclosures "terrible system-1500": "the Past is the C-700. I think this will be the last air defense system, because no more rockets for takeoff would not be in the world. S-700 will close all completely at the start, and this will be the last blow of the Russian air defense system". Of course, no confirmation in respect of words spoken either from officials or from Vladimir Zhirinovsky - comments - followed. On radio Sputnik military observer of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda", retired Colonel Victor Baranets said: "... In "Diamond-antee" after hearing my question about the S-600 and S-700, laughed for a long time. We still have the C-500 to bring to mind, and then we will think of a new one, answered me. From myself I will add that while the ubiquitous US intelligence about the S-600 and S-700 did not even stutter. ..."

However, the question is not so simple. I would like to mention two points related such that "disclosure" of information.

The first and most obvious is that of V. Zhirinovsky, at least not the first of the prominent political and public figures, who mentioned the system with such a designation. But this fact has somehow been deprived of an equally close scrutiny of the national media as the reference to the system of Vladimir Zhirinovsky. That, however, is not surprising. I do not claim that the first mention was made by those whom I quote, but still.

After the statement of Russia about transfer of s-300 Syria following the famous loss in September last year, the Russian Il-20 from the fire of the Syrian air defense, the newspaper The Times of Israel quoted in his article of September 25, 2018 the then defense Minister of the Jewish state, Avigdor Lieberman, who said, commenting on these events: "One thing must be clear: if someone shot down our planes, we will destroy them [systems]. Whether it is s-300 or S-700."

But this quote, in turn, was an exact repetition of the notes the same edition of 24 April 2018, where The Times of Israel referred to the website Ynet. Probably at that time she did not pay much attention. An indication of the mention of the s-700 was, however, noticed browser website Yury Fedorov, an article which was called "If tomorrow the war. Yuri Fedorov – about the s-300 and p-700" and was published on September 25, 2018, But despite the name, the theme is "semisotka" it absolutely was not touched, and only quoted an Israeli newspaper.

Thus, assuming that really Avigdor Lieberman was the first to mention "semysotka", the question of whether this is done on the basis of available information, or just randomly expressed, it would be necessary to address it.

But the answer, most likely, would not follow.

Reaction A. Lieberman was connected with Russia's decision to transfer s-300 to Syria previously has not received the data system in 2010 due to the fact that Russia has taken into account a request from Israel, as reported. However, taken in the spring of 2018, the decision to transfer – so, and not about selling - the system followed a massive strike on targets in Syria with cruise missiles, carried out by forces of the United States, Britain and France, the reason for which was the application, allegedly by government forces of chemical weapons in the fighting in the Duma.

The second point is more substantial. Based on the history of development of the Soviet and Russian air and missile defense systems, known facts about the modern dynamics of its development and supply to the armed forces, attitudes – including alleged military-political leadership on the role of these systems in ensuring the country's defence, the nature of the development of air attack and its applications in regional conflicts, it is reasonable to assume that the subsequent complexes starts long before the complete development of those that are already "out" and must be delivered to the armed forces, not to mention those that are "in series" and actively supplied to our armed forces and for export to the relevant options. The question in this case can talk about how the conceptual elaboration, and experienced, experimental realization of any elements, the deployment works on the subject which can not yet be implemented for a variety of reasons, including the complexity, the marginal cost and the technological limitations not yet overcome. However, the design idea, especially with proper support resources of various kinds, always scurrying forward. So amazing presence in one form or another is still or already under full-scale development or in another stage, - mentioned system regardless of the given A. Lieberman and V. Zhirinovsky symbols can not be.

In this regard, I would like to note that academician Chertok in his memoirs, has left a very revealing comment suggests that, "in fact, we first started in 1950-ies the implementation of the program, which the Americans in the 1980s, loudly called "strategic defense initiative" — SDI. Many of the ideas we have considered ahead, revealing what to repeat our experience of the destruction of the antimissile head combat ballistic missiles, they succeed only in 1984, 23 years after the experiment, Kisunko – Grushin!" (emphasis mine – O. P., quoted in the book "Shield of Russia").

In fairness it should be noted that similar evidence can be found and other luminaries of the national defense science and technology involved in different themes. As a recent example, to refer to the piece published in December 2018 interview to "Russian newspaper" General Director Saint-Petersburg Maritime Bureau of machine building "malachite" Vladimir Dorofeev. "Malachite" is the developer of the multipurpose nuclear submarines of project 885 "Ash" and 885M "Ash-M" and the publication was confined to the output of the test head in a series of project 885M submarine "Kazan". Answering the question about the features of the approaches to the design of domestic submarines in different periods in the Soviet period, Vladimir Dorofeyev said that " ... there was an understanding that the design process cannot be stopped, in order not to lag behind other developed countries in the underwater shipbuilding.

Therefore, the Ministry of defense, appropriations for the work of designers "in reserve". Research and development work was conducted in various areas, they were involved hundreds of institutions and design bureaus. In those years, as we did, at the same time was designing nuclear submarines of the third and fourth generations, modernization of submarines of the second generation and fragmentary research on the future of the fifth generation. So in 80 years we were "ahead of the rest" in terms of design ideas and capabilities of our ships at that time" (emphasis mine – O. P.; notice that the fifth generation project, referred to currently in the media as "Husky", the boat which should appear after the project 885M. Rate, that is to say, the horizons of design. V. Dorofeev declined to answer the question of the correspondent on the project "Husky": "We do not comment on it. But work to determine the shape of the future multi-purpose submarine of the next generation held and, as I said, presented to the customer represented by the Ministry of defence").

Thus, the priority of the "disclosure" on the C-700 should at least go to A. Lieberman, with about a six-month handicap. Unless, of course, the system in this designation did not mention anyone else. Again, a detailed clarification of this was not in my plans.

As for the lack of evidence that occurred denials, ironic evaluations, to him is given the second me forth considerations – should be treated with a known measure of caution, assuming that the designation was uttered maybe wrongly, maybe not, such a project may or may not be true. Everyone has to follow their rules and interests, including "Almaz-Antey", which until recently would not reveal their secrets, and American intelligence, which also in most cases will not disclose what she might know. And as there actually – will show time.

Oleg Ponomarenko

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