The U.S. will intensify efforts to promote in the Middle East
Material posted: -Publication date: 06-03-2003

The U.S. administration is stepping up its efforts in the area of preparation and conduct information and psychological operations aimed at maintaining the image of the USA in terms of large-scale anti-terrorist operation conducted by the United States mainly in Islamic States.

The reason that prompted representatives of the U.S. administration and the Pentagon leadership begin to implement large-scale program of psychological effect on world opinion, were the results of several sociological surveys conducted by independent companies in more than 40 countries and showed a massive rise in anti-American sentiment.

According to the results of the surveys at the end of 2002, 19 countries around the world demonstrate the growing antipathy to the U.S. and a decline of benevolent attitude. So for the last three years favorable rating in Western Europe declined steadily and has dropped by 5-6 percentage points. In Turkey by 22 points, and in Pakistan on 13. In Egypt today relate well to the U.S. only 6 percent of the population. Negatively assess the distribution of American ideology 50 percent of respondents in the UK, in Germany - 67%, in Russia - 68%, France 71%. Particularly strong anti-American sentiment in the middle East: in Turkey, 78% in Pakistan, 81% in Egypt, 84 percent. A very high percentage of Muslims that support suicide bombings in defense of Islam: 73 percent of Lebanese origin; 43 percent in Jordan, 44 percent in Bangladesh; 47 percent in Nigeria, 33 percent in Pakistan; 27% in Indonesia, indicating a significant potential suicide-terrorists, which may be implemented, including against the United States.

The response of the US administration and the Pentagon for such an impressive growth of anti-American sentiment among much of the population of the planet was the preparation of the new plan information and psychological activities aimed at manipulation of global public opinion. Moreover, the programme includes activities not only in the U.S. potentially hostile States, but in countries which are allies, which greatly expands the interpretation of the definition of information operations, this is known to the Minister of defense Directive 3600.1 "Information operations".

It is expected that the new programme will be the establishment of a network of mosques and Islamic schools, payment of significant fees to the European journalists for preparation of materials and Pro-American companies specializing in the field of public relations, to organize the Pro-American demonstrations in countries with a low rating.

Big role a new project to create a "middle East television network" (MTN, Middle-East Television Network), led by Norman Pattison. N. Pattiz is a member of the Board of governors of broadcasting USA (BBG, the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors). He is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Center for middle East policy at the RAND Corporation.

Now already started the project of creation of MTN as the main competitor of the Qatari TV "al Jazeera". Created and successfully operates radio SAWA. The main audience of the radio stations – Arab youth under the age of 25 years (about 65 percent of the population of Arab countries) in the countries of the Middle East (Amman, Jordan. Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq).

A survey of radio listeners in Jordan showed that due to the specificity of the repertoire of music and a competent presentation of radio news managed to take 35 percent of the audience, while the BBC in this country listen to only 5 percent.

According to experts, one of the significant achievements of the radio station SAWA has been productive work on the substitution of a number of concepts typical of modern Arab youth. So actively preached the replacement of the concept of "martyrdom" with "suicide".

In addition, recently increased broadcasting and other radio stations such as "Free Iraq".

In General, it should be noted the increasing role of information and psychological actions in the course of conducting counter-terrorism operations, as well as the offset role in the conduct of such operations from the CIA to the Pentagon.

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