The results of the virus to China
Material posted: Publication date: 23-03-2020
Got China over the last three months:

1. China has effectively prepared for war, a new generation of biological. Training was conducted and showed the world a master-class and ineffective against China.

2. Conducted a census of the population. Quickly and efficiently.

3. Tightened digital dictatorship. Control of social networks and all communications.

4. Created a system of fast calculation of all Setswana needs of the individual: his contact, who was riding in the car, where he was, with whom.

5. Identify all illegal aliens and many were expelled from the country

6. In the soft regime expelled many foreigners. They tried to evacuate. The others were identified and brought under control.

7. Worked the mechanism of mass and a sharp cutoff across the country.

8. Showed the world what China is capable of. To put on a full quarantine 1.5 billion people, to put on all the masks — it is powerful, as well as to build a mega hospital for a week.

9. The whole country was taught how to keep clean.

10. Passed a law prohibiting the use of wild animals for food, that for many provinces the norm.

10. Showed the world how much he is dependent on China

11. Froze the production chain around the world, triggering the Global Crisis.

12. The police and response services EN masse introduced the use of drones and automated tracking.

13. Worked out the mass creation of thermal imaging systems, with automatic calculation of the set of anomalies.

14. Upgraded algorithms of cameras with face recognition due to the people wearing masks, now the gait of a person is also taken into account in the recognition of the individual.

15. Massively and quickly created a system for the automatic delivery of goods

16. Developed system of the electronic concentration camp.

17. Stopped the protests in Hong Kong and the influence of the Chinese Government grew up there.

18. The most important thing.

While the world continues to fall into the funnel crisis, China from it is already out and ready:

  • to buy depreciating assets
  • to help financially weak States, increasing its global influence
  • to play the decline in oil prices.


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