Silant'ev A. Y., "Socio-economic policy of Russia in 2024"
Material posted: Publication date: 14-04-2020

The book presents the socio-economic policy of Russia after 2024. Russia is in the stage of formation of social relations, able to give impetus to advancing the global rate of development. The transition to the optimal condition can be carried out without social upheaval and with a win for all segments of society. The world is entering a period of change of the dominant social forms of existence. Changes take place in the context of a systemic crisis concentration of capital and the change of technological mode (new Kondratieff cycle). Information flows and new technologies are becoming a driver of development and changes of priorities in social relations.

Humanity as an organism grows and becomes more complex. Its development is accelerated and enters into crisis periods, defined by the limits to growth. During these periods it is very important in the early stages to correctly identify new sources and principles of development and present them in an accessible and understandable form.

States do this in the form of official social and economic policy (Sep). Socio-economic policy is formed as the quest for the best (optimal) form of development governed by social laws as a reaction to deviations from it. If the deviation is significant and growing, the transition to a new policy occurs abruptly after the bloody wars and uprisings. In the case of modern Russia the transition can be done gently, without social upheavals and with a win for all segments of society.

In the years 2000-2018 Vladimir Putin implemented a security program (prevent collapse) and political independence of Russia and regained its historical chance to develop.

Russia is waiting for a new strong leader who will be able to perform three great roles: Architect, Builder and Helmsman.

The architect will propose principles of a state (system) motivational control and social cohesion the diversity of relations on the territory of Russia.

The Builder will assemble the team, define the program development and build the legal framework of modern society.

The pilot will govern the state by overcoming barriers and avoiding pitfalls on the path of realization of the program of development.

The paper discusses only the key problems restricting the development of Russia. Socio-economic policies are presented as a motivational change that promotes social cohesion and creates the momentum of development at a rate higher than the world.

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