The change of Chancellor in Germany: the process is running
Material posted: Publication date: 18-04-2020

Sometimes a policy may experience a staffing crisis. It is associated primarily with the lack of individuals able and willing to contribute to the development of modern political reality. Sometimes that is not such a figure in the political arena, which could become a worthy replacement of his talented predecessor, not to stay his ghostly shadow on the pages of history forever. Let us consider the staffing situation in Germany.

The attention of the government and Parliament of Germany chained to the critical epidemiological situation with the spread of coronavirus infection. However, it is impossible to ignore the growing tensions in relation to domestic issues. The ruling party CDU has difficulty in determining the leader, who in 2021, will lead the party in the elections, which will be known who will take the place of the current Chancellor Angela Merkel. Experts describe this situation as a crisis for the Christian Democrats.

The upcoming elections of the party leader actually determine the candidate for the post of Chancellor, which will become vacant in 2021. The public believed that this position is the current Minister of defense Annegret crump of Karrenbauer, which became the head of the CDU, replacing Merkel.

However, the transit authorities have been frustrated by a number of failures crump of Karrenbauer as party leader. In particular, it is worth noting a recent story related to elections of the head in Thuringia. The deputies of the CDU merged with the representatives of the right populist party of ADG (the"Alternative for Germany"), despite the ban of the party leadership. The day after the inauguration of the newly elected Prime Minister Thomas kemmerich announced that he was resigning. Crump, Karrenbauer in turn, said the abandonment of the post of the head of the party and the refusal of participation in elections of the German Chancellor.

This statement of the former successor of Angela Merkel started the fight for the leader of the HDZ and the presidency of the Cabinet of Ministers. Thus, it became evident a split in the party. The main candidates were sharks policy. Armin Lachet, the head of North Rhine-Westphalia and expresident of the CDU/CSU in the Bundestag, Friedrich Merz. These politicians hold different points of view. Laset supporter levocetrizine line to which the party has led Merkel. And Merz adheres to conservative values and pravozaschitniki line. He is popular among party functionaries, besides the choice is for them. Both policies carry weight in the party and actually divide it in half between them. According to the ranking in the race is the leader of the merc. The third candidate (third in ranking) - the head of the foreign Committee of the Bundestag Norbert röttgen. In turn gaining popularity Jens span, Minister of health of Germany. The German media do not exclude, what exactly it is to replace Merkel as Chancellor. However, he has already formally refused to fight for the position of head of the Christian democratic Union. According to experts, most likely have Lashed and span.

Earlier the elections were scheduled for 25 April, but due to the complex epidemiological situation moved them indefinitely. This is a necessary measure to prevent further spread of the pandemic.

Thus, the internal political situation will remain uncertain until the end of the epidemic and the lifting of quarantine measures. The power crisis in Germany feels the influence of various factors. The political elite can only wait and work together. After all, today many have been focused on the changing staffing situation in the country. From its solution depends the future domestic and foreign policy of Germany.

Vlad Zhivotova

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