Why the success of Elon musk means the defeat of the Russian space
Material posted: Publication date: 31-05-2020
American private space company Space-X Elon musk made the first manned flight. To her, this task was only to state agencies of a complete space three space powers – the USSR (Russia), USA and China.

Russian Internet users first reaction to the successful launch of the us spacecraft Dragon was malevolent: in the comments went to the Russian space Agency and its leader Rogozin. Like, even the owner beat you to the punch. And, unfortunately, these accusations are not unfounded.


First, Elon Musk has denied Roscosmos substantial income that he had from each sold to the Americans seats in the manned "Unions". It's about $500-600 million a year.

In 2011, after the U.S. after the second disaster of the space Shuttle stopped operating, only the Russian manned "Unions" could fly to the International space station and deliver it to astronauts from partner countries of the program "ISS".

Now our monopoly ended.

10-15 years ago, the experts sincerely worry about the fate of the Russian space industry, which in the eyes degraded, warned that if the industry will not undertake the solution of fundamentally new challenges in space exploration and development of space technology, Russia is prepared for the role of a space cab on been conceived by Sergei Korolev "Unions" and "Progress".

How wrong they were! Now we have to dream about the role of space cabs. Especially with the growing capabilities of China, India, Japan in the field of launch services.

Not Russia carried out the first successful landing of a space probe on an asteroid. Not, our country has sent Rovers to the Red planet. Not our phones first came out beyond the solar system. To continue this sad list for a long time.

The success of Elon musk highlights a big problem of Russian space: she did not seem able to set a difficult technical challenge and solve it.

No, tasks are periodically placed and even sounded. But are not executed.

I think that in Russia were not taken for the creation of ships instead of the "Unions" and "Progress"? The fact of the matter is that was taken. But could not do.

Suffice it to recall the draft six-seater multi-purpose manned reusable spaceship "the clipper". It was developed in Corporation "Energy" since 2000. But happily blown away.

In 2009 there was a project perspective of the ship "Rus". The fate is the same as that of the "Clipper".


Then the project was born six reusable manned spacecraft "Federation". The first flight sample even thought of the name - "eagle". But while neither the heads nor the media for him – rockets "Irtysh" - no.

And then there was the project of the lunar stations, and even mining the moon for minerals, such as helium-2.

What can we say about the new ships and missiles if Russia for the past 10 years cannot launch to the ISS no new module, no power nor scientific.

The company Ilona Mask, starting from scratch in 2004 and in 2010 launched for 22 of the vehicle. Nine flights were provided the re-launch of the ship. Worked out, though, and after a series of setbacks, the return of rocket stages and their automatic landing on a platform in the ocean. Looks fantastic.

What about Russian space? The last 20 years it has experienced a long series of reforms. The record industry is over.

Since 2004, he has had five leaders. The number of people who led in these years by the Russian space Agency, were three retired General Anatoly Perminov (2004-2011), Vladimir Popovkin (2011-2013), Oleg Ostapenko (2013-2014), And even the former head of AVTOVAZ Igor Komarov. In 2018 a Roscosmos is headed by the graduate of journalism faculty of Moscow state University, philosopher and politician Dmitry Rogozin.

The satirist Mikhail Zhvanetsky on a similar case is the aphorism: "Perhaps something in Conservatory it is necessary correct?"

Source: https://www.mk.ru/politics/2020/05/31/pochemu-uspekh-ilona-maska-oznachaet-porazhenie-rossiyskogo-kosmosa.html

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