The world ocean holds the secrets of the origin, development and change of civilizations
Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 05-06-2020
Modern science does not know exactly how the water appeared on our planet in such huge quantities. As surface the volume is reported with a different underground, what is the role of one or the other? But recent studies of Russian and foreign scientists to the fore derive the concept of the Earth as a living system, and water - like quasi-crystalline structures - "thinking Ocean", has a memory and associated with the structure of the physical vacuum. In the hierarchy of paired nano, micro, macro, megasistem water also delegated acceptance - transmitting properties.

The world ocean holds the secrets of the origin, development and change of civilizations. Recall the vanished Atlantis, the Bermuda triangle, man-made fire - Pacific volcanic ring ... V. I. Vernadsky, creating his doctrine on the biosphere and its transition into a higher stage of development of the Noosphere - the realm of the collective mind, and spirit, spoke about the development and expansion of human influence on areas such as: lithosphere (solid shell), hydrosphere (water shell, including rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, underground water and the water cycle in nature), the atmosphere (envelope of air present in two of the above). Man, Nature, Cosmos - these categories would move in a studied and natural, integrated, simple, harmonious, cosmological order and to accomplish the mission of Humanity as a species on planet Earth.

Noosphere transition is the system construction of their sustainable self-development in order to survive. This change of planetary development paradigm adopted by the world community at the UN Conference in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and ratified by the Russian Federation on a deep run.

Shock therapy “COVID-19” has some positive side - the world has changed. The planet has changed, it has made a significant breath of fresh air. Birds were singing, healthier air environment. Humanity has a time for self-realization and self-determination, the path selection of the correct movement; in mathematical language of the theory of catastrophes attraction to a new attractor, establishing other rules and sustainable mode of motion with minimal uncertainty. Shifted and the political emphasis - a friend in need.

The peculiarity of the moment is that, according to Alvin and Hadu Titlerow, human development is determined by three waves of civilization: 1) agricultural, 2) industrial, 3) intellectual. Our third wave that forms primarily in developed countries, the cult of information and the electronically digitized society, managed on a short leash. Russia has one of the leading intellectual capitals in the world. Left to really learn how to control it for the benefit of society, otherwise, will aggravate the instability of the system.

Already today we are witnessing the transformation of large areas into Islands of debris. Even the world famous underwater Explorer Jacques I. Cousteau expressed his deep regret and concern. He writes: "the Sea became a gutter, which unites all the polluting chemicals poisoned rivers; pollutants that wind and rain collects in our poisonous political atmosphere, those pollutants that are dumped poisoners such as tankers...".

But if you recall, even during the great Patriotic war due to the lack of blood prepared for transfusion of saline sea water, which is close in chemical composition to blood plasma. Indeed, the salt water of the seas and oceans contains almost all the elements of the periodic table. Even today there is commercial production of precious and rare earth metals, potash, magnesium, bromine, etc. Mastered the production of hydrocarbons in coastal and offshore areas. The salt water of the oceans provides the planet with oxygen from the evaporated moist air, but also rich and diverse biological resources.

The oceans - our benefactor, supports the livelihoods of the indigenous residents of the island and coastal zones, and the nutrition and health of the continental population. Why would someone with "great gratitude" turns the oceans into a garbage dump? Many people are convinced that the problem of survival - personal, dominating the human, so they don't realize artificially created divisive forces for easy management of the "common herd" in the interest of world tolstosumy regulators. Notorious Covid-19 brought these interests into every home. The world started and understand the General relationship. The rights of Leopold the cat, purring prisypaya: "Guys, let's live together!" - it is not washed away by the wave of indignation of mother Earth and her wise-minded oceans. It should be firmly and evenly stepping on the stairs of the earthly gods, avoiding the revolutionary shock and chaos, with no extra degrees of misunderstanding consciously raise the temperature. The ocean melting of icebergs and polar ice dooms humanity to destruction. It would seem that a slight increase in the average temperature by 0.5 - 1 degree Celsius can lead to irreversible process. We in the absence of a global concept of the survival of civilization will reach the disaster in the not so distant future. This scenario contributes to increase the level of emissions from industrial waste and carbon dioxide. Scientists predict that the average temperature could reach 6 degrees Celsius in the coming decades. It turns out that security today is a collective category for all.

To a huge accumulation of water in the seas, the oceans should be treated, to form natural systems are one of the main parts of Noospheric thinking and health. Respect from a huge scale can turn into Love, and Humanity can swim in the ocean of Love. Viktor Schauberger commanded: "o Mankind! You will profit! You will be able to control Nature if you learn to obey it"! And while the sea pitching and raging hurricane" congratulations to all the devotees and their sympathizers sea with the world Oceans Day, which is celebrated annually on the planet on June 8.

Yuri Tarasov

 Vice-Rector Of The International Academy Of Noosphere Education,

   doctor of economic Sciences,

academician of the International Academy of education,

Professor, laureate of the prize "health".