With Oceans Day!
Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 08-06-2020

8th June is world Oceans Day (World Ocean's Day). The processes occurring in the depths of the oceans, determine the existence of the ecosystem of the entire planet Earth. The surface area of the World ocean, which includes oceans and seas, is about 71% of the Earth's surface. The oceans are the lungs of the planet, providing most of the oxygen necessary for breathing. The ocean shapes the Earth's climate, absorbing more than 30% of the produced carbon dioxide, which mitigates the effects of global warming. Up to 90% of volcanic activity occurs under the ocean that existed on earth for 3 billion years before humans.

If you look in the transcendent, the Ocean - the owner of the planet, the source of life on Earth, a powerful element that is present an average of 70% in each and every person and present in all that viable. As you know, the water remembers, reflects, expresses, heals, and can and destroy. Where the water goes, it remains desert until water again returns that may occur over tens, hundreds and thousands of years.

If you go beyond the common duality and look at the Ocean as some form of consciousness, opportunities to move to a new level of awareness. The interaction of different transcendental forms of consciousness drives the evolution of the multidimensional Universe. Just think about it – the Ocean waves, breathes and speaks to us, as a living mirror, reflects impartially and gives a man everything. The three States of water is a perfect example of the Trinity and transformation of matter.

I want to congratulate Oceans Day everyone associated with the sea - oceanographers, fishermen, sailors, ecologists, ichthyologists, as well as all citizens of planet Earth who are aware of the relationship of civilization and the planet. Our goal is to attract the attention of all countries to the state of the environment of the Ocean, its health and potential.

The main environmental problems of the oceans today: the growth of shipping traffic, pollution of waste of civilization, especially plastic, overfishing. This leads to oxidation and increases in water temperature, underwater noise, melting ice in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Pilotage service in the global mission to protect the ecology of the sea

On this day I want to say about the ancient and unique profession of the pilot, to recall the names of famous pilots in the world, with the participation of which was opened and put on maps the continents, continents, Islands, seas and Straits, under the transaction which the ships were difficult and dangerous waters, came into the harbour. Among them: Martin Vicente, bartolomé Ruiz, the Mu Alim Ahmad Ibn Majid, the Russian Emperor Peter the great, American writer mark TWAIN and amazing Risso's Dolphin Pelorus Jack, about a quarter of a century (in the years 1888-1912), who accompanied the court, crossing the cook Strait between the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Pilots have traditionally been in the marine elite and often were on service in the Royal courts of monarchs.

Back in our day, it should be noted that of all the accidents of ships in the oceans, 90% occurs in the coastal zone, most of them in the Straits and narrows, and 70% of them in ports and approaches to them. Given the growth of shipping traffic, particularly noteworthy is the role of pilotage services in the preservation of ecology of the sea. The work of the pilots refers to the sphere of public interests of States in ensuring the safety of navigation in national waters and preserve the aquatic environment for the sustenance of mankind. In their evaluations, and the actions pilots must be independent from the influence of the commercial interests of private individuals, ship owners, cargo owners, owners of the terminals. Thanks to the efficient organization and development of their pilot services of the coastal countries participate in global mission to prevent accidents, spills and pollution at sea. It is based on the principle of universal service - a safe and efficient pilotage equally without discrimination to all users of the ports. In this area it is important to consolidate efforts, monitoring and responsible position of the entire international community to prevent elements of the commercialization pilot services and market competition among them. "The ultimate beneficiary of pilotage services is the state and its people" - that is the position of the European and International pilots Association (EMPA and IMPA).

In the international legal field, a pilot activity is being carried out under a number of UN conventions, IMO resolutions, the position of the European and International pilots Association. Among the main documents – the UN Convention on the law of the sea 1982, part XII of which is devoted to the protection of the marine environment (article 192, and 219 235,218), IMO resolution A. 159 (ES.IV) recommending to the member States of the IMO to organize a system of pilotage service in the most efficient way, IMO resolution A. 960, regulating the training, qualification and operation of marine pilots, as well as IMO resolution And 1081, which provides guidelines for the work of the pilots of the open sea in the Baltic.

In the future, will come to the forefront of Maritime cyber security

We are now seeing the rapid expansion of technology in all spheres of our life and in 2020-the year the theme of the Day: "Innovations for a sustainable ocean." The need for new technological solutions for ecological restoration is obvious. However, what will the future of the ocean depends on how to develop a shipping issue of concern to futurists and experts since the beginning of 80-ies of the last century. What will be the ratio of the conventional and Autonomous ships? There are those who want to reduce the crew in favor of automation of ships and shore management to sacrifice the romance of the sea basing their position purely business interest - a savings of up to 50% on operating costs of the vessel. But the vast majority of the Maritime community believes that Autonomous navigation will certainly evolve, but will affect only some niches. In particular, it may be a small search and functional court premises, the fleet, and military fields. In this case, at the forefront of Maritime cybersecurity. Much will depend on the development of this segment. In any case, the priority will be for Maritime security and environment, nobody is going to risk a large tanker, without crew on Board Laden with petroleum products, which is in the sea and the elementary equipment which may require operative repair. I think that the issue with the move to Autonomous navigation is the proportion in favour of the environment and humans.

The right to a healthy environment - the focus of the global agenda

Today, Russia is actively discussing the amendments to the Constitution. In this regard I want to draw attention to article 42 of the Constitution, which refers to the right of the citizen to a favourable environment, reliable information about its condition and on compensation of damages caused to health or property by ecological offence. The right to a healthy environment is a fundamental right of modern man in conditions of global ecological crisis and civilizational transformation of consciousness in the direction of the environmental partnership of humanity and the planet. This right of the citizen implies a guarantee of government the foundations of his life - normal environmental, economic and aesthetic conditions of life of its citizens. In terms of the 2020 - 2021 term and the constitutional right of citizens to a favourable environment takes on a special meaning as the primary duty of the state towards its citizens. This is the focus of the global agenda, is relevant not only for Russia but for many countries.


Coordinator of the project "Marine policy"

Center for strategic assessments and forecasts

Anna Gornova