In Russia cream pilotage funneling into private pockets
Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 01-07-2020

Problems of organization of the system of pilotage service in Russia inform-24 commented on the Federation Council members and experts. The situation with the failure of the constitutional court Decision was delayed for years and requires urgent legislative action. In July, the state Duma scheduled for consideration made by members of the Federation Council bill No. 889303-7 "On a pilot service".

Problems of organization of the system of pilotage service in Russia inform-24 commented on the Federation Council members and experts. The situation with the failure of the constitutional court Decision was delayed for years and requires urgent legislative action. In July, the state Duma scheduled for consideration made by members of the Federation Council bill No. 889303-7 "On a pilot service".




Vice President of Fund "national Heritage", the expert of the Center for strategic estimates and projections Yury Tarasov: the FAS is trying to hold in Russia, demonopolization of the pilotage services




"Deregulation promotes Limani in Russia anti-monopoly service. Deregulation pilotage services clearly manifested in 2017 and 2019, respectively. And that's how it happened. No. 147-FZ and the government decree № 293 oblige the FAS to check the validity of the expenditure of the pilotage organizations. However, FAS was not implemented, limited only by the reception of information from companies. 14 Oct 2019 FAS initiates and places on the Federal portal of legal acts, draft government decree entitled "On amendments to certain acts of the Government of the Russian Federation (particularly in the government decree No. 293 of 23 April 2008), which proposes to withdraw pilotage in Russian seaports under state regulation. 27 Dec 2019 this document accepted as of PP No. 1923. While proposals for the deregulation of pilotage services in Russia has not received from any Federal authority, including relevant agencies – the Ministry of transport. Was not the financial-economic analysis of the system of pilotage services in the ports of the Russian Federation, confirming the feasibility of the translation of this natural monopoly in the sphere of market competition. As the basis of a pilot agriculture service FAS has relied on the Order No. 781/17 of June 13, 2017, the abolition of price regulation on pilotage. Although it can be assumed that the treatment and suitable analysis was done in the FAS from private companies who set the task to pilotage in the market so that public function in the profitable sector of pilotage services to turn into your own profitable business. But as this area belongs to the system of national security and pilotage is an integral part of the complex Maritime security, ensuring the smooth operation of ports to private owners failed to pick up this sector, and it turned out ugly market, which is best taken separately to private companies, and there is no"




Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on agrarian and food policy and environmental management Sergey Mitin: in all countries the complex ensuring the safety of navigation is in the hands of the state




"A link cannot be freed from the complex of Maritime security, where it is on a par with providing of bushing, dimensions of channels and fairways, navigational and hydrographic support to navigation, control vessel traffic, port state control of ships, ship reporting system, the regulation of vessel traffic, automatic identification system, a system of identification of vessels and tracking them in the far distance. In all countries of the complex ensuring the safety of navigation, of course, is in the hands of the state, and the pilots are either the employees of the state pilotage services (in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Greece, the leader of the world economy – China, etc.) or work on a noncommercial basis on the system of Self Employеd Pilot (in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, etc.), where the state controls not less stringent than the state. Systems vary by country, but nowhere in the field of Maritime safety did not interfere with business. We have the same since 2005 occurred this negative phenomenon due to the timely fulfillment of part 2 of the constitutional court Decision of 6 April 2004 No. 7-P, what needs to be corrected by the adoption of amendments to the KTM."




Coordinator of the project "Marine policy" Center for strategic estimates and projections Anna Gornova: Commercialization of safe navigation it is necessary to exclude the law




"The work of the pilots refers to the sphere of public interests of States in ensuring the safety of navigation in national waters and preserve the aquatic environment for the sustenance of mankind. In their evaluations, and the actions pilots must be independent from the influence of the commercial interests of private individuals, ship owners, cargo owners, owners of the terminals. Thanks to the development of their pilot services of the coastal countries participate in global mission to prevent accidents, spills and pollution at sea. It is based on the principle of universal service - a safe and efficient pilotage without any discrimination to all port users. "The ultimate beneficiary of pilotage services is the state and its people" - that is the position of the European and International pilots Association (EMPA and IMPA). The leading Maritime countries do not allow yourself market competition of pilotage services. Pilotage is not considered as a business and work on the host. The concept of the other. Today, the skill of the pilot and its professional standards are universal, and of course provide safe swimming, state and ecology of the sea. Commercialization of safe navigation it is necessary to exclude by law.


Not all competition is feasible, and in some aspects she needs to go back in time, especially where dominated by environmental component. The future of cooperation in countering global challenges for humanity in the face of which will have to unite to survive. It concerns including environmental and biological threats. All of us need to feel their unity with the planet and each time ask yourself the question – what is better for the environment? How to reduce risks and unnecessary burden on the environment? And in this case competition is double and triple the load on the water area"




Member of the Federation Council Committee for Federative structure, regional policy, local government and Northern Affairs Viktor Pavlenko: Russia cream pilotage funneling into private pockets




"The results of the last years we have an economy: the value of pilotage in the country annually is 3.5-4 billion rubles. We have 67 sea ports. Private pilotage company localized in 15 profitable ports and oil terminals and carry out about 1/3 of the pilotage services, and mainly cost-effective and highly profitable. FSUE Rosmorport makes all the other 2/3 of the transactions, including marginal. At the end of the year and they both get the amount of pilotage roughly equal in size. Statistics show: 2017- 1 668 018/1 607 712; 2018– 1 971 068/1 728 291; 2019– 1 784 532/2 020 726 (RUB thousand), respectively, private companies/FSUE "Rosmorport". In this lucrative segment of the pilotage of the order of 500 million roubles annually flowing into the income of private individuals that does not exist anywhere in the world. And yet, some part of deposited agents which provide traders more profitable orders, which implies the presence of the corruption factor. One port charges administreres we have different organizations in different ways. Rosmorport operates by KTM for the purposes of Maritime security, and the private owners under the Civil code profit. A large part of pilotage private companies in the lucrative ports by overstating expenses is derived by their owners from the scope of the pilot ensure the income of other affiliated companies to them, instead, to develop a pilot service in ports where pilotage dues does not cover the costs for pilotage. Thus, the cream pilotage flow into private pockets, and at the end of the year, Rosmorport formed hundreds of millions of losses on pilot activities. For 15 years, so funneling billions of rubles that are closed from other state target fees at the port. As a result, the government actually subsidizes the profits of the two dozen private pilotage companies in the profitable ports, increasing it, while the vast majority of pilot services in the country is on the brink of survival. Of course, this situation must be changed as quickly as possible. For this purpose, we introduced and defended bill No. 889303-7 "On a pilot service", whose goals - alignment of the economy pilotage within a single system between the ports, raising the level and quality of logistics pilots, bringing the national system of pilotage to the generally accepted principles and level of pilotage services to leading Maritime countries"




Chairman of the Interregional trade Union of pilots Vladimir Kabanov: in the mode of natural monopolies pilot support more effectively than the competition




"The developed Maritime countries have gone from competition in the pilotage service, as it is, does not improve the quality of the transaction, or to decrease its cost. In the same pilotage district competition only leads to negative consequences: deteriorating material and technical base of pilot organizations, worsen working conditions of pilots, deteriorating the quality of training pilots. The consequence of these impairments is the reduction of the level of navigation safety. Besides, when one of the waters involved two pilot organizations, the total expenses and infrastructure costs for one pilot operation increase speed. This is clearly telling insights EMPA (European Maritime pilots Association) and the position of IMPA (International marine pilots Association), published on its website. In the mode of natural monopolies pilot support more effectively than the competition. Therefore, competition may occur only where the Government somehow not fulfilling the IMO Resolution A. 960(23), that is, when there is no competent pilotage authority. It is not clear which agencies currently have us occupied with organization of the pilotage service - the FAS or the Ministry of transport, which are not the same, but the result of this organizations are multi-billion dollar losses of the FSUE "Rosmorport" on pilot activities.


The accumulated problems in the organization of a pilot security require appropriate changes in the regulatory framework. However, these changes are systematically blocked in government lobbyists, the owners of private pilotage companies with a direct interest, to skim the cream from pilotage to your income. And for losses and delayed the adoption of necessary normative acts no one in the country is not responsible. The pilots hope that with the adoption of the bill № 889303-

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