Material posted: Publication date: 11-11-2020
The experts of the Center have prepared the next edition. Based on a comprehensive analysis of the work of domestic and foreign, primarily Chinese, specialists, the current policy of China in relation to the Arctic is considered. The authors paid special attention to the study of directions and tools for the implementation of practical programs for the development of the Arctic. A significant place in the work is occupied by the analysis of Arctic policies of various countries through the eyes of Chinese experts and journalists. The publication is intended for a wide range of readers interested in modern geopolitics and international relations.

Global warming has attracted the interest and attention of the world community to the opening of the Arctic to new resource and logistics capabilities, which naturally led to the intensification of international contacts at various levels.

The Arctic today is a geographic region in which the national interests of States are manifested in their Arctic policy and strategy. He became an object of conflict between individual countries or groups on a number of important issues. To the territorial claims were added to the problem of environmental, economic, technological, transportation and military security. It is important that in these conditions, the authors pay attention to the significant increase of the role of the Arctic Council as a high level forum for regular intergovernmental review of ecology, sustainable use of natural resources, cooperation in ensuring security and sustainable development of the indigenous minorities of the North. This methodological premise is extremely important to analyze the factors influencing the increasing importance of China in the Arctic region.

The content of the work reveals the importance of the Arctic to global development at the turn of the third decade of the XXI century and its role in the foreign policy of the PRC. The undoubted value of the publication is the analysis of strategic documents of China, which focus on national interests and priorities of the countries in the region, as well as the vision of the Chinese experts and representatives of science Arctic strategy and policy of some countries on the Arctic track.

The paper provides a deep analysis of the official document of the PRC, "China's Policy in the Arctic." It analyzed the Arctic situation in the world, offers a look at the role and place of China in the Arctic, first formulated policy objectives and basic principles of the country in the Arctic, as well as the policy and position of the country in the far North, for an extended period. It should be understood that the Chinese authorities are trying to legalize presence in the Arctic for a long time, to give it more importance in Arctic Affairs than it really is. It should be noted that software issues are written in detail and thoroughly, taking into account national specificities, historical features and the desire to dominate globally in the Arctic region. China tends to look better than he actually is. Positively, what this document considerable space and attention is given to China's relations with Russia and the European States in the Arctic, the arguments are considered legal, socio-economic, military, and other problems that fall within the orbit of interests and practical activities of the PRC.

It is important to note that the leading role in the Arctic belongs to Russia, which has the longest coastline of the Arctic ocean, polar owning a large territory, a significant amount of minerals that potentially contributes to the strengthening and enhancement of its geopolitical and economic positions.

The work of "China's Policy in the Arctic: current state and main directions of the implementation of the" prepared by the authors, is written on the current topic, contribute to the study and understanding of various processes occurring in recent years in the Arctic. It has been implemented successfully in an attempt to show the place, role and possible future place of China in the Arctic.


Leading researcher of the Institute of Europe RAS,

head of the Center for Arctic studies,

candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor

V. P. Zhuravel

Tags: assessment , Arctic , geopolitics , China