Material posted: Publication date: 18-11-2020
The article analyzes the main provisions of the military doctrines of two world superpowers: the United States and China. The similarities and differences in approaches to the planning and organization of military construction activities, as well as approaches to the analysis and assessment of threats to military security are shown.

The US military doctrine as a system of official views (attitudes) that determine the basis for ensuring the military security of the state and the use of the armed forces to achieve national goals and promote national interests is disclosed in documents issued by the President, the Minister of Defense and the Chairman of the KNSH, as well as in statements and practical actions of the American military-political leadership, reflecting its military-political course, military strategy and strategy for the development of the armed forces.

When assessing the degree of external military threat, the PRC's VPR proceeds from the fact that the roles of countries and the balance of forces in world politics do not remain constant, therefore, one should be prepared for any change in the international situation, including in an unfavorable direction for China.

Tags: USA , China