Nebrenchin S. M. " Media meanings of hybrid wars"
Material posted: Publication date: 18-05-2021

The collection "Media Meanings of Hybrid Wars" contains articles containing deep meanings of the vision of current information events and other occasions: the geopolitical picture of the world, the nature and content of hybrid aggression against the Russian Federation, the strategy for ensuring information and cultural security. Special attention is paid to the significant role of Russian linguistic culture in strengthening the national statehood, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Russian Federation. The main sources of the information provided were online media, news agencies, online publications, telegram channels and other social services. The publication is of interest to specialists in the field of infopsychotronic warfare, journalism, PR, linguistics, expert and analytical activities.

The total English-language Internet digitalization of humanity (more than 4.6 billion users in the world), the deep immersion of the masses in many hours of information and virtual everyday life, on average 3-4 hours a day, the clip-click essence of gadget manipulations, combined with the Romanization and Anglicization of the Internet, lead not only to the blocking of primordial meanings, changing the meaning of words, symbols and signs, primitivization of consciousness. At the same time, there is a process of violation of mental activity, the ability to reasoned reasoning, balanced assessments and forecasts, in general, the recoding of consciousness with all the resulting negative consequences.

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Tags: assessment , information war , information Society