The secrets of General Leonov
Material posted: Publication date: 18-12-2010

December 20 – 90 years of scouting in Russia. Thirty-three years served in it the former Deputy chief of Soviet intelligence General-the Lieutenant in resignation Nikolay LEONOV. But we've been speaking with him not only about past Affairs.

Computer Che Guevara

– Nikolay Sergeyevich, what do you think about Julian Assange and his notorious website? Its because I want to call the man of the year and even nominated for the Nobel prize. Is not fake whether it is the figure around which the game is intelligence?

Game here and does not smell. His website – the event out of the ordinary. He has caused huge damage to many powers. Hurt and Russia. But most went to America. So, you'll see, the Americans will take revenge on him. I consider Assange to be a tragic figure, akin to Che Guevara, with whom I was well acquainted. The publication of such a number of secret documents Assange has caused "nuclear strike" in the information war. The entire intelligence community this year has not reached this result.

– And how us intelligence services, which this summer has exposed eleven Russian spies-illegals?

Americans helped the traitor Poteev. He even personal business Hero of the Soviet Union Mikhail] abroad was taken. Now they say that this is technically impossible to do. But in this carelessness all can be. In the exploration of betrayal happens. Remember that the victim of the steel and traitors Kim Philby, and Young...

Whether that failed spies was awarded the highest orders of Russia and arrange for a "warm places"? For example, Anna Chapman became the adviser of the head of the Bank, and the other party loud Russian-American "spy scandal" Andrey Bezrukov recently appointed Advisor to the President of the state company "Rosneft".

– I want to correct you, not spies, and our scouts, and not a failing, and devotees. The state is right that cares about these people. Otherwise who will work in the external intelligence? There's and life you have to risk.


Who surrendered the Soviet Union?

– Nikolay Sergeevich, tell us about the confrontation between the CIA and the KGB. Why did you lose?

– What did you lose?

– The Soviet Union. Isn't America beat us in the cold war? They even have a medal on this occasion...

The KGB did not lose anything. The USSR handed over the party-state elite. I, as the chief of analytical Department of the KGB, many times reported to Gorbachev that his course leads to crash. Evidence of this is dozens, hundreds of my reports, which even now are stored under a signature stamp "top secret". There were the names of American agents of influence. Believe me, it's not only Yakovlev and Shevardnadze...

– Why the KGB so passively behaved in August 1991?

The coup is a desperate attempt is already rotten people with rotten finally the President of the USSR to save the situation. The KGB was there – seventh spoke in the chariot. In those days, I even ordered his officers to surrender their guns. It was impossible to go up in arms against the surging crowds. It makes no sense. With gun you can mess things up such cases, which will be the victim, and you the same for it will tear. In August of ' 91 from the authorities required the mind and not force. But neither the political elite was not.


Caviar – not the bone of contention. Iran and China are Russia are not enemies

– What dangers now threaten Russia? They say misfortunes come from the South. Do we need protection from Iranian missiles?

– Iranian strategic missiles with nuclear warheads, is not in sight. But the Americans stubbornly push us into conflict with the Persians. And what we share with the Iranians? Caspian caviar? So her and so was left with gulkin nose.

Russia always knew the Islamic East, and in Iran we worked for a long time. Remember the story. The revolution in Iran. Americans, then, are not as familiar with Islam, decided to rest and gouge the rebels. And destroyed by 3-5 thousand people daily on the streets of Tehran! And the upshot was that the Shah fled. And this is with 30 thousands of us advisers in the country! For the CIA it was the greatest disaster.

– Now the most powerful after America country – China. A strong Chinese intelligence?

– I think that she, like Chinese athletes at the Olympics, is one of the prizes. Specificity of work with China is that the information on this country has always been more scarce than for other countries. And the reason is that during the formation of the people's Republic of China in 1949-1951, the leadership of the USSR for some dobrohost ordered to give the leadership of the PRC all our agents that our intelligence started in China during the long years of war with the Japanese during the Second world war. It was a very extensive intelligence network. She was given up. None of our agents more white light have not seen. All of them disappeared. So after the war we were left in China without his sources of information. This, of course, was a professional tragedy.

Then we, of course, okay, what happens after the death of Mao Zedong. And for the well-being of the Great helmsman watched very carefully, making daily bulletins about his health. Appeared Deng Xiaoping. In his example, by the way, it is obvious that the role of personality in history cannot be underestimated. We informed the management that China "has risen to a new track" economic development. Developed new slogans. For example, no matter what color the cat is as long as it catches mice. But our guide was unwilling to learn from our great neighbour.

– Will there be war with China?

– In my opinion, in the foreseeable future, openly to quarrel with China, we will not. It is not in their interest, not ours. Because in reality we are two countries, pressed against each other's backs. They wrapped of the ocean, on South Asia with huge Chinese diasporas in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines. There is one religion. Similar to ethnic race. Climate. I'm against forcing anti-Chinese sentiment.


The alarm bell on Manezh

But there is an objective reality. In China many people, and we have a lot of territory. Not if they will crush us demographically?

– Now Russia really threatens no one, except the Russians. Look more closely at the recent events at the Manege square. This is a serious Wake-up call to the authorities. You cannot flirt with the Caucasian diasporas to the detriment of the Russian people. Interethnic contradictions can tear the country to shreds. The internal threat is much more real than the external.

While Russia has nuclear weapons. It has oil and gas. These factors, of course, not recurring, but thanks to them, neither China nor the US is crushing Russia is not capable. But what happens next? In 15-20 years? Since 2012 in of childbearing age take girls born after 1991. Human losses in Russia reached 1.5 million people per year. If and further so will go the case, there will come a time when the international community, not only China, will be engaged in our territories and natural resources. There were the war of the Spanish succession, the Austro-Hungarian legacy. And to speak today in what organizational forms
all this will happen, of course, difficult. But the transformation of the Russian state inevitably. On national-ethnic composition. According to the degree of degradation of the scientific and economic structures. How long this process will take? I do not know.

– Say, the stronger the state, the better his intelligence. What, in your opinion, is the most-most?

– For me, of course, Soviet. I worked there from 1958 to 1991. I dare say: and then we didn't concede the CIA. It is clear, from a technical point of view, the Americans have always excelled. The CIA had a better microphone, better satellite reconnaissance, better communications intelligence... And about the finances and say nothing. They spend on intelligence 50 times more than we do. But with regard to human material, as they say, we Americans had an advantage associated with the natural qualities of the Russian people -- of Russian. In the exploration set the tone and in the vast majority served by the Russians. And Russian has a special trait, that is a good point in "Lefty" Leskov. This feature is especially clearly manifested during the great Patriotic war. From nothing we were able to do everything. The best intelligence we had.

– And can confirm the examples?

– Please the Cuban revolution. The Americans said nothing, think of it, some bearded Fidel, can be neglected, crawling on his knees. We give a completely different rating: the Cuban revolution – a very promising and interesting phenomenon. I then became friends with Che Guevara and received information first hand.

And Vietnam?.. The same. Americans tend to Balk at wrong conclusions that guide foreign policy. And do it before until this policy begins a devastating impact on the United States. And all because Americans are not capable of thinking strategically, getting into the skin of other people. By the way, correspondence of their diplomats, published by Julian Assange, this vividly proves.

– Happy holidays to you, Nikolai! With the upcoming 90th anniversary of the Russian intelligence.


Alexander Kondrashov


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