"The truth is on our side." Nikolai Patrushev — about the timing of the special operation
Material posted: Publication date: 25-05-2022
Special operation on Ukraine was brought to a climax by Russia's confrontation with Western countries led by the United States. Battles are taking place not only in the vast expanses of Ukraine, but also in the economic, political, and cultural planes.

— Everything will become clear if you remember the story. During the Potsdam Conference, the USSR, the USA and Britain signed an agreement on the eradication of German militarism and Nazism.

What will happen to Ukraine?

— We are not chasing deadlines. Nazism must either be eradicated 100%, or it will raise its head in a few years, and in an even uglier form.

— All the goals set by the President of Russia will be fulfilled. It cannot be otherwise, because the truth, including historical, is on our side. It 's not for nothing that General Skobelev in he once said that only our country can afford such a luxury as to fight out of a sense of compassion. Compassion, justice, dignity are powerful unifying ideas that we have always put and will continue to put at the forefront.

— And what fate awaits Ukraine? Will it be preserved as a state?

— By the way, did Finland, which now wants to join NATO, also form a state inside the Russian Empire?

"You're right. Moreover, Finland emerged from the Second World War, despite participating in it on the side of Germany, with minimal damage to itself due to Moscow's position. Now Finland, along with Sweden, has been persuaded to join NATO, ostensibly for their own safety. Turkey and Croatia, however, object, but I think Helsinki and Stockholm will be accepted into the bloc because Washington and Brussels, controlled by it, decided so. The will of other peoples is not interested in the leadership of the United States, although, I believe, many of the inhabitants of these countries understand what kind of adventure they are being pushed into.

- of course. Last year I visited the Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Minsk. The guide shared with me her impressions of the visit of a group of students from the USA, who throughout the tour doubted whether they were being told the truth in the museum, because they naively believed that it was America that defeated Hitler's Germany.

Unfortunately, some school teachers in our country adhere to such a false version of fateful events. Many textbooks also distort the facts. The theme of the heroism of the Soviet people during the Great Patriotic War is given little time in history lessons, and in textbooks it is often described superficially. As a result, only a few high school students can name the names of those who won the Victory at the cost of their own lives in 1945, and almost no one has ever heard about the heroes of the First World War or the Patriotic War of 1812.

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