Possible impact of the change of power in Pakistan on China
Material posted: Publication date: 23-06-2022
In the context of the importance of Pakistan for the People's Republic of China, one should turn to history. The Anglo-Saxon political model includes the concept of creating interdependent states, used to increase their influence and weaken opponents. The "time bomb" was laid in the region by the example of British India, which was split into two states — India and Pakistan. In fact, one nation was artificially divided into two.

Over the past century, the Anglo-Saxons have been able to build a system of personal relations with key tribes in Pakistan. Representatives of the tribes receive a British education, build a business in the zone of full economic control of Great Britain and are equal to the opinion of the inhabitants of the Foggy Albion. The change of power in Pakistan is a fully controlled process, albeit indirectly. The struggle for power and internal disagreements between local elites are purely intra—Pakistani squabbles, which the British diligently supported. This spring, representatives of the West only slightly pushed the opposition to the impeachment procedure. And despite the change of one group to another, the British still had control.

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