Anna Gornova: it is necessary to pay attention to the innovative-patent component of the Russian ruble and create your own system for filling it
Material posted: Publication date: 18-11-2022
On October 20, the State Duma held a meeting of the Working Group on the Protection of the Domestic Market and Exports under Western sanctions. It was about supporting enterprises and industries engaged in scientific research, production and implementation of specialized materials and technologies in Russia and abroad. The participants discussed the problems, needs and proposals of transport infrastructure manufacturers, the development of an assistance mechanism for structures operating in priority areas of import substitution. And also heard the situation in the sphere of transport independence of the Russian Federation in terms of maritime transport.

Anna Gornova, coordinator of the Marine Policy project of the Center for Strategic Assessments and Forecasts, told Inform-24 about the need to create her own system for filling the innovation and patent component of the Russian ruble as one of the aspects of the prospect of Russia's exit from dollar dependence:

"Getting out of dollar dependence is the strategic task that the state policy is aimed at solving today. From the beginning of the 90s to the present, the Russian ruble has been issued as a "subset of the US dollar", tied to fuel and energy exports and a number of other commodity export categories. And it was the dollar that ensured the "involvement" in solving global scientific problems of mankind for the Russian ruble and the entire domestic economy through exchange activities, issue and currency quotes. In fact, through this mechanism, the United States controls scientific and technological progress and, as a result, the world economy.

As a financial instrument, the dollar contains a global mechanism for ensuring scientific development and innovative activity of society. It is this advantage that makes it possible for the United States to neglect the size of its budget deficit for a long time, and for almost all countries of the "dollar zone" not to see in this frightening signs of an impending economic catastrophe. The essence of the mechanism that provides the main advantage is that the US dollar, through the issue and change of stock quotes of enterprises and exchange rates, performs targeted financial and economic correction and coordination of the entire dollar "financial and economic zone" in the direction of promoting and mastering the global scientific problems of mankind.

The global problems of humanity are about a hundred academic–level issues, on the solution of which the future and survival of mankind depends. These include: prolonging human life, space exploration, the creation of efficient energy sources, issues of information exchange and communication, climate issues, the study and development of natural resources, etc. For example, the problem of the development of the resources of the World Ocean is one of the key global problems of mankind, and within the framework of the Maritime Doctrine of Russia (Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 31.07.2022 No. 512) we see and understand this perfectly. 

Each of the directions of the "global problems of humanity" in the economic zone of the dollar has a filling of about 100 billion US dollars. These funds, through the issue, are planned and allocated by the US Federal Reserve for targeted academic and applied scientific research, production, technological, logistics and other solutions to the problems of the "global scientific problems of humanity". And if today we have decided to leave the "US dollar zone" and create our own currency world, then it is necessary to institutionally compensate, or recreate in a new way, the necessary social and economic mechanisms that the "dollar zone" has provided and supported us for the last 30 years.

It is no secret that the consistency of scientific activity in modern Russia, if it has not disappeared at all, is under a very big question. Once upon a time, in Soviet times, the Soviet ruble, like the US dollar, also had its own internal institutional link to solving "global problems of humanity". This was closely related to the activities of the USSR Academy of Sciences system – academic and applied institutes focused on branch research institutes. And further, technological chains and production cycles. But in the 80-90 years, this whole system was destroyed. Therefore, today the "Russian ruble" has almost no "intellectual and legal connection" with domestic technologies, services and commodity mass. And even more so, academic or, at least, applied, scientific activity.

In the current conditions, it is necessary to pay attention to the innovation and patent component of the Russian currency and create its own system of filling it. In addition to linking the ruble to natural resources, it is necessary to build a stable connection of the ruble mass with scientific and technical support for solutions to the global agenda of mankind. We are talking about the possibility of targeted issues of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance for project financing of scientific developments of innovative materials and technologies, the organization of production in this area."


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