The beat of a ticking time bomb
Material posted: Publication date: 10-04-2016

Israel has a recipe for safety, suitable for airports and cities in Europe.

As it became known on Tuesday, the Ministry of transport of Russia has prepared amendments to the Air code, which provides continuous inspection of passengers and their belongings at the entrance to the airports. These rules apply now, but only on a temporary basis – as an element of improved safety, introduced in 2011 after the terrorist attack in Domodedovo. Now they're going to keep forever. However, the question arises about the effectiveness of this venture. Whether to go on a losing track when you try to take ready? After all, there is the experience of Israel, the special services which managed to make the international airport Ben-Gurion, one of the safest in the world.

On major terrorist attacks, wherever they happened, in Israel, pay close attention – trying on. But after what happened in Brussels, attracted just Israel. On the first day, the airports authority received dozens of complaints with the request for the transfer of experience in the security gateway from Europe, America, Africa...

It is believed that Ben Gurion is the safest airport in the world. And earth, and air. On last it became known by accident. About two years ago, at the height of the anti-terrorist operation "enduring rock" Hamas shot a rocket from Gaza towards the airport, retrouv loudly about it, – and USA, followed by other Western countries ceased for a day flights to Ben Gurion. This day transport blockade has caused the economy oriented on export-import transactions, such huge losses that had to lift the veil of secrecy.

And first widely promoted by the Israeli know-how, and then try to learn from other countries, but all have failed so far. Why – more on that later. Yet what it is.

Written in blood

When exploded at the Brussels airport, Israeli radio and TV immediately began to lift into the air specialists at the security, asking with passion, could this happen with us. The typical answer was – no! So, in theory, should be possible. But practically excluded. Whence such self-confidence?

Israel has unique security system of airports, anywhere in the world. It's not a good life. Just from the bad.

The first attack happened in Ben-Gurion (then called Lod). May 30, 1972 three militants of the "Japanese red army", trained at the training base of the PLO in Lebanon, arriving from Rome on an airline "Ayr France", got the Luggage, took out AK rifles and opened fire from the belly of a fan on the passengers. Killed 26 people, 11 of them Christian pilgrims.

It was after this incident all over the world began to be made the inspection of passengers and baggage to detect weapons and explosives. Such was the demand of the Federal office of civil aviation USA – legislator of standards air traffic.

"Every point of our safety instructions, said to me how the Director of the East European lines of the national airline El al Igor Vaisburd, is written in blood".

These same words were repeated on the day former CEO of Ben-Gurion, a retired air force General ze'ev Sarig, which my colleague Eugene Owl was invited to comment on the terrorist attack at the Brussels airport on the TV channel RTVi.

"I well understand the feelings of these people,' he said, looking at horrible images from Brussels. I can't imagine what the smells and the screams. I was at the airport and during the attack of the "Japanese red army" in 1972, and in may 1976, when a terrorist Hugo Miller exploded a bomb hidden in his suitcase, then killed the employee of security service of Miki Ben-Yishai. Everything that ever happened to us, then lay down in the basis of instructions for the prevention of terrorist attacks".

It is likely that as the case with the Japanese, took out a weapon from his own Luggage, resulted in a total inspection items and the inspection of passengers around the world, much less high-profile case of German, which killed one employee of the airport, persuaded the Israelis (and only, judging by the results) that to prevent the attacks of the cordons at the reception – it's too late.

In Ben-Gurion acts-in-depth security system from multiple circles of control. I don't now how it is arranged, moreover, that, of course, I don't know all the details, but he knew, already painted once (also on a sad occasion – the terrorist attack in Domodedovo airport in January 2011). Only about principles...

Skillful selection

The main one is that a thorough check of all passengers is an unreal problem.

For two obvious reasons. First: have neither the time nor the energy – nor the staff, nor space, nor means, nor financial. Unless, of course, to do their job honestly and not just to show vigilance. Second: the airport, of course, sensitive site, but to convert it into an impregnable fortress impossible – if you do not want together with water to splash out the child, a means to kill the target. It is designed to quickly and comfortably send and receive passengers, and not to test them for reliability.

So, what can we do? Not shmonat all in a row, and to identify those who could pose a potential threat, and now they have to check carefully. Only.

And planes will fly on schedule, although all have caused even the slightest suspicion will be thoroughly interrogated, their testimony prosloeny in computer databases, they themselves, if need be, searched to their underwear and deeper things touching them until the seams on the lining of the suitcase – what's your x-ray on the strip, let them indulge in the customs, encountering drug runners.

It is easy to say. But to really separate the sheep from the goats, tourists from terrorists?

It all starts well before reaching not only to the front Desk when departing or in sight at the fountain in the arrival hall, but sometimes even to the airport. Obviously suspicious client there simply won't reach. Something, some accident to pluck him plans for a pleasant trip or hurt on the road.

However, mass screening commences at Ben-Gurion literally from the doorstep - from the checkpoint at the entrance to the airport. The guard (or guard) will lean toward the window of the car, carefully, without hesitation, will look back into you and your passengers pleasantly say, "Shalom!". To answer definitely. If one of your "hi" he will not understand what you wanted - ask how things where going where we were going. Only when will determine the emphasis and degree of emotion, wish you have a safe flight and will miss the drive past the gunner (who is also awake and looks at you in an emphasis through a windshield) and on. All the test passed.

From the gate to the main terminal for domestic highway driving for ten minutes with the hook – and this is no accident. During this time your machine will be checked for belonging to suspicious, but if you've caused some suspicion at the entrance to your appearance at the terminal will be ready. And if you don't stop at the entrance, will see you in the terminal. Most cameras you will see. Employees of the security service.

But they are there. Somebody walks near you, someone is watching from above or with the assistance of the monitor, in which the special recognition program will determine whether the crowd of passengers persons registered in the database of special attention. Scanned not only individuals, but also extraordinary movement, movement, even smells. Excessive sweating, and restlessness, is an alarming symptom.

Police in hall of terminal is almost there. Dogs - not at all. This is purely a Jewish delicacy – nothing should remind Jews in the camps were guarded by the SS with dogs. Dogs are used – but where there are no passengers for checking Luggage. Not only dogs, but as they say, and mouse – they are especially susceptible to explosives.

This is in addition to the devices. A couple of years ago from the departure hall disappeared huge scanners to check Luggage. All the checks without you. A unique Israeli technology allows, without opening the suitcases, to identify not only explosives, but also components which can be used for its preparation.

With whom you talk can not be avoided – with boys and girls service security control on the approach to the front Desk. I don't know anyone (including yourself) who are these nerds for once would not upset himself questioned God knows what. But this is a totally unique Israeli commandos, trained to identify suspicious people. And to provoke including, to dispel suspicion, or conversely to pull for enhanced processing and screening.

It is believed that to seep through the thick sieve is impossible. And the experience of recent decades confirms these rumors presumptuous. Why this method cannot be replicated everywhere in Europe where there is so important?

Political correctness as a strategic threat

"Because, explains the same Zeev Sarig, if you want to ensure the actual safety of the airport, it is necessary to forget about political correctness".

What do you mean? The former CEO of Ben-Gurion, observing political correctness, explains: there are groups representing a particular threat to them and should focus special attention under control.

Without euphemisms should sound like: the obvious potential hazards include, for example, the Arabs. Yes, it is true that the friendly guards at the entrance to the airport are caught primarily Arabic accent. It is true that the Arabs, including Israeli citizens, often are subject to inspections with passion. It's tactless. Absolutely politically incorrect. But not to obhoditsya music industry need, it is necessary to remove the pants, although it is terribly improper, especially in humans.

The Israelites learned that they have to choose between security and tact, and they chose safety. And the only way.

There is no lie that Israeli Arabs are in the Jewish country enjoy all the civil rights than in any Arab country. If someone refused to work, study, promotion on national-religious grounds, if someone insult them along the same lines – is subject to noisy proceedings, until the trial, the punishment - up to criminal.

But at the airport or other sensitive site they will be checked with special care. And it's obviously written in the instructions. Point.

"So - all Arabs they are especially tough for the full program – this is our secret safe?", I asked my buddy, who long worked in the security service of airline "El al" (flew under the guise of passenger – Israeli invention since 1970-ies), and in the security service at Ben-Gurion.

"Are you crazy? – he was indignant. Is 20 percent of the population. We would have paralyzed the airport. But they are a special breed, Yes."

It's very simple. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims, so they should cause increased vigilance, if you look at the facts.

Among all the countries of the Western world is shy but firmly recognised only in Israel. Neither Europe nor the U.S. can afford that even offer.

"They are obsessed with equality, I explained Brigadier General police retired Aaron tal. – The guilt of the colonizers and slave owners so much there that they are willing to get yourself killed, but not to lose that. More than half of the laws passed in England, France, Belgium in the past half century, aims to maintain equality. It entered the genetic code. And all the changes can't force them to make adjustments".

He told me what the shock came from a recent visit to the area of the Belgian capital, which was formed including the group that committed terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels: "the Feeling that you're not in Europe, and in Gaza. The same faces, the same clothes, the same screams, the same garbage and the stench, fighting, robbery, stealing, humiliation of women. Trust me – whatever they do, it's not an ideology, not religious bigotry – it's common criminals-thugs, scumbags, this is their way to assert themselves, quite typical for the lumpen and the savages".

European police and intelligence agencies need to put things in order in the first place, otherwise this outbreak will go metastases. But there is no political will, and society cannot overcome the sense of guilt in front of the once "oppressed peoples".

What turns the sanctity of the principle of equality for a particular case – airport security, - to understand quite easily. If you check with the same passion of all (and this principle is strictly observed both in Europe and in the USA), so it is impossible to check properly those who this really needs. It's like chasing two rabbits – you won't catch a single one.

But the security not only of the airports. The case in a General approach. One of the terrorists exploded in the Brussels airport, Ibrahim Barqawi, was twice deported from Turkey as an extremist and an activist of the "Islamic state" (ISIS, terrorist organisation, banned in Russia, - "Rosbalt") trained in Syria. And released for lack of evidence. In Israel he wouldn't let go, and was subjected to so-called administrative detention, for which the Israeli authorities cohosted and local human rights defenders, lawyers and activists around the world. Ibrahim and his brother Khalid was wanted on suspicion of involvement in terrorism. In Israel, they would "graze" that they would have no chance not only get the bomb in the airport to even get to it.

The French and the Belgians not only allowed to create Autonomous Muslim enclaves, but together with the Swedes, the Germans, the Dutch launched to his already millions of masses "of refugees", among which countless supporters of the IG. If Europe intends to survive with this ticking ethnic bomb inside the approach to change have not only intelligence agencies, but also society. The question is, whose age will be longer than European political correctness or of Europe itself.

Vladimir Bader



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