"2017. War with Russia: the Urgent warning of a retired General
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Retired NATO commander expresses his point of view on the pages of artwork. We offer you a review on his book.

Adam the film about James bond there is an episode where the villain carefully outlines his Grand plan, usually exposing his depravity, and the source of its vulnerability. This well-known demonstrate the evil of the celebration is largely present in the book by General Sir Richard Shirreff (Richard Shirreff) "in 2017. The war with Russia" (2017): War With Russia), which is both literary and failure, and dynamic techno-Thriller, and addressed to the West fighting the appeal.

Shirreff until the resignation two years ago was the highest-ranking European military Alliance — Deputy Supreme allied commander of NATO in Europe, the idea of his book is quite simple — "political and military decisions that we take now and which is already accepted, now pushing us to a future war with Russia." He offers us his fictionalized description of how this war might look like. Following the pattern given in the pamphlet Guilty Men ("the Perpetrators"), released in 1940 and condemned a policy of appeasement, this book pours out all the accumulated anger not to Moscow, and in London and Berlin politicians "poleposition", which, in the opinion of Shirreff, in the face of looming threats are moral pygmies.

The characters in the book is just weak and unconvincing means used by the author in order to, one way or another, to drive his point home to the reader. "My strategic plan to increase the flow of refugees into Turkey by bombing civilian targets in Syria and thus further increase the pressure on EU worked even better than I thought possible" — scoff like Dr. Blofeld character impersonating Vladimir Putin. "We're lucky that NATO is not posted here [in the Baltics] well-armed regular troops, — said the Russian General with all the subtlety of reasoning of the villain from the cartoon Scooby-Doo. Otherwise it would have been quite different."

German leaders depicted in the novel of Shirreff as apologists for Moscow. "In Germany we can count on the obedient fools that believe what you read about Russia in the magazine Spiegel", — says the Russian Minister of foreign Affairs. Berlin's representative in NATO symbolically eagerly pounces on the chocolate before you veto the adoption of urgent measures for defense. And the Ambassador of Greece (not even disguised Varoufakis in a leather jacket) fixated on "Athens Orthodox brotherhood with Russia".

But all this pales in comparison with those fierce attacks, with which the author jumps on Cameron's government. In the book of Shirreff Prime Minister shirk from the performance of their duties to the Alliance, even when captured Latvia. "We don't have to worry about Russia and all sorts of cuts in our conventional weapons," he says, sending the aircraft carrier, devoid of aircraft due to him, — as we are all protected by our independent Trident nuclear capabilities". Can you guess how it all ends. Of course, these policies do not say, but in this case it is the characters of geopolitical morality.

Well, apart from everything else in the book is female. The President of the United States, the author tells us, "tinted white hair", and she likes to "emphasize their femininity that wearing skirt". The UK Ambassador to NATO "flawless complexion". And the agent Latvian special services "blinds" "an ashy shade of white hair" (and in case we forget that she's blonde, remind us about it for the next 20 pages of text four times). But best of all has been the way of an officer of government communications headquarters — lucky "pretty athletic appearance, it is quite natural for the former mayor of Cheltenham ladies College". Only lacks the hockey stick.

But if you do not pay attention to all this clumsy writings, it is extremely important that the former Deputy Supreme commander of NATO forces yelling to us that the operational group increased combat readiness of the Alliance is a total sham, and that for the transfer of equipment and munitions from Germany to Poland, it takes two weeks. And all this against the background, as Russia regains its Soviet features and makes nuclear threats, such as those that can be heard, usually only from North Korea.

Shirreff is not an exception, he is not a lonely upstart. Based on the series of war games, recently developed by American strategic research center RAND, it was concluded that "judging from the current situation, NATO is not able to effectively defend the territory of their most vulnerable countries". And extravagant the main scenario of Shirreff also will not name — assuming that the war will start from Baltic countries. Although Putin during an attack on a member country of NATO, would no doubt be much more careful than in the case of Ukraine, many experts ponder what Russia may carry out partial seizure of territory, and then to deter retaliation for NATO to threaten the applications of nuclear weapons.

Almost every of its appealing British character in the book is continually expressed in one form or another their opinion on the topic "if not for those terrible cuts in defense spending ..." as a rule, the whistling of bullets flying Russian. But I can assume that former colleagues of Shirreff more like shaved head retired General Jock Kidd, who again called into service to replace the former chief of the defence staff — pleaser and ass-kisser. In the triumphal scene Kidd breaks out to the Minister of defense angry tirade, full of profanity, explaining the implications of the "constant and ill-considered reduction of military expenditures". One feels that the author writes about it with obvious pleasure. Probably, for some of these lovely ear passages and other retired generals begin to dig in my memory to sit down at the feather.

Shashank Joshi

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