NASA is funding the development of 18 fantastic technology for space exploration
Material posted: Publication date: 12-04-2019

In the early twentieth century, it seemed that the flight of man into space is something impossible. Now the output of astronauts in outer space is something very common and not even considered for the big news. Not to stay in place, humanity is important to keep thinking outside the box, which is a NASA project called "Innovative Advanced Concepts" (NIAC). In the framework of a space Agency funded the development of 18 technologies, which at the moment seem to be fantastic. Smart suits? Is it really possible?

In the first phase of the financing included 12 concepts, the implementation of each of which will be allocated of $ 125,000. If the ideas will be workable and will have great potential, researchers will be able to apply for the second and third stages and to 500 000 dollars or more to develop. The studies will take decades, but according to the authors of the project, it's worth it.

Our program NIAC develops visionary ideas that could transform future missions.

Jim Reuter, administrator, Directorate of space technology NASA

During the first phase, the researchers will create smart suit with robotic elements and skin self-healing. Also in the plans is the development of microsondes to study the atmospheres of planets, and lunar Outpost for production of ice. To study the atmosphere of Venus is planned to use an inflatable aircraft, and for travel to Jupiter's moon Europe — nuclear electric propulsion.

Форпост для добычи льда

Outpost for mining ice

Projects of the second phase seem more feasible than the first. For example, NASA wants to get a telescope that can be deployed after the conclusion in the space, securing printed on 3D-printer platform. We also plan to develop a special shield that will allow to study the Sun, approaching it as close as possible.

Projects of the third phase are not selected yet, but we already know that it will be something that requires a long development and lots of money. The space Agency plans to allocate for its development 2 000 000$.

Ramis Ganiev


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