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US Republicans and Democrats will show the world "the new show" in January 2014
Material posted: Publication date: 31-10-2013
That during the discussion of the US debt ceiling congressmen global financial markets are not a fever, you must abandon the global reserve currency, to which the US dollar and the currencies move regional unions, convinced the general director of the Centre for Strategic estimates and projections Sergey Grinyaev.

- Whether it is possible to expect now an aggravation of discussion concerning a gold role in world economy against trust decrease to dollar?

- Yes. But, probably, it is not so much against trust decrease to dollar, how many against that situation which has developed in a world financial system as a whole. I will remind, Germany has addressed to the central jars of France, Great Britain and the USA with the demand to return the gold reserves. In many respects current reduction of price on gold is called including by the demand of Germany. I think that as soon as gold will return to bank of Germany, the price for him again will grow.

- What role noble metal in due course can gain? Whether it is possible to say what interest to it in the capacity of means of maintenance of paper money will be refunded?

- Yes, really, as I have already noted, interest to gold will be refunded in an intermediate term prospect. However if to speak about a prospect more remote from a present situation it seems to me that gold nevertheless should lose in due course the appeal in the capacity of means of payment and first of all as means of accumulation of investments. In a century of information technology it, was possiblly, will be replaced by a certain analogue of virtual digital currency.

- Whether partial refund to the gold standard for the sake of большей stability of a world financial system is is possible at least? What countries can go on it?

- It is how much expedient to be refunded today to that situation from which have left in the middle of the last century, a question very disputable. Gold throughout many centuries was the interesting tool of investment, conservation of capitals. But, as I have already noted, in a century of information technology and a universal heading of electronic payments, probably, it is possible to think up other things which will be more interesting and more effective in modern conditions.

- What in general can be taken steps, that each time when in the Congress of the USA the ceiling of a state debt and the budget is discussed, the world financial market was not in a fever?

- That occurred in the United States last days, is well played scenario which repeats already from year to year. The matter is that on such fever it is very favourable to earn in stock markets that, actually, and do the American companies, knowing from insider sources authentically that no default will exist, and the situation is only discharged under pressure. The informed businessmen make quite good fortunes these days.

And to leave from such situation cardinal changes, certainly, are necessary. I want to remind that the Russian Federation was one of the countries which at the first meeting G20 in London offered a new format of a world financial system. But, unfortunately, the Russian position then has not been heard, and all was reduced only to declarative measures and world economy inflating by poor US dollars.

Unfortunately, today we in many respects reap the fruits of this policy. Global financial crisis proceeds. And, really, today it is already necessary to accept more effectual measures. As I have already told, probably, nevertheless it is necessary to pass to регионализации currency-financial system, to failure from such global reserve currencies as US dollar, to pass to currencies of the regional unions.

On an instance of the Customs union and in the long term the Euroasian union the idea of introduction of new regional currency евраз is discussed. In the North American union it is discussed амеро instead of dollar. In a number of other regional unions too there is an idea of introduction of gold yuan, gold bolivar. I think that one of possible ways is a replacement of global reserve currencies on regional.

- And then it will be possible to avoid a financial trouble?

- Not to avoid, but, anyway, to damp this situation a little. And the second alternative as I have already told, this development of production engineering of electronic payments and so-called replaceable currencies which were widely enough used in the twenties the last century when Great depression in the USA and a hyperinflation in Germany after the First World War has burst. During this period in the financial markets interesting enough production engineering was used. I think that something can be is taken and today.

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