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Amero can come to the place of the dollar
Material posted: Publication date: 21-10-2012

A few years ago there were rumors (dilute it seems as facts) on the establishment of a North American Union, which the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and, accordingly, the introduction of the single currency Union — the Amero.

In the late 1990s about the need for such a Union has said canadian economist Herbert G. Grubel. In 2007, the leaders of the three countries held another meeting in Quebec city, where they discussed the idea of continental integration. And, according to the press, they agreed to establish an analogue of the EU by 2010. The idea of creating the Union was the result of conducted in Texas in 2005 of the summit with participation of presidents Bush, Fox and Prime Minister Martin, after which he was declared the first stage of the formation of the Alliance called "Partnership for security and prosperity of North America". The U.S. Department of Commerce then created a corresponding website.

After these events, there was talk about the closure of the project "USA" and the abolition of the national currency — the dollar. In other words, it was directly about bankruptcy of the largest economy and the state. With all the attendant disastrous consequences, because at that time, the U.S. external debt approaching 10 trillion dollars, and now he, as you know, one and a half times more.

Perhaps in this way, the biggest debtor of China and other things of the world would "forgive" their debts, and at the same time to solve financial and economic problems. Because and small animals with needles it is clear that no financial structure is not able to provide monetary assistance to the American financial system (as, for example, is trying to do in respect of Eurozone countries the European Central Bank and various aid mechanisms). To go to an open devaluation of States will also be somewhat difficult with the attention of global Central banks that hold major reserves in U.S. dollars and, therefore, are hostages of the dollar and the fed.

But to create the Union with other States, and under this sauce to give a replacement of the national currency — nothing better than you can imagine. Was this version of events: shows the real prospect of economic catastrophe, against the background of panic to the American people offers a wonderful release — the North American Union with such a "family" in every sense of the word for the US countries and, of course, the creation of a new currency. The Canadians will be little choice: either they accept the new currency and merge into Union with the United States, or will warm your home and soul hungry green pieces of paper with the image of former presidents of the neighbouring countries.

Mexicans to persuasion will be offered a pink picture they, not hiding from the American Rangers and not giving their money to the relevant criminal structures for help in crossing the border, will be able to cross now absolutely conditional line and brazenly mentioned to keep an eye on the Rangers. What else does an average Mexican? And the growth of purchasing power and living standards will add to the seductiveness of this picture.

Surely there is a compromise solution with China, and with the governments of most countries, but ordinary people of planet Earth — those who have in store a at least one "green" bill will remain, undoubtedly, a loser. And all that accumulated, stashed or invested, will be impaired completely, not even partially.

As reported in the press, all the talk about the bankruptcy of the United States and the replacement of the dollar to Amero was actively denied. Any evidence, that is, samples of minted coins and printed banknotes, have been presented as images from private collections that do not have the slightest chance to enter into circulation. And the theme in the truest sense of the word stalled. But if you do not awaken the subject, or rather its implementation, the likely new wave of the global financial crisis? Won't this become a catalyst of a new era for the whole world?

By the way, the owner of advertising agencies told me his "dream". In this "sleep" him/her in one of the embassies, and it was about the need to start a PR campaign from January the new year, some new currency. "Dream" was so realistic that the reasons to doubt it.

Anton Kharitonov



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