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Amego will replace the dollar?
Material posted: Publication date: 16-12-2014

Analysts believe that the national currency of the USA can go into a story already in 2020. In Russia massively buying up dollars at the same time, some authoritative experts believe that the abandonment process "green" has already begun. They believe that the arrival of the new American currency — the Amero – is inevitable and the exchange rate will be extortionate.

The US debt exceeded $ 18 trillion dollars, and at the same time in the accounts of the Ministry of Finance money is not enough even for servicing current liabilities. The situation habitually makes borrowing, which is currently estimated at 4 billion dollars daily.

However, things in the world for a long time already do not pay attention, trusting in the power of "his Majesty the dollar." The examples are not far to seek. So, after the "falling" oil fan started to depreciate all commodity currencies, including the ruble.

Recall that only in November our money has devaluated against the US bills by 24%. Among the reasons for galloping devaluation of the call, including, and excessive demand from the population. The fact that the Russians believe that investing in the American banknotes will protect their savings from inflation and devaluation.

Meanwhile, the issue of abandoning the dollar in favor of a new currency, called the amero, was raised more than once. This is the topic of many studies and publications. It all started with the fact that in 1999 a leading canadian economist Herbert Grubel, fellow of the Fraser Institute proposed the idea of a North American counterpart to the Euro. This idea was picked up by a former national security adviser in the Carter administration, Robert Pastor, he named this initiative is extremely promising.

Still! Calculations show that the transition of the three countries – the U.S., Canada and Mexico to the amero would in twenty years to increase the total GDP of North Americans 33%, and only at the expense of free trade — NAFTA.

In order to assess the political consequences of such a step, in 2001, was made a survey of Canadians living in Quebec. It turned out that over 50% of respondents supported a common currency in North America. Approve the proposal and to the South of the continent.

In particular, the former President of Mexico Vicente Fox is convinced that the idea of a currency Union with the United States at the household level popular among the majority of Mexicans. And that's without any "brainwashing" which, as a rule, precedes such financial activities. Experts believe that after the big three in the area amero will include other countries, notably Costa Rica, Peru, Honduras, Panama, Bermuda and Barbados.

In fairness, the amero and there are many opponents, both in Canada and in Mexico. They believe that their country will lose sovereignty, exactly as it happened with many European countries who joined the Euro zone.

As an example, lead Greece, which had to recognise an informal right of Germans to govern Athens. In this regard, the policy of the ruling conservative party of Germany "Christian democratic Union" by Michael Fuchs, who claimed that the Greeks simply had no choice.

Anyway, such a large-scale monetary reform require serious preparation, which may already be underway. For example, former CNN commentator Lou Dobbs, have their sources in the U.S. Treasury, is confident that the North American Union is already being implemented. Moreover, without the knowledge and consent of the majority of people who will be affected by these processes.

That there was coordination of monetary the Central Bank of the three countries, was noted by other scientific experts. They even publish their research, citing specifics. It is known in America economists — such as Nordern Cohen (Cohen, B. J. North), Louis-Philippe Rochon (Luis-Philippe Rochon), John McCallum (John McCallum), and others. Primarily, these analysts note a slim consistency in the details of the banknotes of the USA, Canada and Mexico.

This approach in the case of monetary reform will allow residents to avoid the damage. Are and other details, indirectly confirming this version: in particular, that dollars are traded inside the United States, and those that can be traded abroad, are fundamentally different serial number. Moreover, the so-called "foreign" bucks, once on the territory of the United States, immediately withdrawn from circulation.

As to the possible date of monetary reform, the experts called approximately 2020. And it will take place after legal registration of the North American Union, the founding documents which will comprise a "seamless transition" from the dollar to the amero. For participating countries the exchange rate is 1:1. Nonresidents will not change immediately and the results of currency trading, ensuring the parallel circulation of old and new money. It is here possible unpleasant surprises for holders of dollars, living in other countries.

However, all analysts agree on one thing: while Washington has a huge seigniorage (the profit from issuing money), exceeding the content of debt, America will not abandon the dollar. Why not, if the Chinese, Russians, Indians, Japanese, Arabs and others are buying up American currency to make payments among themselves and to have a national nest egg in the form of foreign exchange reserves.

Concern same dollar skeptics in this case disperse special publications. So, in recent times in the pages of Pro-American publications publish articles that U.S. debt is amortized at the expense of GDP growth and inflation.... Like, not so much the absolute numbers are borrowing, how much the cost of servicing in relation to the gross product. If a few years ago to interest the Americans gave 2.3% of GDP, while today it is 2%. So – all OK! Take as much as you want.

How here not to recall the popular among Washington economists saying: "let us go to the theatre and increase GDP." In other words, the more Americans spend on personal goods, the stronger the USA. Today about 70% of the gross product of the United States is the consumption that in turn absorbs the growing debt and increases the world's demand for dollars.

"Meanwhile, the dollar ceased to bear its warranty functions, though there was a global settlement currency, — says Sergey Grinyaev, doctor of technical Sciences, General Director of the Center for strategic estimates and projections.

How is this manifested? That with the conduct of "electronic money" has become problematic to buy anything really valuable in the U.S., for example, companies and technologies, as are the prohibitions."

In General, how would you characterize the dollar?

The dollar is the currency of "chameleon" and is either an electronic record in a Bank account, or, for example, a hundred dollar "wrapper" worth a few cents. He in the blink of an eye can become strong, and also quick to dissipate. However, they are exchanged for real commodities or goods.

For commodity and low technology of Russia it means the acknowledgement of the financial world order imposed upon US. As a result, we are exporting oil and metals, and received on the Bank account of the virtual record generated by the American clerk just by pressing keys on a computer at the fed, and then is a record change to the bonds.

In other words, buying dollars, we exchanged significant financial value on right click mouse?

You are absolutely right. It's not only our problem, it is a problem of all creditors of America, including China. In this regard, we have to admit that the U.S. Armed forces created for defense, and to create conditions for the treatment of the American currency worldwide. In fact, for international racketeering. But as soon as military spending, the Pentagon will exceed the income the fed from selling virtual accounts, the dollar bubble will burst.

When will this happen?

There is an assessment of the external debt of the USA, after which will come the dollar Apocalypse. It is about 60 trillion dollars of U.S. borrowing on the world market (now $ 18 trillion), then sell virtual accounts will lose any economic meaning. Our experts, based on verified information, believe that the rejection of the dollar will be synchronized with the transition to the new currency, the amero.

Alexander Sitnikov


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