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Causes and nature of the current crisis

In August 2008, the financial system, followed by the entire Russian economy is trapped in a raging torrent of events associated with the wake of a little earlier in the West's financial and economic crisis. Assurances that Russia in the current crisis will be "safe haven" for the world economy were untenable. Analysis and a detailed study of the preceding and subsequent events have shown that the crisis is largely managed by the global financial elite. To the study of methods and technologies to manage such crises and the subject of this research project.

"Untie the holding company and the Bank": the Central Bank has estimated the costs of rehabilitation of "Opening"

On the reorganization of the "FC Opening" may need 250-400 RUB bn According to the Chairman of the Central Bank Vasily Pozdyshev, in addition to coverage of risks of the Bank large sums needed to support "Rosgosstrakh" and complete rehabilitation "Trust".

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Sanitation of Bank "Opening" stirs fears in connection with a possible systemic banking crisis

The Central Bank of Russia began procedure of rescue of the Bank — one of the most ambitious in the history of the country. Thus it is fear-mongering about a possible systemic crisis in the Russian banking sector.

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The Ministry of Finance in August, has lost 18% of the Reserve Fund

The Ministry of Finance for the third time since the beginning of the year has spent the Reserve Fund to Finance the budget deficit. As a result, in the sovereign funds of Russia have less than 7 trillion rubles.

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The Ministry of Finance the budget of the patches, thinking of the banks money Central Bank

The dire situation with the Federal budget, which since the beginning of the year, gleaning more than a trillion rubles oil and gas revenues, is pushing the financial authorities of the Russian Federation for extraordinary measures.

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A new world crisis: coming soon

The Netherlands became the latest country whose government bonds have gone into a zone of negative returns. All the world, according to analysts, these securities now have about $13 trillion. Despite this, total global debt exceeded 250% of global GDP and continues to grow. The problem is that the cheap money Central banks do not go into the real economy, and turn into debts, and bubbles in the stock market. Perhaps the end will come very soon.

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