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Causes and nature of the current crisis

In August 2008, the financial system, followed by the entire Russian economy is trapped in a raging torrent of events associated with the wake of a little earlier in the West's financial and economic crisis. Assurances that Russia in the current crisis will be "safe haven" for the world economy were untenable. Analysis and a detailed study of the preceding and subsequent events have shown that the crisis is largely managed by the global financial elite. To the study of methods and technologies to manage such crises and the subject of this research project.

World exchanges: emergency braking

On January 7, the auction in Shanghai and Shenzhen because of falling of key indexes for 7% was interrupted. The auction in the Chinese stock markets since the beginning of this week stops because of prompt falling of share price not the first time. So on Monday, the auction at the Shanghai stock exchange after 7% of falling of the Shanghai Composite index was stopped January 4, 2016.

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12 signs of approaching the global financial collapse

The whole world witnessed how currency devaluation in one country, even if it has the second largest economy, has led to the depreciation of other currencies against the dollar, a drop of oil to six-year low and lower global stock indices.

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Heydar Jemal: Dinar IG - nuclear strike on the world finance

Heydar Jemal: "The emergence of the Islamic State of dinars - a blow, equal to the atomic bomb, the financial system of the world." Militants of the terrorist organization "Islamic State" (IG) started minting its own gold coins, which will soon go into circulation. Currency, which intends to put into circulation the IG called Islamic dinar. The same name had gold coins that were used in the time of Caliph Uthman (644-656 during the reign), which the Islamists took the sample.

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"Print money to finance the war"

American economist at George Mason University Lawrence White read the project InLiberty lecture, during which he told about the origin of money and banks as a private initiative. He defended the gold standard and the banknotes issued by private banks, citing examples from the past, reinforcing his position and tried to look into the future, where decentralized and private cryptocurrency will not experience hyperinflation. "To" the main theses of lectures recorded by Lawrence White.

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The special forces: who is good when the economy is bad

It is not often that real professionals there is a chance to make a breakthrough and achieve something significant. You may not believe, but now in the Russian economy came as such a happy moment.

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