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Causes and nature of the current crisis

In August 2008, the financial system, followed by the entire Russian economy is trapped in a raging torrent of events associated with the wake of a little earlier in the West's financial and economic crisis. Assurances that Russia in the current crisis will be "safe haven" for the world economy were untenable. Analysis and a detailed study of the preceding and subsequent events have shown that the crisis is largely managed by the global financial elite. To the study of methods and technologies to manage such crises and the subject of this research project.

What the outcome of the experiment with paper money

Based on a paper currency system contains the seeds of its own destruction. The temptation of the monopoly producer of money to increase the money supply almost insurmountable.

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Ron Paul: bitcoin could "destroy the dollar"

Imagine a world where you can secretly buy anything. No banks. No Commission to pay. No worries about what tomorrow inflation can deprive the value of today's money.

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The oligarchs, the dictators of the XXI century

In early October, investment Bank Crédit Suisse released its annual report on world wealth. It literally is full of interesting finds, but one of them particularly struck me. It comes to the distribution of assets in Russia. According to the report, 35% of all wealth in the country are in the hands of 110 people. I can't believe this. At the same time, a soul of 93.7% of respondents $ 10,000 or less.

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The sun is setting on dollar supremacy, and with it, power over us

The steady erosion of faith in the dollar that began with the financial crisis 5 years ago, seems to have reached boiling point with the beginning of political battles on Capitol hill. Finding a long-term alternative to the dollar as never before. Sorry, there are no alternatives, or at least, not now. Only in horror to look at economic suicide, which seems the U.S. intends to take.

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In China are beginning to take action in case of default of the USA

The first sign from Asia that the region creates additional financial mechanisms to mitigate the impact of a possible default in the USA, came from Hong Kong. China expressed the view that the possession of as security for certain short-term U.S. Treasury bonds involves greater risks than previously thought.

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