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Something big falls out of sight of the public
Material posted: Publication date: 17-04-2013

Mainstream media told us that the sale of Cypriot gold for $650 million caused a +3% decline in the gold price.

But Cyprus has less than 14 tons of gold... which cost $650 million, however, their shortage is $23 billion since the sale of their gold will be able to solve their problems? Obviously it crumbs less than three percent of the amount that they need to collect.

The fed from the air creates monthly USD 85 billion, or about 3 billion a day. Gold of Cyprus is around one-fifth of what the fed prints every day. The U.S. Treasury daily is $4 billion, only to see the economy continue to function. All of the Cypriot gold is about one-seventh of that the US take every day. Last month, China imported from Hong Kong only 97 tons, or approximately seven times more gold than all the reserves of Cyprus. And 14 tons is only one-sixth of one percent of world production for the year.

And we are told that the sale of gold at $650 million caused a +3% decline in its value (and more than 5 percent decline in the value of silver). Is it possible to believe it? And if you can, then sold-it was gold, not silver, why silver, platinum palladium or even copper to fall in price?

You don't see the lack of logic? Literally trillions of dollars in paper pumped into the system, and gold is not only of course, its still not enough. The last 20 years bought more physical gold than is produced, so we know that reserve runs out.

Perhaps we should look at it this way. Perhaps investors are selling their paper gold, because suddenly realized that their paper does not provide. Perhaps they will sell those securities to that point, which is their true price — to zero. All I can say that in the past when gold was sold in such an unnatural way, we soon discovered that somewhere behind the scenes was brewing another really big problem. I bet something big, something REALLY big is collapsing out of sight of the public, and we learn about it only after the incident.

Bill Holter, Miles Franklin Ltd.


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