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Economic Armageddon is imminent
Material posted: Publication date: 25-04-2013

George Soros knows what is coming something terrible. The Rockefellers know that was soon to happen, something big and bad. It's a bad thing — the inevitable collapse of all Fiat paper money currencies around the world. In their secret Bilderberg meetings, the globalists undoubtedly decide on the exact date of our financial demise.

You could argue that another "black day"will coincide with an ironic date which will give the globalists an excuse to pohihikivali scheduled at the beginning of the next operation under a false flag.

You remember how the minions of the globalists crashed planes on the world trade center on the day of 9/11. The globalists have planned the event "911" on the date 9/11. Understand? It's so much fun! Three thousand lives mean nothing to the globalists.

Anyone except the criminals-psychopaths won't be laughing when they deployed their plan of financial collapse. And unfortunately, there is no you and me on the guest list to the table, so we have no insider information to assess when a financial collapse. Just as in 1929, most of us the lion's share of liquid assets (e.g. money) will be in their criminal banks when the collapse happens. However, there are things that you should pay special attention.


Timing is everything

Although most of us don't have insider information, there are some clear signs that can be monitored and which can serve as a warning for an approaching collapse. Would be more correct to link the financial collapse with events than with a date on the calendar.

First, soon we will see more controls that accompany the withdrawal amounts from ATMs and savings accounts, in addition to what has already become known. And in the coming weeks we will witness the following events such as bankruptcy of MF Global. Expect increasing mortgage fraud MERS, as the globalists will undoubtedly try to steal as much as you can before you bring down the world economy.


The attack on the pensions of Americans will increase, as is happening now in California

The Federal reserve will continue to buy distressed assets by creating money out of thin air at a rate of $40 billion per month.

However, the best predictive factor in the coming crisis will be the globalists buying most of the gold market on the planet. After the globalists will strengthen control over gold, will begin the countdown to the economic Armageddon, when all currencies will experience hyperinflation before the collapse. Then humanity will be at the mercy of people who have no sense of decency and respect for life.

Financial markets have an intense artificially organized by the zadavlivaniya prices of gold and silver, the like of which was never before. Last week the financial markets saw the most significant decline in the gold price for more than 30 years.


Goldman Sachs just opened the gates to hell

This past Monday the price of silver dropped significantly. The market was dominated by panic sell-off, as investors and financial institutions could not fast enough to dump their stocks of silver. The markets show clear signs of manipulation the globalists. The best proof of globalist manipulation of gold prices is Goldman Sachs, which "earlier this month, reportedly recommended that its clients short gold position on COMEX".

Remember that the same Goldman Sachs has downgraded its shares to 9/11. The same Goldman Sachs on the morning of the explosion in the Gulf of Mexico have placed put options on shares of offshore drilling contractor Transocean (the company that owned the drilling platform Deepwater Horizon, approx. mixednews). The same Goldman Sachs was caught at short sales on the housing market before the burst of the mortgage bubble. Generally speaking, when Goldman Sachs begins to "short" something, you should pay attention to it; especially if our personal attachments are somewhere in the area of those commodities that are exposed to short sales. When Goldman Sachs begins to "short" something, it means that you need to take the money and fly. This time will come.


What is Goldman Sachs so much pressure the price of gold?

In addition to trade and barter, if the dollar and the Euro will collapse tomorrow, what currency will remain suitable for sharing? Simple and obvious answer: first of all, gold and secondly, silver. Ask yourself, if the paper money in the world will collapse, what action would be a better choice? The obvious answer is heavily to suppress the price of gold and silver, if that option is available, and then buy up as much gold as possible. Goldman Sachs has the ability to do this, using your evil short selling.


The rest is clear

What will people do when the proverbial substance hits the fan and American citizens will not be able to get your money from the Bank? When pensioners will not receive pensions, which will make many people? When savings of a pension plan 401(k) disappear in the last of the Grand Bank robbery, what will people do? They just take to the streets.

When the Americans seek revenge, what will they do? Perhaps it doesn't matter, because they will meet with the forces of the Ministry of internal security, are equipped with the recent acquisition of 2.2 billion rounds, and backed with an extra 2700 armored personnel carriers. American streets will unfold a catastrophic massacre, and before these events left some weeks or months.


All new operations under a false flag

Now you understand the meaning of all these events under a false flag — shooting in the Aurora cinema, at school, sandy hook and the recent terrorist attack at the Boston marathon?

These events are intended for the confiscation of weapons from the population that the globalists can continue their business with the defenseless population. Also these events are a good idea, distracting from the total of robbing the American people. In the coming days and weeks will be other events under a false flag, to justify the seizure of firearms from the population, and also in order to create a pretext for imposing martial law.

I'm not Nostradamus, but I have the script the globalists, and I know what they go for broke, and the game will end soon if we don't stand up for his protection.



Does mankind hope? Can the Americans save what's left of their financial future? The only possibility is "to act in Icelandic" with the Federal reserve. While Americans will not be ready to force their government to arrest the criminals from the Federal reserve and Goldman Sachs, we have no hope to stop the financial flow that is used for our enslavement. While America will straighten the spine, the only thing you can do right now is to take their money, while you still can, from the banks of their criminal cartel.


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