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Kindleberger Charles, Alibert Robert `Global financial crises. Manias, panics and crashes`
Material posted: Publication date: 02-01-2012

In the book in detail disassembled the causes and stages of crises, stock mania, the largest in the history of the world speculation, when the situation on the financial markets and even whole countries were on the verge of collapse. Work regarded as a classic of world literature is both timely and timeless.

The Financial Times calls it one of the best books on investment theme in history. After reading you will see the market through different eyes. "Tulip mania", "financial pyramid", the Great depression, the collapse of the gold standard, the crisis in the real estate market in Japan and the Scandinavian countries, the Russian default of 1998 — here is a partial list of the parsed authors of "contingencies" in the financial markets of the world. This is a book that will be interesting to read and re-read and which shouldn't be overlooked by any serious investor.

Publisher: Peter / Palgrave Publishers Ltd.
Year: 2010 / 2005
Pages: 544
ISBN: 978-5-49807-086-5

Tags: crisis

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