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The collapse of the financial system: Gerald Celente about the real state of things
Material posted: Publication date: 21-04-2013

To understand what is happening, let's take a look at the events of 1929 in the U.S. and the world. The chronology of events was as follows. In 1929 there was a collapse of the stock markets, then came the Great depression, it was followed by "foreign exchange" and "trade" war and finally world war II. In 1931, Japan abandoned the gold standard and depreciated its currency by 60 percent against the dollar and 40 percent against the British pound – a vivid example of a trade war.

Today, we see all the same. In 2000 there was a collapse of dot-com (Internet companies – approx.Mixednews). In 2008 bursting of the mortgage bubble and was followed by the financial crisis. And now all over the world, not only in the U.S., it's another "Great depression" (a vivid example of Europe). If we talk about USA, then just look at the real figures of unemployment in the country, to be sure. According to shadow government statistics (macroeconomic indicators, calculated using the methods of calculation times of the great depression – approx.Mixednews) , the unemployment rate is 22 percent (compared to the official 7.5 per cent).

After today's "great depression" followed the "currency" of the war. By the way, Japan has already begun to devalue the yen to support their own exports.

Following a set chronology of events, then we wait "trade" war and war in the truest sense of the word.

The era of "corruptionism" and "fascism"

Today many complain about the collapse of capitalism. But what is happening, this is not the collapse of capitalism, it is — a total "corruptionism" — the spread of corruption in all spheres of public life – the media, financial sector, etc. Everywhere we observes the effect of "revolving doors" (the transition of public servants to work in commercial structures and Vice versa – approx.Mixednews). In addition to this, we live in the era of so-called "fascism", when there is a complete merger of business and state.

The events in Cyprus – the first intimations of impending disaster

What happened in Cyprus is not just a problem of a single country. This happened in the US and can happen again the near future. Again returning to the past, remember how in 1933 the Roosevelt administration took the extraordinary act declaring "banking holidays" all over America (the forced suspension of activity of banks – approx.Mixednews). And now back to the present, in 2009, when the Vice-President of the USA John Biden publicly said that one of the main issues discussed by the newly formed Obama administration is a "Bank holiday". That is what happened today in Cyprus, could happen in the U.S. in 2009, and today anything can happen at any time.

The system was supposed to collapse after the 2008 crisis. The only thing that still saves her from this is an unprecedented infusion of money into the economies of the countries. Everyone does it – the US, China and Japan. At the end of March this year announced plans to stimulate their own economy by "pumping" it to 1.4 trillion US dollars.

Manipulation on securities markets and gold

Today's rise in the stock market and bonds is the result of massive manipulation and fraud. Remember the scandal with the LIBOR rates is the hype worth 700 trillion US dollars. And all these endless scandals involving insider information...

The gold market is another victim of manipulation. The price of gold is artificially low because release trading platform on a large number of requirements on the sale of gold, so the price due to excess supply begins to fall.

Quite hard to predict when the system will start to crumble because we do not see and do not know of many things that are happening behind closed doors. Take all the same LIBOR scandal which was like a thunder in a clear sky.

However, it is safe to say that the collapse of the entire financial system is inevitable. Sooner or later there will come the moment when will begin an all-out devaluation of the national currency. One such moment could be the moment when the US dollar will lose reserve currency status (and today we see that it continues).

Waiting for the Renaissance

The future is in the hands of the people. Movement, similar to the Italian movement "Five stars" (a political party in Italy, founded in 2009 and is supported for direct democracy – approx.Mixednews), will help to reverse the situation. The world needs not a protest movement, and new forms of organization and that such forms, in which there will be government intermediaries, representing the interests of the people, the people themselves will fight for their interests. A good example of the society – Switzerland, where citizens are endowed with legislative power and have the right to vote on all important domestic and foreign policy issues.

Interview with the head of the Institute for the study of trends Gerald Celente.


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