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“Monkey work” that accompanies the return of German gold from the Federal reserve Bank, suggestive
Material posted: Publication date: 13-01-2014

As you know, last year Germany moved to the homeland of 37.5 tonnes of its gold stored at the Federal reserve Bank, while in January last year, plans were announced for the delivery in Germany in 2013 about 50 tons of the precious ingots.

In connection with this event Peter Behringer asked a lot of questions, chief of which was "Why before return the gold sent to recycling?"

Because the check is in Fort Knox have not been conducted with 1950-h years, and no one bar, located in the vault of the Federal reserve Bank in new York, the assurances of the American side had not budged more than half a century, then, to stir the anthill, we get more questions than answers.

So why was it necessary to smelt gold before going back?

Why to move to Germany belongs to the country gold, it may take up to eight years?

You see, gold has its own "fingerprints". If you clear it to 99.999%, these imprints are erased. For example, the gold melted from confiscated in 1934 U.S. coins, has the "fingerprints" of 90% purity.

The gold that the Soviet Union was sold in 1990 with the right of repurchase possessed "prints" 89% purity and a king on each ingot, which disclosed the true state of the country close to collapse. Six months after this "Golden Outlook" the Union fell apart.

Therefore, knowing that 37.5 tons of German gold has been before return processing, a reasonable question arises: what is this gold and whether sent to the vault, the metal remained there in safety? Is it possible that the German gold during this time a hundred times was rented and returned the bars are of a different origin?

Is it possible that the gold was stolen by Bank officers with the intention of returning later, yet no one noticed?

This is a legitimate question, given the fact that the demand for gold for over 20 years exceeds the volume of existing stocks — this gold had to come from somewhere, right?

If the returned gold is the same, the maximum of what it needed before heading home is to wipe the dust off it. Processing in this case — nobody needs the "monkey work". Another thing, if it's different in bars.

No other explanation can not be. It is obvious that 300+ tons of German gold is not gathered dust all these years, they, of course, was used in the tail and mane. That's why gold can't return to the rightful owners before will erase all "footprints". However, despite the length and complexity of the refund process, the result will be approximately the same as in the above case with the Soviet ingots with the king's stamp.

We live in an era where much is built on trust and reputation, but what kind of trust can be discussed if it is known that stored the gold is long gone to who knows where?

It is for this reason that for over 15 years, I have spoken about the need to buy gold at the price at which it is currently available. Any price from $252 to $1920, for which you could purchase this precious metal over the past 15 years is too low relative to its true value.

We don't know how far the case with gold, until this is over. All we need is to use simple common sense and realize: there has been fraud.

Gold and silver in physical form is the only available means of protection against fraud, and their true value will be appreciated only after the hype has finally come out.


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