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Material posted: -Publication date: 27-02-2009

In the era of the introduction of mankind into a global confrontation with the Nature of the famous Russian scientist A. L. Chizhevsky, like many other of the greatest thinkers of the twentieth century, warned: God is the laws of Nature in relation to man and society, and outside of human capabilities to change the laws, but knowledge of them allows you to avoid a lot of troubles... And indeed, God, how great and unbeatable the cosmic mind, have engineered and created on the Land of unparalleled diversity of fauna and flora has established its "universal law".

Many faces, but the unique Nature of the world most directly affected the origins of tribes and peoples, the Genesis of the human races, the formation and development of world civilizations, formation of different geoculture.

From time immemorial such diversity of life on the planet remained the main asset and at the same time a unique legacy for all those living on Earth. It was not until until humanity reached a certain level of development, decided to defy Nature on a global scale. There were the godless forces that are global in practice, began to implement a policy of conquest and domination of Nature, ignoring all sorts of "natural law." The largest scale exploitation of natural and human resources took from the beginning of XX century. At the same time under the slogans of progress, equality, brotherhood and freedom, not only were the process of construction and development of the global market for services and consumption, but also decided to achieve world domination.

Geohistorical background

Fight for additional living space and access to natural resources is conducted since time immemorial. Before our era began to appear world Empire, which claimed dominance in the world. The Roman Empire, the Arab Caliphate, Khazar Khanate, "Horde" geobrowse ("Golden Horde, White Horde, Blue Horde", etc.), the Ottoman Empire (Brilliant Porto"), the British Empire, Austria-Hungary, Russian Empire, United States, the European Union — this is not a complete list for a long time already sunk into the century and still existing geopolitical entities. As for modern Russia, it is still in the indeterminate status — whether Polimeri, or semi-colonies, which, in accordance with the plans of the world backstage, devoid of historical perspective.

Geopolitical education, ideological and political core of which were a variety of religious and secular teachings from Islam, Christianity to capitalism, communism, and the new globalism, that for centuries used as an effective instrument of development and capturing living spaces, establish control over markets for goods and services, exploitation of entire peoples in the interests of world centers of power. Man-made inter-civilizational and inter-ethnic wars and conflicts, social uprisings and revolutions, terrorist attacks, artificial epidemics, etc. continue to shake the world. In the last century they were aimed primarily at the preservation of the current global financial and economic system of control over strategic communications and territories with rich natural and human resources. In achieving the objectives of the foundations of the world order, the important role of information and virtual weapons of mass destruction. Not without his participation today each time solved the problem reformatting the card of the world in the interests of world financial oligarchy.

History shows that until very recently the world community was able to successfully overcome the permanent effects of the emerging crisis. However, the international public opinion did not notice that it happened every time, primarily due to the choice of another victim in the person or people who were forced to go to the slaughter for the sake of the so-called international progress and future "prosperity" of the global financial system.

However, the current financial and economic crisis is not like previous. The fact is that at the turn of XX-XXI centuries artificial habitat created by the transformative "progressive" activity of mankind, came into insoluble conflict with the laws of functioning of the natural environment created by God. As a result, by the beginning of this century its apogee reached geo-economic, geodemographic, geo-cultural and other contradictions in the world, finally, the outbreak of the global environmental crisis. Indeed the main contradiction of the modern era was the imbalance between strong growth in the population of the planet and the rapid depletion of natural resources. The powerful of this world were forced to admit that there was a threat to the existence of the terrestrial civilization. In the context of increasing climatic and anthropogenic disasters in the world struggle for spheres of influence and markets began to take new shape and more rigid.

World "financial fire", which appeared in the second half of 2008, has both objective and subjective origin, as determined by geoeconomic and geopolitical objectives. As you know, the global financial and economic system was initially created and evolved as a giant "paper pyramid", which sooner or later, with the growth of global tensions, was sure to collapse. And it happened that especially important to keep in mind, not without the participation of the founding fathers of the system of extraction of exorbitant profits by manipulating anything unsecured with currency and securities. The fact is that in its current form, the world financial system is no longer able was to ensure that the task of forming the foundations of a new world order.

The fact that the financial crisis is man-made nature and can be used by the mighty of this world to solve problems of a global redivision of the world, directly or indirectly, indicate, in particular, the assessments and conclusions contained in the report "Global trends 2025: the changed world". He was recently prepared by the National intelligence Council of the US (NIC). According to this document in the foreseeable future the world will face with the manifestation of the following main trends of its development:

  • the death of the current unipolar system led by the United States and changing the balance and placement of the world centers of power;
  • the intensification of the struggle for resources due to the population growth of the Earth;
  • the increased outflow of capital from West to East;
  • the increase in the number of conflicts and wars, including the new generation.

This is just the most acute problems that need to be addressed on a global scale.


Anatomy of a crisis

The contemporary crisis of the world financial system has historicise background and objective, but subjective action triggered by the global financial backstage. The abuse of doping of cheap money in the US caused a chain reaction. Today the financial crisis that faces Russia is rapidly turning into an economic one. By estimations of the Russian leadership, crisis as an element, like a natural disaster to prevent it was impossible. It is recognized that to anticipate the occurrence of crisis was necessary...

Thus, the country's leadership realizes that he is dealing with a crisis that is not only objective but also subjective. However, the practical actions of the authorities, the response to "global financial fire" suggests that Russia as the direct successor of the USSR, still remains hostage to the global financial system and a potential victim, which once again can be sacrificed at the altar of global politics.

Noteworthy that the global financial crisis coincided with a new round of military, political and information warfare in the world. It helps to bring the fact of military aggression of Georgia against South Ossetia, the deterioration of the situation around Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Tibet, etc.

All of these developments have not gone unnoticed. In the press there was a lot of speculation and prediction of the onset of the global scenario of reformatting the geopolitical map of the world. Many experts and journalists pointed to the fact that the crisis may become the main instrument of destabilization of the international situation and the creation of controlled chaos in the interests of world financial oligarchy.

However, one cannot but recognize the objective nature of the crisis. The causes of the crisis lie in the flawed nature of the world financial and economic system. The sources of the crisis it was constantly, for many decades. However, the crisis artificially restrained formed in the bowels of the system, mechanisms and counterweights. According to scientists and experts, the current crisis may be the most deep and protracted, with many UPS and downs that will simulate the prospects of dealing with the crisis. The situation is compounded by the fact that the crisis originated in the conditions when the Earth is on brink of global climatic disasters and man-made disasters.

The current crisis is the result of and a natural extension of long-existing policies of the West led by the US and UK to Rob the world through the issuance of unbacked banknotes world currency, the dollar, and an unprecedented increase and the imposition of the world volumes of a wide variety of "securities" and other virtual services.

In the last century, this kind of immoral fiscal policy was aimed at ensuring the social welfare of the people of the "civilized billion" in the face, especially the Western countries. At the same time was an unprecedented build-up of spending on achievement of industrial and technological superiority of the West in the world; the cost of defence and security, conducting expensive military and information and political action to curb the geopolitical opponents and forced them to implement the "regulations" of the global financial system. Due to the economies of other countries in solving the problem of the content of the political elites of the U.S. and its main allies in NATO who most consistently defended the interests of TNCs and global financial oligarchy. Raised funds and resources are regularly allocated for the creation and support of puppet governments in many countries of the world. Huge resources are still allocated to the maintenance of "progressive" image of the West Atlantic, the propaganda of the Western way of life, imposing the values of mass culture, ideology of consumerism and self-indulgence, information support military-political and economic actions of the West.

According to the Western apologists of the global financial and economic system, which today is experiencing a previously unknown strain and turmoil, it was originally designed to solve certain geopolitical tasks in a limited time and at a certain stage of the struggle for world domination. Its existence was necessary for the development of a global network of social forces designed to successfully resist the policy of national interests in various regions of the world and within existing independent nation States. With a network of external forces impact had two main objectives:

first, ensure the independent development of private capital in the countries of the world and strengthening its position in the Affairs of a state, the merging of economic and political interests of national and international business through the global financial system. As a result, the financial power of international corporate groups created the potential for political action and influence aimed at undermining the traditional foundations of national statehood.

secondly, the formation of large international capital in the face of TNCs with the participation of representatives of national business ensured the emergence of the subject of geopolitics, regardless of the interests of existing States. Moreover, the economic and financial dimension of such a transcontinental power even surpassed by the degree of power and influence political opportunities, even some large countries of the world. This resulted in the destruction of statehood, both internally and externally that deprived national governments have freedom and independence in defending their national interests domestically and internationally.

In modern conditions, geo-historical tasks that were attributed to the global financial and economic system in its current form, was largely resolved. So it starts to collapse. And this applies not only for the system to severe strain and turmoil have all the structure of a holistic network of financial capital.

According to experts, the current crisis will be of a permanent nature, with small time delays of the next stages of its development, pre-planned. Its effects are designed to disrupt the functioning of life-support systems, to demoralize the population of the Earth socio-economic challenges and problems, domestic difficulties and challenges, to neutralize and suppress the forces of opposition and resistance to the new strategy of the world political elite.

From the media we already know that in return, the former world financial system has already begun the formation of a new global network of world government, for which capitalism, originally aimed at undermining the centralized national States, ceases to be its former value. Therefore, the mechanisms of economic regulation of diverse problems in the life of international society are objectively will give way to the administrative and power resources, mechanisms of information-psychological pressure and coercion, technological management and control. The immediate task of the global financial backstage remains the construction of a new financial system based on gold and other precious metals.

It is easy to assume that the goal of global transformation is to erase national differences and boundaries, formation of new geopolitical picture of the world with centers of power in the face of information-financial institutions in key regions of the planet, the formation of a global state headed by a single centre of governance under the auspices of the narrow circle of a new global elite.


Time frame

To the current financial crisis the most direct connection between the events of the mid 80-ies of the last century, when there was a sharp drop in oil prices. It is now clear that it was initiated without the involvement of the powerful. As a result of the crisis in America, which, in the end, resolve their problems, but at the expense of third countries. Among the victims were, above all, Yugoslavia and the USSR, which paid its territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence, giving at the mercy of — in the order of the world fininterna their natural and human resources. As a result of crisis instigated culminated in a global confrontation in the coordinates of the "capitalist West" — the "Communist East", was destroyed by the world system of socialism, and Russia was in a semi-colonial state under foreign control.

At the same time in the 90-ies of the last century significantly increased the US military presence in Europe. In order to neutralize the financial and economic potential of the leading countries of Europe, in particular Germany, Italy and France introduced a new European currency, the Euro. The European Union has admitted new members, which in its foreign policy focused on the US and the UK. Poland, the Baltic States and others are meant to control regional ambitions, primarily Germany, strongly oppose its rapprochement with Russia.

The operation to establish control over the key regions of the continent of Eurasia intensified even more after the events of 11 September 2001, when the US initiated the explosions in the towers business centers. Under the pretext of combating terrorism NATO troops were put into Iraq and Afghanistan, the military presence appeared in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Simultaneously with the strengthening of military-political influence of the West in the region began the process of more active involvement of individual States, in particular, China, India, Kazakhstan and others in the reconstruction of the world market of labor, goods and services. According to experts, best chances to be in demand in an era of global change are the Chinese. Today it is the most hard-working and cheap labor mass, which is easier to use effectively in the global order, rather than trying to openly confront China. And this is already happening.

From the press aware of the deployment plans on the territory of modern China's "world factory for industrial goods and services", the formation in Hong Kong, Shanghai and other cities operating the largest financial centers, which will rely on gold and other precious metals. There are plans for the development of a powerful resource base in the immediate vicinity of China. As such territories, rich in natural resources, are considered Siberia and the far East. It also plans to build the world's largest financial-information center of international management. The press has leaked information that the centre's infrastructure can be deployed near the city of Birobidzhan.

At the present time in connection with the financial and economic crisis, China shows particular interest and have already publicly expressed their willingness to accept top managers of business from other countries and primarily the USA. Recently there has been a steady movement of global financial capital to China. The world's largest business patterns increasingly willing to place their securities in banking in Hong Kong. Interest to such transactions is also shown by the Russian company. In particular, Rosneft and Gazprom intend to place in China to 5 percent of their assets in securities.

The withdrawal of major financial flows into China and transition of the global banking network to the new system of world Finance, where the us dollar will no longer be the only reserve currency, means the end of the American society of total consumption and the decline of America. In this context, serious shocks expect all the countries of the so-called "civilized billion" and the other States involved in the global financial and economic system. In this regard, even more serious shocks are expected in the foreseeable future.

However, analysis of the steps being world shakers suggests that the implementation of the plans is lagging behind. Even before the Millennium were to be solved by setting external management over all leading and major countries in the world. However, China, Iran, South Korea retain independent status and conducted an independent policy. During the reign of Vladimir Putin began to rid of the external influence of Russia, which continues to rapidly gain geopolitical weight and was back on the international scene as a relatively independent entity of world politics. Moreover, up to 2024-2025 years Russia will retain the capacity istoriograficheskie revival and has a good chance to finally break free from external dependencies. Currently a growing number of States that oppose the policy of the new globalism. More and more openly against the policies of the US and its NATO allies are Iran, South Korea and Belarus, and Venezuela, several other countries in Central and Latin America.

In the emerging international environment, the architects of the new world order efforts to accelerate reformatting of the world and the financial crisis of 2008, is to play a special role. To intensify their action world backstage world is pushing a number of factors objective properties. First, unforeseen consequences facing the worsening ecological crisis. Secondly, approaching the compression of the large and small historiometric cycles that will happen, supposedly, in 2012. It is predicted that by this date, will complete the movement of the energy center of the Sun with the Middle East on flora and fauna "Big physiographic zone" from the Carpathians to the Urals and from Valdai origins of the great Slavonic rivers (Dnepr, Western Dvina, Volga, etc.) to the Caspian sea. Geographic configuration of the area coincides with the lands of "Historic Russia" (the European part of Russia, Belarus, East and South of Ukraine). Thus, from a metaphysical point of view, will begin a nearly 2,000 — year cycle, which will directly affect not only the development of natural and climatic processes on the Eurasian continent. This area of settlement of the peoples role will be critical in the world of public events. In this context comes to the forefront the task of taking control of the entire territory of "Historical Russia". In this regard, have been developing subversive activities against the Russian-Slavic unity, revival of the Orthodox world on an international scale. According to experts, to 2012 is expected to be completed taking control of the key regions of Eurasia, to create prerequisites for the formation of a continental government under the auspices of the fininterna.

Given the fact that changing global cycles may be followed by global climatic disasters, technological disasters and environmental disasters of the world behind the scenes hopes to use this period for the implementation of plans to radically reduce the population of the Earth. The clean-up areas with the use of natural forces of Nature and other anomalous phenomena, as well as in the conscious actions of the world centers of power may take until mid-century.


A world without borders

The solution to the global challenge of blurring the boundaries of independent state formations, the destruction and the elimination of national sovereignty of States and their political and legal systems can be initiated with the U.S., which today performs the "dirty work" to create prerequisites for the formation of a new architecture of world order. As you know, when moor will do the job, he could die.

According to some forecasts, in the near future, a new 44 for the account of the President of the United States can encounter "new thinking". Externally, unexpectedly suddenly to the international community reveals that many global problems, which has led to the impasse humanity and the United States itself, called "Imperial thinking", of selfish national interests and that is Why the progressive humanity may be asked to withdraw from the world of confrontation and move to world cooperation. All of life is better, USA will be ready to be under full international control and pass under it-controlled governance structure, strategic natural resources, communications, armed forces, etc. at the same time, we should expect the calls to restrict freedom of private property and possibly even to the complete rejection of capitalism, with a gradual transition to planned macroeconomics on a global scale. In this situation it cannot be excluded that the U.S. example will be contagious to all the other apologists and followers of the American way of thinking and living.

This development in the world naturally gets hot support in international liberal-democratic circles and among many supporters of the Communist world movement. It seems that the nationalist forces of the right-wing in the most different countries of the world, including representatives of major religious faiths, will not refuse yourself the pleasure to Pornichet about the end of the era of world domination "evil Empire". Consolidation of the world public opinion is likely to occur around anti-globalization forces, who have long been operating in the interests of world shakers and today is the most advanced detachment of the international community in the struggle for a new world order.

Thus, may be initiated by the process of the formation of new supranational governance structures. With serious challenges will fall, including, and on the population of the USA and the West. It will be to convince the residents of other regions of the Earth, which in near future will get even more difficult, search for benefits for all and not only for selected States and peoples.

Overall goal the elimination of national borders will be achieved gradually, but purposefully, mainly through gradual redistribution of the most important functions of state power to supra-national, transcontinental governments and international moderators. It can happen under the slogans of the need to overcome socio-political consequences of the global crisis. Moreover, the need for Mature solutions at the global level of the problems will be quite objective, because the crisis will be channelled to the appropriate channel of national-territorial problems. According to some, the first stage will be passed to individual functions that pertain directly to global management. In this case, the dominant world powers will be willing to protect its interests, primarily due to the high organization, strategic initiatives, allowing to impose a pre-prepared scenarios of development of situations, and control of those forces and means of struggle, which in these scenarios are the most effective. In the future, the need for integrated problem-solving into a unified system of global power.

Kind of reasons for transfer of the most important functions of government in different spheres to international management may be the following factors:

  • first, the scarcity of natural resources, global energy and commodity crisis.
  • secondly, man-made disasters and other consequences of the functioning of the global infrastructure Tehnosila;
  • thirdly, the climatic disasters and the consequences of the global ecological crisis;
  • fourthly, the growth of geodemographic and intercivilizational contradictions in the world;
  • fifthly, the growth of social tension, the increase in spontaneous demonstrations and riots;
  • sixth, the provision of an organized national resistance and counteraction to the global plans of the powerful.

In order to respond rapidly to emerging crisis phenomena in different world regions and on the territory of independent States is planned the use of global military and police force. According to experts, an important role in achieving the goals of the Erasure of national borders and global reformatting of the map of the world is given to the technologies of controlled chaos, which is especially effective when used in the conditions of existence of objective reasons of destabilization.

Currently the use of disruptive technologies on the background of the financial crisis has been made at the continent of Eurasia, which is becoming the epicenter of global conflict in the world. Attempts by external forces to actively influence the developments in the Caucasus and in Central Asia, Tibet and the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous region (XUAR) of China, Afghanistan and Pakistan, around the Crimea and Kosovo and other hot spots can trigger the release of huge energy of conflict and destruction. The resulting chaos can be artificially channel and extend to adjacent regions and thereby cause the destabilization of a significant number of the States of Eurasia, turning it overnight into the mainland of universal discord.


Technology managed crisis

Due to the fact that a world war, in its classical sense as a confrontation of military blocs of countries in the world, it is now unlikely, the most effective instrument to achieve geopolitical objectives is to use financial and administrative resources and diplomatic, organizational, conceptual and information-virtual weapon. At the present time incomparably greater success is achieved through international public pressure on uncooperative governments, by provoking a different kind of "orange revolutions", the coordination of the goals and objectives, place and time, content, forms and methods of information operations, the activities of international non-governmental organizations and networks of agents of influence, the imposition of national elites political and economic development models, promoting corruption, use of controlled opportunities for international terrorism, etc. With the help of such tools easier to solve management tasks and political processes to achieve their goals.

According to experts, the most likely scenario of rapid transformation of the legal and social foundations of independent States may be made in the likeness of "perestroika", which has resulted in the elimination of continental geopolitical bloc led by the USSR, to dismember the Soviet Union. No less successful is recognized as the technology of reformatting the national-state structure of Yugoslavia. In both cases it involved, first of all, organizational-conceptual and information-virtual weapon. As a result of the "revolutions from above" was given in line with the destabilized internal situation and the resulting socio-economic chaos is used to change the configuration of power and political forces at all levels, the consolidation of liberal-democratic constitutional foundations of the new States.

In this context, it is easy to assume that such technology can be applied to the global level. As practice shows, in the medium term, the main initiators of the "revolution from above" will be the U.S. and its closest NATO allies, which in reality are obedient tool in the hands of the global financial oligarchy.

As experts predict, in the future, to transgress any of the global transformations and changes in different regions of the world and, above all, the Eurasian landmass, it will be important in a relatively short time to achieve a "dip" of most of mankind in conditions of stress state. To achieve this it will be possible not only through the stock of controlled chaos, but the active measures for mass extermination of people. The fact is that in conditions of acute crisis of natural resources reducing the population of Earth comes to the fore.

It is anticipated that the first phase of the process of artificial destruction can be carefully disguised as the action of uncontrollable natural or social disaster, the consequences of occurrence of technogenic and other disasters. In the future we can expect the exotic provoke epidemics, meteorological and geophysical disasters, outbreaks of mass violence and local civil wars. In the application of technologies of controlled chaos the considerable efforts being made for the disruption of the livelihood of people (food crisis, disruption of utilities, etc.). In a crisis situation, even more will spread drug addiction, alcoholism, crime, revitalization of the sectarian movements, introducing people to the mentally inadequate. Probably the phenomena of this kind, different in scope, will occur in almost all parts of the world that must prove their "spontaneity" and keep in psychological stress all mankind.

Special importance will be given to neutralise any attempts at organized opposition to the ongoing plans. Total administrative, financial and information and virtual control of global predicator designed to track all existence, above all, intellectual resistance. At the stage of maturation of plans organized opposition can be effective steps to eliminate sources of potential danger.

The analysis of essence and content of modern migration processes in the world convincingly indicates that they are considered silts of the world financial oligarchy as one of the most effective tools of destabilization, provoke separatist tendencies, the undermining of the territorial integrity and dismemberment of independent States and, above all, the leading countries of the world. Currently megonigal actively encouraged against the EU, USA, Russia, etc.

The fact is that when the critical level of foreign migrants (more than 25%) the process of rebirth of the national mentality of the state be irreversible. In case of such scenario, it is doomed to permanent ethnic and religious conflicts and, as a consequence, degradation and decay, disappearance from geographic maps of the world.


The fate of the political elites

Currently the number of the world's political elite and national political establishmentof reached a size limit. Meanwhile, the current quality of life can no longer be further ensured even at the current level. In this regard, one should expect a radical Stripping of the elites in the foreseeable future.

As already leaked from press publications, the implementation of this scenario among the "elite" will not get the majority of the population and political elites even among the countries of the "civilized billion". Not in full force intended for prosperity in the new world the population of the "civilized billion" - the USA and Europe. Perhaps, only the representatives of international management and their owners will not affect the processes of radical cuts in the number of world political elite.

Moreover, the number of "excess people" will be assigned the population of the territories of the demographic majority. The question about the fate of representatives of the national elite and members of the puppet government will be decided separately depending on their involvement in the global ideas and projects. In this context, the Russian political establishment as liberal democratic, state-Patriotic persuasion are unlikely to have any prospects of self-preservation and survival in the old as in the new geopolitical realities. According to some estimates, global predicator on postrussian space is easier to engage the international management, not related to the domestic national-political tectonics.

In the forming world of the political elite representatives of the world's elite can come in and take their place only according to the criteria of ideological and religious affiliation and degree of involvement in the processes of global construction. Social status: the status. regalia, wealth, achievements, relationships, and etc. here will not play a role. Overall, in the face of mass destruction, above all, an elitist grouping of currently existing independent States, as they remain the most socially capable and politically dangerous for the new world elite. Therefore, disruption, weakening, and then the complete destruction of national elites is of crucial importance in the formation of the system of mondialism.

Radically changed the situation and those parts of the national elites who think now that their status is fixed on a transcontinental level in connection with the involvement in the resolution of a major energy resource and industrial problems. This is because the socio-political role of industrial and commodity capital will be dramatically reduced. In the new environment, the ability to "produce and produce" now is not to determine the economic and technical potential business corporations. It will be stimulated not by the state, interested in the growth of the economy, and be regulated by purely administrative methods. Naturally, such a right will be granted only the "most obedient". Thus, this area, based on the General logic of the global reconstruction, will not only be placed under administrative control, but also nationalized new global government.

It is easy to assume that the process of Stripping the elites will be prominent, and will be followed by a tough rivalry and confrontation, including in power sphere. However, the classic world war is too unlikely, as there is a fairly strong dependence of many governments of the world from the current global center. A distinctive feature of the confrontation of elites is that it most likely will occur within the framework of the emergence and formation of global, supranational governance structures.


Global opposition

Due to the fact that the global elite competition will be fought not for national interests, it will be transformed into a struggle for control over regional information centers, "a place in the sun" and just "access to the "trough" and the "bread" posts. The struggle between elite social groups on an international scale can produce qualitatively new kind of global war — world civil war.

The fact that the process of the defeat of the national elites will create the material and institutional basis to form the core of global opposition. Political asset of the global resistance movement will be formed from the part of the social environment of humanity, which will be the most affected when you change the personality. This category refers to the peoples of the world, where there is the greatest physical and spiritual potential development. It is the availability of natural resources, developed industry, science and education, high culture. The formation of global forces of opposition can occur everywhere, including in Western countries, and even inside the structures of the emerging world of bureaucracy.

A particular danger to global ideas of the world shakers will present the potential of self-preservation lurking in the depths of world civilizations such as Confucian, Eastern Christian, Muslim. In this regard, targeted subversive work is being done against such countries as China, Russia, Iran. Despite the fact that China is actively involved in the global plans of the world backstage, at the same time this country is viewed as the main enemy. In order to neutralize possible opposition from China around its territory formed the potential of inter-civilizational conflict, which if necessary can be transformed into a controlled chaos in the regions potentially tensions in China (Tibet, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region, etc.).

Against Russia is consistently working to destabilize the situation in the post-Soviet space and within the country by promoting total corruption, megamari on Russian territory, sets the premises for the incitement of social, ethnic and religious contradictions, strongly supported the activities of Pro-Western NGO networks and agents of influence, etc.

Under the direct threat of a military strike here and now it is the territory and population of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Tehran has consistently supported the most anti-American positions, unfortunately, not seeing much of a difference between the "evil Empire", which is just one JSC called the United States, and the forces of global predicator.

The Union, on an international scale, effort, first of all, these three countries are able to effectively counter global vision. That's why around these countries is deployed, the main intrigue of contemporary world politics. According to experts, in order to prevent the occurrence of various forms of organized resistance to the powerful of this world will have the opportunity to use the entire Arsenal of forms and methods of administrative-financial and financial-virtual control over all manifestations of opposition dissent.

However, the powers that be, apparently overlooked the fact, on the face of global opposition, may be the most important factor of the earth's evolution — his Majesty Mother Nature. From a metaphysical point of view, she'd rather erase from the face of the Earth all of the mankind along with the monstrous plans of the powerful, rather than continue to mock the "natural law." The fact is that outside of human capabilities change the laws of Nature, but knowledge of them allows you to avoid many troubles, — wrote A. L. Chizhevsky.

Said and saved his soul, reads the Bible truth.

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