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The last thing Ignatieff
Material posted: Publication date: 25-06-2013

Two days before the expiry of their term of office, the head of the Central Bank Sergey Ignatyev has disclosed shocking information about illegal financial transactions which was able to identify his subordinates. Speaking on Wednesday last week in the state Duma with the report on the activities of the Central Bank, Ignatyev said that in may the Bank of Russia received a request from the Ministry of internal Affairs about the activities of a number of companies suspected of illegal financial transactions, in the criminal case.

Recently the Central Bank has prepared the answer: hefty 230 pages. The Central Bank found that the requested organization is a small part of a vast network, consisting of at least 1173 one-day firms, through which were withdrawn from the country with violations of tax and currency legislation at least 760 billion rubles; cashed in violation of the law at least 21 billion. "I use the word "at least" because we only watched short chain: included in the consideration associated with suspect firms chain of no more than three operations, — said Ignatyev. — If you set the algorithm with a large number of links in the payment chains, the number of firms and the sum of money will increase. I have the impression that this whole network of shell companies controlled by the same group of people".

This is the second informational bomb exploded in the current year, generally avoiding the harsh statements of the now former head of the Central Bank. At the end of February in interview to the newspaper "Vedomosti" Sergei Ignatyev gave the facts concerning the mechanisms of illegal inoperate. According to him, of the 3.9 million registered in the Federal tax service of commercial organizations actually there are about 2 million. "The rest, apparently, are waiting in the wings. 11 per cent of organisations conducting payments through the banks, do not pay taxes, another 4-6 percent pay a symbolic amount. In addition, as our analysis shows, more than half of all dubious operations of the company, directly or indirectly related to each other payment relationships. The impression that they are all controlled by one well organized group of individuals," concluded Ignatieff.

It looks like a public signal of the head of the Central Bank has not gone unnoticed, and information capabilities of the Bank of Russia were in demand. "Every week we sent materials to the Federal financial monitoring service, tax service, — told the deputies Ignatiev. — The Central Bank could play a vital role as a source of information. We have information about the payment turnover of a firm and information about paid her taxes. The comparison of these data is a key element of identifying illegal transactions. The rest is the work of other agencies. We can't interrogate people or to go on inspections of legal entities. We can check only commercial banks.

Unfortunately, due to the interaction between state bodies in this work is not established". Ignatiev acknowledged that he paid to the problem of illegal inoperate recently a lot of attention — more than macroeconomics and monetary policy. "It is very important that this criminal case was investigated fully and identified the organizers of the network of one-day firms and their customers and real beneficiaries, in whose interests are the illicit financial transactions. You want to create a investigative group of a few dozen people, maybe more," concluded Ignatieff.
Looks like a hook catches a really big fish. Whether will get strength and resolve in the power structures to get her out, without spinning or sinking an inflatable boat? The new head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina remains to wish the courage to continue Sergei Ignatiev unpleasant and dangerous work.


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