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Causes and nature of the current crisis

In August 2008, the financial system, followed by the entire Russian economy is trapped in a raging torrent of events associated with the wake of a little earlier in the West's financial and economic crisis. Assurances that Russia in the current crisis will be "safe haven" for the world economy were untenable. Analysis and a detailed study of the preceding and subsequent events have shown that the crisis is largely managed by the global financial elite. To the study of methods and technologies to manage such crises and the subject of this research project.

Greenspan, A. `the Age of turbulence. Problems and prospects of the world financial system`

The book by Alan Greenspan, who headed the Federal reserve system of the United States for over 18 years, not like those memoirs, which are usually written down from the stage politicians and statesmen. It's more global economic analysis, which is based on personal experience and worldview consistent defender of the market system. That is why the book consists of two parts. The first is devoted to the personality of the author and the formation of his views, and the second is a conceptual basis for understanding the global economy in which we live today.

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Kindleberger Charles, Alibert Robert `Global financial crises. Manias, panics and crashes`

In the book in detail disassembled the causes and stages of crises, stock mania, the largest in the history of the world speculation, when the situation on the financial markets and even whole countries were on the verge of collapse. Work regarded as a classic of world literature is both timely and timeless.

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Grinaev S., Fomin A. "the World economy: reality or fiction?"

This book opens a cycle of publications about a number of key problems of modern Economics and its foundations - the global financial system. It is no exaggeration to say that the solution of these problems is one of the questions from the right and timely decisions which now depend not only levels of living in different countries, but issues of war and peace, and the survival of all civilization. In full it is important for Russia, still not found their worthy place in the new system of world order.

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In anticipation of the crisis: Progress and contradictions of economic reforms in Russia

In the book of doctor of economic Sciences A.V. Ulyukaev in a popular form covers the theory and practice of economic reforms in Russia. On a large factual material describes regularities of the currency, fiscal policy and their impact on the situation in the real sector of the Russian economy. A great influence is given to cross-country comparisons, allowing to determine General patterns of development of countries with economies in transition, including Russia.

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