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A session of black magic with its subsequent exposure
Material posted: -Publication date: 12-08-2011

From mid-may 2011 the General public around the world are entertained by various interesting tricks in the style of black magic from Finance. Almost Bulgakov: with severing of heads, the spread of counterfeit money and their respective maids (maids). Lacking only exposing these tricks, than we now do. Although many magic tricks and expose something not needed – and so everything is clear.

I told the Americans: "we steal more.
And for a hundred years. What you have become attached to Russia?
What do you even climb?"

V. S. Chernomyrdin

Let's start with the the focus on the tearing heads is discredit the head of the IMF.

In mid-may in new York on charges of sexual harassment to the hotel maid was arrested the managing Director of the International monetary Fund (IMF) Dominique Strauss-Kahn that led to the failure of the IMF negotiations with Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel on the situation of the debt crisis in Europe.

It would seem nothing special: well, who does not happen, bankers are people too. However, many analysts tensed, remembering folk belief: if you know the bankers, and especially the head of the IMF, detain and begin to press on charges of sexually assaulting maids – expect big financial problems.

Soon took place and the exposure of this focus. Quote:

"It is curious that the pressing ex-IMF chief Strauss-Kahn is certainly due to the fact that it has become known that the U.S. gold reserve. Strauss-Kahn "had begun to show increasing concern" after the U.S. stopped the shipment – in accordance with agreements 191,3 tons of gold the IMF. Strauss-Kahn shared the information with his old friend leading Egyptian banker Omar. Against immediately put forward the same charges – sex crimes against a maid at the hotel. This accusation is even more ridiculous, because Omar is already 74 years old, and he is a devout Muslim. Doubt about the gold in Fort Knox has been suggested previously. So Congressman Ron Paul accused the government of concealing the true information of gold, and insisted on the official audit of its gold reserve. The Obama administration, however, has prevented that"[1].

This source of information also States that, while in the U.S., the head of the IMF Strauss-Kahn has received from the CIA confirmation that the U.S. gold reserve has disappeared. This information is confirmed and released in early June, the dialogue between Congressman Ron Paul and representative of the fed, Scott Alvarez, which clearly States that the fed has no gold to support the dollar.

So, the widespread belief that the fed owns gold is probably false. The only thing that keeps the world's financial system from collapse, is the trust of the market. When it disappears, everything disappears. In the case of a decision to launch the hyperinflation scenario it won't even need to apply any financial instruments. In the present circumstances would be sufficient to organize a wide information campaign in the media for stirring panic, and representatives of the fed, the IMF and the ECB will need to just keep quiet and not to comment on what is happening.

This focus had its prehistory.

In early June, the media raised the issue of the scandal with the sale of the U.S. Treasury in November 2009, the fake gold bars to China[2].

When the shipment was received, the Chinese government has ordered to conduct a special verification of purity and weight of gold bars. It turned out that the bars were fake. The party consisted of bars of tungsten coated with a thin layer of gold. These proven gold ingots were manufactured in the USA and was stored in Fort Knox for many years.

The Chinese government immediately launched an investigation and made a statement, which hinted at the machinations of the American government. The registration number of the party bars indicated the fact that the fake bars have been obtained from the banks by the fed during the Clinton administration. It was then by order of the fed bankers were produced from 1.3 to 1.5 million tungsten tiles weighing 400 ounces. 640 thousand of these tungsten tiles were covered with gold and sent to Fort Knox where they remain to this day (choice of tungsten is not random: it has almost the same density as gold, making it more difficult to detect counterfeits).

According to investigation, the remainder of these 1.3 to 1.5 million tungsten bars weighing 400 ounces also was covered with gold, and then sold on the international market. Not only that, the U.S. gold reserve has got fake gold, but also the global market was swindled by the bankers of the fed. The cost of "Gold Scam Clinton" is $600 billion.

Natural question: if the gold was stolen from Fort Knox, where it can be and why it was done? The second question is inspired by the opinion of some Nobel laureates in Economics, recently seriously claimed that the gold has long outlived its usefulness, it is unnecessary in the global financial system where the dollar and the British pound can't be in principle. Just the thing – for 40 years, since 1971 the us dollar has depreciated in relation to gold in 50 times (while writing this article, the dollar depreciated by 51 times). Only in the last 6 years – in 6 times.

It is clear that the answer to these questions is no. You can only make the assumption that the stolen gold is intended to form the basis of a new world currency that soon will replace the paper dollar. And if he was taken from US, we could take out and Central banks of other countries, and to bring or to Britain, where he lived the famous family of Rothschild, or in China. Although the assumption about China is made only for completeness of the analysis. Option with the UK most likely. Moreover, the recently widely Rothschild suddenly announced the termination of its participation in the gold trade. Isn't it interesting: the price of gold is rising sharply, and well-known financiers, is largely made their capital on gold trading are leaving the game. Or it is not real gold?

Thus, full swing preparing for the change of the world reserve currency. And, of course, the position of the IMF, which has the second volume of gold reserves in the world, in this exciting focus it was impossible not to take into account. But, as you can see, not everything is fused. And so it took the last argument with an American maid.

But for a new (or rather new) the head of the IMF Christine Lagarde appeared to be more manageable, a month after her appointment she brought a criminal case on abuse of power in the judicial process in the 1990-ies over the sale of Adidas, which won the famous investor Bernard Tapie. As if this was not known earlier prior to the appointment of Lagarde at the IMF.

Lawyer Christine Lagarde said that the investigation will not interfere with her job at the IMF (can it contribute?). Thus, the position of the head of the IMF was very dangerous and vulnerable. Those for whom there is no hook at financial world behind the scenes, there is not appointed. As they say, is the profession.

It is not excluded that the sharp increase in the price of silver on world markets is connected with the rumors about "tungsten gold" – silver counterfeiting less profitable.

Another trick, which was presented in may, was called "the increase in the debt limit of the United States". In this regard, was a lot of talking about improving the American tax system on social spending, the problems of the poor and the rich in the USA, about the different approaches to these issues the Democrats and the Republicans.

All of this nonsense. The main issue that was discussed and many kept in suspense for several months, was, will the United States continue to plunder the world under the old scheme, or come up with some the new? This is the expose of this trick.

By August 2, decided to leave all still, increasing the American debt limit by $2.4 trillion. up to us $16.7 trillion.

Having the ability to print dollars in unlimited quantity, commonly using it. In periods of financial instability includes the fed's "printing press" and, as Bulgakov's Koroviev throws free money, about 2/3 of which is drawn outside the U.S., throughout the world economy. While printed after 1971 dollars, in fact, are just pieces of paper, backed by nothing except military power of the United States.

But talented magicians are distinguished from their conventional counterparts in the profession that may be layering one focus to another, finally tangling this unsophisticated viewer.

Here's the next focus: August 5, American rating Agency Standard & Poors first time downgraded the long-term credit rating of USA from AAA to AA+, assigning it a "negative" Outlook. The Agency explained that the reason for the downgrade was triggered by the fears of rising budget deficits and the national debt.

Immediately together pofalici stock markets around the world has increased the price of gold, traditionally a "safe haven" for investors. The gold, part of which is false.

In the end, stock markets for the week lost $2.5 trillion. capitalization. The Senate banking Committee, the U.S. has strongly criticized the Agency's action by Standard & Poors. Committee Chairman Tim Johnson called them "irresponsible" in relation to the United States. In response, the head of the Committee of the ratings Agency's David Beers stressed that Standard & Poors could not downgrade the sovereign credit rating of the USA, because it "takes seriously its duties, and if at the end of its analysis, the Committee concludes that the rating is not at a level which should, we cannot take appropriate decision".

From this exchange, breaking out into tears of emotion – that's what you call democracy in the US, when everyone can have their opinion and to insist on it. In the triumph of the American democracy is not a pity even $2.5 trillion. But that's not the point: in the end, $2.5 trillion. not gone completely, and moved between accounts to other. The focus was to demonstrate that important victory of democracy even at the cost of loss of confidence in the dollar, doubt its versatility, the investment attractiveness of government Treasury obligations of the U.S. government.

But strangely for much less crimes against the dollar, many countries and their leaders were subjected to physical destruction. Remember Iraq, the leader of which offered Arab countries to conclude an agreement on regional economic cooperation and to introduce a replacement for the dollar in mutual settlements. Remember Gaddafi, the main fault of which was the proposal of the introduction of the gold Dinar instead of the dollar. Remember Iran, the external problems which escalated after the announcement of plans to replace the dollar with the Euro when trading oil. Finally, remember American presidents A. Lincoln and J. Kennedy, who killed "crazy" after they decided to change the principles of functioning of the US financial system and exit from the influence of private Central banks, the latest of which is the current fed. There were many other American presidents that have been killed only because they interfered with private Central banks to plunder the country. USA is the country – leader in the number of those killed or who died under mysterious circumstances presidents. Such is democracy at it.

And here some Agency Standard & Poors?

Therefore, most likely, a downgrade in the U.S. – it's not his initiative, but an element of the more General game of the fed. Someone is well warmed hands on the arising of turbulence in the financial markets. No wonder the chaos on the stock exchanges started a few hours before the rating Agency Standard & Poors has officially issued its decision. Who needs it, he knew about it in advance and use this information with maximum efficiency, despite the law on insider trading. Estimates of the gains from such transactions could amount to hundreds of billions of dollars. Then the publication of ratings of other rating agencies may swing the market the other way and get these hundreds of billions.

But at the same time as if to show the rest of the world does not need at all G20 summits to impose some kind of external and independent system of control of the American financial system. Our own and so very effective and independent. In the words of Viktor Chernomyrdin "What do you climb?".

When you realize what the sand rests the whole world, you begin to wonder how he still holds.

Speaking of summits. They are all very similar Korolevski the focus with the Paris ladies shop – at first, everything nice, and then you can go without clothes.

After 2008, it's been a few summits of the G20, and summits of Finance Ministers and Central Bank governors to discuss ways out of the financial crisis and reforming the global financial system. Interestingly, while not carried out a fundamental analysis of its defects. Ie trying to treat the disease, even without a diagnosis.

Leaders say beautiful words, politkorrektnost and smile at each other, at the same time solving the problem of global warming, the development of the Internet, its impact on society and the economy. In General, words, words, words.

But the crisis has drowned out the fact that they are commonly transferred private debt into public debt, replacing toxic assets for newly printed currency. And this is seen as a great success. But in reality, this "success" means that now, for the crisis will pay private companies, and state funds of taxpayers. I.e. if you do not take into account all the intermediate links, for the crisis will have to pay ordinary citizens. This is not something unusual, it's always been, so shall it be now.

Therefore, you should expect higher taxes. By the way, known to readers as paying taxes, for example, in Russia? Not separately for each type of tax, but in General? To calculate easily, the trick is simple: if the wage of the Russian GDP is 40%, then it means that all the numerous taxes deducted 1.5 times more than accrued salary. If you're considering the tax to incomes of physical persons, the net salary will be only 34.8% of GDP. This means that of the created product is only 1/3 of it is left directly to the Creator, the rest goes to social benefits (what they are in Russia, everyone knows), the state administration and in the financial sector. The money is transferred to USA, EU, Britain in the form of international monetary reserves.

And magnitude of these taxes is constantly growing – we need someone to pay for all these "crises". And if not us, then who? In the question and the answer is the exposure of the focus with the G20, G7 and G8.

Thus, gradually moving on to Russia, which is rich in its sovereign foci and national characteristics.

After the publications of Standard & poor's credit rating of the USA the Russian financial market has not escaped the fate of all other markets: it began falling. But the trick is that after 2 days all the currency markets recovered from their shock and even increased, and our market has continued to decline mainly due to the outflow of capital.

On 9 August the new Zealand dollar against the U.S. dollar has risen 3.9%, the Australian dollar 3.2%, the canadian dollar 0.8%. The Russian currency was the only one among the commodity currencies, which under the pressure of external factors fell sharply, while other commodity currencies regained their positions. The fall of the ruble seemed excessive even for unfavorable conditions.

I wonder how it commented on the leaders of the nation. Vladimir Putin, known for his unconventional sayings and custom actions (the latter of which is the creation of the Russian popular front and the detection of 2 or 3 of amphorae on the seabed, before it is carefully searched by the officers of the SSF) believes that this year the Russian financial system is more stable than in 2008 And therefore the crisis does not threaten her.

The trick lies in the fact that the country seems to be more stable financially, in fact, have not even having those means that were she in 2008

As the exposure of focus can be noted that compared with 2008, the volume of Reserve Fund has decreased by 6.5 times – from 4.9 trillion. to 745 billion rubles And international reserves is lower than in 2008, not to mention oil prices – the main component of Russian exports.

In 2008 the state budget was in surplus, now it is scarce.

In 2011, the Russian government is burdened with too many social obligations, generously handed out by authorities ahead of elections. By fall 2008, all elections in Russia have already passed. Complete the picture of very costly activities – all sorts of summits and Championships.

So the focus is about improving the financial stability of the country is unlikely to be successful.

Another focus of the paper is the financing of the state defense order in 2011 the Enterprises of the military-industrial complex was planned the allocation of 750 billion rubles, but by the end of July about 1/3 of the alleged events was not provided by contracts, and the total funding amounted to 1/3 of the required amount. Actually has created real preconditions for the disruption of the state order for 2011 and the creation of a real threat not to execute the entire next State armament programme.

The scandal has reached the level of the President and the Prime Minister. Followed by a meeting with the instructions to understand, replica type, "You know, the laws of war as the alarmists would have received? Shot!" and continued a series of meetings and discussions at a lower level. The situation has caused great public interest. This is understandable: the level of funding of national defence in Russia approximately corresponds to the total amount of the tax to incomes of physical persons. And if national defense is not at the proper level, it means that the citizens knowingly pay to the state a tax on their income.

What is the focus, You ask? That almost simultaneously with the discussion of actual any more the first year and urgent problems with the financing of the state defense order was a question, which tried to give private and minor issues – financial improvement of Bank of Moscow. At that urgent, the Bank of Russia allocates 295 billion rubles to support sagging under the weight of troubled loans the Bank of Moscow to avoid a default on debt securities – as much was spent during the crisis to support banks 18. And this is only the 1st stage, follow the following. The amount of bad assets of the Bank of Moscow, the head of Supervisory Board VTB Sergey Dubinin estimated at 300-350 billion rubles.

I.e. quietly at home, selects the amount equal to 40% of the entire state defence order. And few people care about. What is happening with the Bank of Moscow, very similar to the story of Mezhprombank, "Globex", Svyaz-Bank and "the WHALE-Finans".

But the most interesting magic tricks will begin after the presidential elections in 2012 most Likely, it will occur or in the period of dual power before the formation of the new government in may 2012 or in August, which is vacation month for the financial markets, with growing uncertainty in the business environment.

Proactively expose these tricks. Nothing complicated. As they say, a piece of cake.

After their victories on the national front, cut allocated to electoral funds, buildings on another houses, the transfer of money offshore this audience can afford to relax and naphtholate. Made a big deal, is found not defective 4 years, and as many as 6 or even 12 years.

First, a sharp reduction of the social burden on the budget.

Increase existing and new unpopular taxes such as the estate tax.

Will increase rates and different penalties.

Will increase inflation – the consumer price index and GDP deflator.

Will increase the budgets cuts. In the event of a fire will be to no avail until blue in the face to call the bell at least until the next election.

Possible tightening of the labour code. For example, increasing the duration of the day and age retirement. There were proposals to abolish work books. It's so stupid that has real chances to be implemented (as if to do nothing more).

Under forecasts the MAYOR, the foreign trade positive balance of current account can be exhausted in 2012, the situation in Russia is well known: instead of creating a competitive economy – the devaluation of the ruble. Therefore, since March 2012, may increase the dollar or other world currencies.

Will increase the prices of precious metals: gold, silver, platinum, palladium.

Increased government borrowing abroad and inside the country need to support the global financial system, with which these people work.

And the participation of Russian delegations in the investment forums in which first persons of the country to entice foreign investors of mass. However, the result is close to zero, as foreign investors will easily expose this simple focus: why invest in a country where its own resources are not invested, but are transported abroad, and the control of capital movement is cancelled?

Will start the next stage of privatization with hot lured the participation of foreign companies.

The leader of the nation will come up with some more exciting tricks and rides for the entertainment of people.

But it's not that bad, as said above.

Things could be much worse, if by 2012-2013, the conditions for a new global financial and economic crisis, which is very likely.

Then in addition to the above tricks will be added to speed up withdrawal of financial capital from the country, rising unemployment, rising social unrest and protest activity, with the prospect of destroying the country.

And as for campaign promises and prospects of their implementation is another traditional Russian focus, based on the fact that many people really want to be constantly fooled. There's nothing to do, it's their civil right.

As stated in the cases of successful completion of the next session of black magic "Session is over! Maestro! Finale, please!".

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