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In anticipation of the crisis: Progress and contradictions of economic reforms in Russia
Material posted: Publication date: 15-09-2010

In the book of doctor of economic Sciences A.V. Ulyukaev in a popular form covers the theory and practice of economic reforms in Russia. On a large factual material describes regularities of the currency, fiscal policy and their impact on the situation in the real sector of the Russian economy. A great influence is given to cross-country comparisons, allowing to determine General patterns of development of countries with economies in transition, including Russia.

Identifies the nature, causes, and possible ways to overcome the acute financial crisis of 1998. The author justifies the proposal to adjust the course of reforms at the Federal and regional levels. At the end of the book provides a Glossary of terms.


Chapter 1. The logic of the story
Chapter 2. Pre-reform political and economic situation in Russia. The beginning of a transformation
Chapter 3. Economic reform and state regulation of the Russian economy
Chapter 4. The relationship of monetary and real sectors of the Russian economy
Chapter 5. Logic neorepublicans economy
Chapter 6. Nedorabotannost the economy and the financial crisis
Chapter 7. The logic of a liberal alternative
Chapter 8. Economic policy and economic development: a regional perspective
Chapter 9. About the patterns of exit from socialism

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