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The special forces: who is good when the economy is bad
Material posted: Publication date: 17-02-2015

It is not often that real professionals there is a chance to make a breakthrough and achieve something significant. You may not believe, but now in the Russian economy came as such a happy moment.

You must have heard about how everything bad. GDP growth stopped. Most industries have come to saturation. A number of businesses that until recently were swollen, begin to shrink. The banking sector is paralysed by the expectation of defaults. The market dropped – people stopped buying foreign cars. Restaurants are closed, deprived smokers, and ham. Even Telecom is growing at several percent per year (compared with bylymi times – just tears). In the air-apocalyptic mood. Even hang. Everything goes wrong — even the best of the best.

Here at the helm of a company facing problems, there is another star management. And begins a heroic but doomed in advance to defeat the struggle for a bright future. People get fired, organization restructure, new products are launched beautiful commercials, pronounced in a speech. And it gets worse.

How can you not become discouraged? But to lose heart just is not worth it. The economy lives cycles – takeoff, then landing. This is normal. You can earn a good income at all times, if you understand that during the change of epochs needs to change not only the rules of the game, but the players themselves.

We have great hockey players. But, replacing the ice arena on a green field, they still fail. It is impossible to demand from guys with sticks victories at the world Cup. And when on the same field with two teams, the winner is not one in which a lot of expensive stars, wins the game played by the team.

Sillier to expect from the man who successfully managed a company in a growing market, great achievements on the incident. It's just a different kind of activity – management of growth and the struggle for hundredths of a cent.

In the economy the growth in demand leaders who may not have deep knowledge about the industry, but there is an understanding of the universal laws of business. After all, when you're in the market, growing at double digit rates, the market is forgiving and smooths out mistakes. The trick is to "take more, throw further": to select the correct target, to establish the processes, by others. This is a career built heroes zero.

When the economy slows down, everything changes. To fulfill this number becomes increasingly difficult. Because of the stagnant market, share market, begin to fight for pennies. And any mistake can cost lives.

In these circumstances, to lead the company to success, the top Manager must be thoroughly familiar with his product, his production process, be able to manage margins, reduce costs wisely, and have a team of professionals.

Fine tuning is available only experienced sectoral managers and teams played. Only someone who knows the business from all sides, to understand where savings of the ruble will bring in the future two – and where to cut and not have to add the investment, if you don't want to ruin the company next year in favor of a well done quarter. Abstract on management knowledge that has brought success to zero, the economy stagnation does not go far.

It is like a race. Technical characteristics of cars, "Formula 1" today almost equal. A fierce fight is not even for a second, and hundredths. The victory ensures the smallest details – engineering settings of the machine and personal know-how of pilots, concerted action of all without exception. And do business in a crowded market is to participate in the race "Formula 1". While non-core the Manager only collects information and analyzes the situation, choosing the optimal strategy, recruiting a team and trying to "play" – to force their managers not to divide powers and not to drag the blanket over himself, is knowing your market otraslevykh with an experienced cohesive team though. And in a competitive market, any delay gives competitors a head start and are loss.

In addition, only a Manager with more experience knows the situation in our industry so well that can not only anticipate trends, but even he is able to run them. Only a person who is deeply in the subject, may find non-obvious points of growth.

In General, this period of stagnation and General depression – a great chance for everyone who really works. In a growing economy, the shareholders have encouraged managers who were cutting off the shoulder and promised a happy future, not too going into details. More recently, especially appreciated the fresh view of the market, good universal education and enthusiasm. Now increasingly sought after people really understand the nuances of what they do, able to recognize consequences of their decisions.

Now everything falls on the feet. The slowdown of the markets, undoubtedly generates many problems – but also opportunities, coordinated teams of professionals consisting of experienced players who all usually kept.

And this is good news for all smart professionals who wish to prove themselves. Epoch universal soldier leaves. There comes a time of special forces.

Anatoly Smorgon


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