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For 40 years – one answer. The anniversary of the abolition of the gold standard is dedicated to
Material posted: -Publication date: 20-08-2011

August is rich in important historical events: the beginning of the First World war, the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, the GKCHP, the beginning of the collapse of the USSR, the beginning of privatization in Russia, the financial and economic crisis of 1998 the Causes and consequences of these events are widely reported in historical and specialized literature. A much less known event is the adoption by U.S. President Richard Nixon of decision on the abolition of the gold standard, which led to the collapse of the postwar Bretton woods world financial system. It happened 40 years ago - August 15, 1971

"Historical time has befallen us. Rejoice!"
V. S. Chernomyrdin

In world history this event is comparable with the atomic bombing of Japanese cities. To vividly emphasize this: when future historians will look the events leading up to World war III, they would not have long to work – it all began August 15, 1971

From this moment, the us dollar began to be issued without reference to the real assets. This radically changed the whole world, and not only financial, has modified many of the drivers. In fact, world history was divided into 2 parts: before August 15, 1971 and thereafter. Since then, the robbery of the world from the side of the Federal reserve system (FRS) the USA has become global and more cynical. The world was embroiled in a series of financial crises, with the increasing trend of worsening and more frequent with the real prospect of transforming into a new global military confrontation.

It should be emphasized that in the modern global financial system crises are not something exceptional, beyond the principles of functioning of this system. On the contrary, they are organically built into the system, is its inherent property, a means for profit private Central banks of the U.S. Federal reserve.

Recall the well-known historical facts: in 1913, a year before the First world war, the representatives of the richest families of the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Morgans, Walburga and other Jekyll island (Virginia) in an atmosphere of secrecy signed an agreement on the creation of the fed – of a new private Central Bank of the United States. The law creating the fed (bill Voice-Owen) was passed by Congress on December 23, 1913, when much of the lawmakers went on Christmas vacation. President Wilson has signed the document after only an hour, after it passed through the Senate.

From that moment the world began to eat away at the rust. There is a version that the actions of these individuals and their compatriots was unleashed by the First world war, organized a revolution in Russia, Germany with the strategic aim of removing the gold backed currencies – the German mark and the Russian ruble. To get rid of the French franc and the declining influence of the British pound took a Second world, at the final stage with the adoption of the Bretton Woods agreement. According to them the only currency that has a gold-backed currency was the dollar, all other currencies have become attached to it. I.e. the binding of currencies to gold was not easy, but through the US dollar, which extended its influence to the whole world, became a kind of monopoly in the financial sector, the global reserve currency.

To create conditions for the subsequent robbery of the world remained to take the next logical step is to de-peg the us dollar to gold. And that was done by Nixon on 15 August 1971

This is the apotheosis of activity of the U.S. Federal reserve, the event, to which she consistently was 58 years through two world wars.

From this moment it became possible almost uncontrolled printing of green paper with faces of former American presidents, many of whom, if they became aware of such a focus, would turn over in their graves. Happened as in the famous joke: "After that, I went card!".

Although funny is not enough. Several well-known families known nationality were virtually rule the whole world. On a global scale was realized mission statement Rothschild: "Give me a chance to manage the money of the country, and I care not who and what writes it laws". His descendants and possess a large part of the U.S. Federal reserve.

Some more information for clarity of understanding of the situation.

There is an opinion that the real owner of the Federal reserve is the British crown. The strategy of the Federal reserve is a secret British and American policy. However, in reality this strategy lies on the surface. It is to be accumulated in their hands all the wealth through a slow but effective technique of a currency devaluation. Earlier monarchs of the past have resorted to defacing coins, now it's not necessary.

The fed is an independent closed joint-stock company (CJSC). This means the following:

  • securities that the fed is impossible to acquire;
  • no, you cannot access internal information of this company and affect its activity);
  • The fed is a private enterprise that consolidates 12 major regional reserve banks and are exempt from all taxes;
  • no state or public body in the US does not control the fed;
  • the fed chief is appointed for a term of 14 years, i.e. it has the ability to strategically plan for a longer period than the President of the United States; currently this position is held by Ben Shalom Bernanke.

In [1] says "it is no exaggeration to say that "democratic country" the USA is controlled only by this secret society. America could be pitied, if such a situation did not exist in almost any country of the world." I.e., since August 15, 1971 the whole world is essentially controlled by the fed.

Central banks of most countries and, in particular, the Bank of Russia are societies that have managed the country on behalf of and on instructions from an international syndicate of international banks.

The scheme of such control briefly and correctly described in the quoted source.

Here is her with some reductions and additional comments.

Needing money, the US government turns to the fed and asks for some money. Usually we are talking about trillions of dollars.

The fed includes, without straining, for some time the printing press or the computer enters in a couple of numbers (cash in the US economy about 5% remaining 95% is cashless) and thus gives the U.S. government requested the trillions, and in return receives a receipt (since the fed provides the money only debt and percent). The receipt of the U.S. government are guaranteed by government bonds (the bonds, or as they are called Treasures notes) that the government leaves the fed in the amount borrowed. By the way, are those securities, which are denominated portion of the international reserves of the Russian Federation. I.e., receiving Treasures notes, the fed is not sitting idle, and puts them into circulation.

The meaning of this operation is that government bonds are interest (revenue) the paper on which the U.S. government agrees to repay the money with the agreed interest after a certain string. And only then, the fed will return to the U.S. government their ious, taken in the form of state bonds.

After this period, the U.S. government has to come in and the fed give taken now trillions of dollars, but with interest, the value of which is tens to hundreds of billions of dollars. The money the owners of the fed will earn for the year by just entering a couple numbers into a computer.

But that's not all. Accumulated over many years ious of the American government do not lie idle. They are sold to other countries, in particular Russia: a significant part of the Russian international reserves and sovereign funds denominated in them. It is estimated that in recent years the operation of the fed "earns" about $1 trillion. each year, placing the bonds of the U.S. government throughout the world.

Ie in fact, the U.S. government borrows money not the fed, and other countries, in particular Russia, which is a real product, for example, are sold on foreign markets in energy resources, fill the real value of these receipts-bonds. And all income from the operation received by the intermediary – the U.S. Federal reserve.

In this case, since other countries transmit part of their product for free, they get extra inflation to their economies. And in the U.S., despite the additional issue of new dollars, inflation is very low, because they receive from the outside a complete product. Such robbery in the language of tame, the fed economists called "export of inflation".

What the owner of this system, being of sound mind, would allow scientists or journalists in any shape to discuss it? And, on the contrary, will not pay unlimited salaries to professors and other idiots defending this system? Money for them all enough, but not enough – they will just print more.

And really, there are a lot of economists, some of them are even Nobel laureates (for example, Paul Krugman) who with began to explain that gold has outlived its usefulness, that it is better dollar mankind to invent anything. That is the limit of his intellectual capabilities.

So gotten to me that a decade ago the European Central banks sought to get rid of gold, they even had to agree to limit annual sales to 500 tonnes in order not to derail the market. According to the decision of the then Minister of Finance of great Britain Gordon brown, the Bank of England sold at the market bottom almost half of its gold reserve. In the first quarter of 2000 the UK was 588,3 t gold; by the first quarter of 2002, the reserves decreased to 310 tonnes and has since remained at this level.

And today, many of those who can hardly be suspected of sympathies and ties to the fed, begin to repeat the same nonsense, not bothering to a natural question: how stupid humanity has managed to live several thousand years without such useful things as paper us dollar, useless gold?

In the paper [2] was written about "tungsten gold", which is stolen from storages, particularly from the American Ford Knox. And guess what, some of the comments to this article again heard the old song about the unsuitability of gold for financial operations. It is very strange that such comments appeared in an article about the theft of the gold. People don't even ask the basic question: if gold has already had its day, why we need to steal with a greater risk for life? If 10 years ago useless gold was sold, who and why bought it? Someone's bought up, and clear about exactly who.

Regarding the previous history of mankind: it has long come up with an effective way of dealing with such "inventors" replacement gold: before they were publicly beheaded in the squares under the cheers of the people. And today, these counterfeiters – "dear" people.

But let's not talk about sad things, let's continue the analysis to simple technology of enrichment of the fed.

Returns the state of the fed is no longer "empty" but real money that the population in varying degrees, filled the real value while these "released" the money was in circulation and which the state has taken from them via taxes.

That is, at the same time are two processes: on the one hand in the treatment of join and merge unsecured money; on the other hand the state withdraws from the population taxes, in the literal sense of the word filling is "produced" and provided nothing more than money the real value.

Thus, the tax system is a key element for the enrichment of private Central banks and, in particular, the U.S. Federal reserve, a private Bank as a major world level. A significant portion of taxes are invented just for this purpose.

By the way, the income tax, as an integral part of this business, was introduced in the US concurrent with the formation of the fed in 1913, as the most important part of this business. The more taxes, the better for private banks. So they are always using their lobbyists in the legislature will be to initiate the adoption of new taxes, excises, customs duties etc. by the Way, in Russia at the present time, the total fiscal burden exceeds 100%. Doubt, can easily check. Only read on one phase of product creation, and throughout the chain from raw material extraction and production of the required amount of energy. Ie at least half produced in the real economy product is withdrawn in the form of various taxes, part of which goes to the United States in the form of international monetary reserves.

A small digression: the article [3] were evaluated with the scale of these contributions and the magnitude of the annual outflow of financial capital. It was sufficient to resolve the main problems in Russia. Some of these problems (elimination of the deficit of the pension Fund, the financing of state defense orders and RAS) we referred to the scale in which you can clearly feel the magnitude of capital outflow.

But, whether we do not understand, or did not want to understand, but on one of the forums began to criticize, arguing that from a simple distribution of dollars to pensioners will not work.

Old method: first hang a label, and then hit it. But at the same time and because of where he hangs.

We have never proposed such nonsense, as the distribution of pensioners dollars received from the sale on foreign markets of Russian energy resources. More than 90% of Russian pensioners abroad are not leaves, therefore from this paper, if there is no real product or service, there will be no sense.

On the currency you need to create a product inside of the country, for example, stimulating the development of the real economy, in particular, by reducing the tax burden. Or to invite specialists from abroad to the work that are well run not paying them in dollars and euros. For example, the construction of affordable housing and proper roads. Then the old ladies, pensioners, and young families and servicemen will be pleased. By the way, have to date Russian international reserves to build such a city as Moscow, only modern, with all relying infrastructure and to pay for this work in dollars and euros. Otherwise it is nonsense: oil and gas sold, and the money can't be used. Then why sell, build oil and gas pipelines?

For owners of the fed's main task is to provide continuous circuit, in which, on the one hand, the fed "ran" would be new money, and, on the other hand, in this circuit would actual taxes that fill introduced real money value. This scheme allows the fed to make money is unlimited and completely legal, for the "empty" pieces of paper to buy up real resources, services and power.

But it's not the whole problem, but only a part. Another important component is the organization of new state debt that the state, God forbid, did not come out of the debt hole. And as You say any financier, there is no better means of generating public debt, military spending, preparing for war.

And at the same time solved another important task is the creation of zones and modes of instability around the world. It is also part of the enrichment technology of the fed.

Indeed, if there are problems with reliable reserve currency, many countries may accumulate its international reserves in the currencies of the countries with which they conduct international trade. If, for example, Russia trades with Germany, USA, UK, China, Iran, she would have their reserves in Euro, dollar, pound sterling, yuan, Rial. Similarly for other countries. Universal reserve currency as American dollar generally would not be needed. Accordingly, the income of JSC "fed" would decrease. But such a situation can exist in a relatively stable world economy.

But if it periodically to plunge into crises, and the initiators of the introduction of regional currencies type of "gold Dinar" to be bombed, many countries wish to establish monetary unions are gone, they will inevitably swing in the direction of the dollar, which today is denominated approximately 2/3 of the world's financial assets. In the end, will increase the demand for the dollar, which, as a drug, the whole world will be hooked. And hence profit of the fed.

Thus, the modern world is working to narrow the benefit of a small group of people, guiding the "production" of money and sucking it real by anyone or anything nor is limited wealth. That is, the whole planet actually works only for this group of persons – owners of banks and those behind them financial groups.

And in such troubled financial system in 1991, VLA.., sorry, integrated Russia.

This year reminded of another anniversary – 20 years of the formation of the emergency Committee and the August putsch. On this occasion intensified by some participants of those events, giving interviews about those events.

With today's position becomes much more understandable. Of course, Russia in 1991, there were problems, but some of them was created artificially. The overall situation in the country was not as dramatic as it sometimes try to imagine. The Russian economy is, of course, was ineffective, but largely self-sufficient. Without imports it was possible to do. In the extreme case, we could declare a moratorium or default on its foreign debt, keeping the country. I don't think anyone abroad would try power techniques to knock out the USSR debts in Europe were Soviet troops, the armor was strong (not like today) and our tanks were fast. And today the primary means of parrying foreign threats is the Russian popular front (joke).

Great concern was social services. Here, the USSR had lost the competition with the USA. But ignored one of the main reasons for this loss is the additional revenue from the USA spread their dollar around the world. Simply put, the burglary of other countries. It is possible that without this factor, the outcomes of competition 2 systems would not have been obvious.

What happened next is well known: the betrayal of the party "elite", the destruction of the country, the financial crisis in August 1998, default.

In 10 years the 2008 crisis, with unpredictable consequences. Today the actual question about the possibility of further existence of Russia in its existing format.

Today's Russian Central Bank – the Bank of Russia is also a company, which is the "daughter" of the U.S. Federal reserve. Formally, he is not compelled by neither the President nor the government. However the head of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation periodically tells the deputies of the state Duma about his arduous work. But it's a mere formality, need to comply with some decency. The consequences of such communication – none, information only is taken into consideration. Moreover, the state Duma – not a place for discussion and the elected officials we are flexible and understand everything. However, some of them the fingers are not straightened.

At present Russia in the international monetary reserves transferred about $540 billion. Truly, the money the country does not need – from them, we are told, only inflation (if the audience would tell their wives or mistresses, that they have more dollars, the worse quickly I would get a frying pan on the head).

What happens to that money? Reviewed 3 options:

  • money placed at low interest rates, devalue the dollar through inflation;
  • they will block finding an excuse for something to complain about, as it was in Libya; for example, to the violation of human rights or the distortion of democracy;
  • the money will be used as collateral for external loans, which will gain home-grown oligarchs, as happened in 2008, when their leprosy had to pay from the state Reserve Fund.

Which of these options do You like more? In any case, the return of this money for the development of Russia's economy and social development is more than doubtful.

According to [4], for 2010 and for the 1st quarter of 2011 from Russia for shady schemes took more than $200 billion 58 billion listed in international currency reserves. Who do not know, in total – about 4 Russian military budget.

Economy and national defense with a hole like that can only deteriorate, not to evolve.

You need to clearly understand that all these are consequences of the collapse of the Soviet Union, which began 20 years ago in August 1991, i.e. when evaluating such events, need to look ahead even for a year or two, but for several decades.

Naturally, speaking about the U.S. Federal reserve, on August 15, 1971, it is impossible not to touch on the topic of the financial crisis that began in 2008

A year or two ago, many pundits were arguing (some still argue) that if this crisis continued, the so-called 2nd wave. Some people say it will, others deny this, arguing that States in 2008-2009 has taken the necessary large-scale measures to eliminate the crisis.

But let's take a closer look at what happened. The state replaced the bred of troubled (toxic) assets on their currency. I.e., some papers have been replaced by others. Objectively, this crisis cannot result in principle; he only stretched out in time. Therefore his 2nd, and subsequent waves will cover the world.

Replacement paper provides the beginning of the 2nd wave of the crisis. Private debts are transformed into public. Now the financial crisis is translated to the state level. And how States resolve their financial problems are well known: raise taxes, impose new ones, increase the fines, let the inflation (inflation is also a tax, but inflation), reduce social security, cut spending on national defense. Hence, soon the state will translate the crisis on its citizens.

Ie pranks are fed up with the issue of empty dollars has come, finally, to those who will be for them to pay – up to us. This is the 2nd, more destructive wave of the financial crisis, which should happen soon. And what happened in 2008-2009 is only prelude to the present financial and economic crisis. So no need to look for similar signs in the previous and subsequent phases – they are fundamentally different from each other. Now I have to pay with real values and in this all will take a warm interest.

It seems that the 2nd phase of crisis is already beginning. It recognizes the President of the world Bank [5].

Logical question: how long will continue this robbery?

It is known that a social system that is devoid of objective foundations for the development and the functioning of which is based only on the human factor, on the idea (even socially attractive), can exist within 3 generations. If all accurately to count, then 65-70 years. In this connection let us remember the example of the USSR.

The U.S. Federal reserve for 40 years. So she remained a maximum of 25-30 years until 2035-2040, During this time, she is ideologically exhausted, and all the world tired of its constant and ever increasing burglary.

But there is a more rigorous assessment of the terms of the existence of the fed in the current format, based on the balance of profits and costs of power tools to receive this income. Conducted in [6] estimates have shown that the situation may change up to 2020-2025

(By the way, this same source of information details the history of the origin and formation of the fed, the Bretton Woods agreement and many other information on the current crisis).

Will require a change of principles of functioning of the world financial system with the possible return of the gold standard. And then will be claimed stolen from Ford Knox gold.

About the long search is not necessary, it was a purely technical operation. The reason may be, large-scale natural or man-made disaster, another terrorist attack or an imitation of such an attack, finally, the murder of the President.

The danger of these sudden changes is that they can lead to Third world war. Previous devastating world wars have started for much lesser reasons.

Next redivision of the world could end more than a large-scale disaster, because the number of people on Earth more than 70 years ago (again the same figure), and the effectiveness of weapons is much higher. But whether then the organizers of the fed to sit tight in their bunkers is a big question, but a good reason for our optimism.

But there is also such opinion. As one prominent Brazilian politician: "the Third world war has already begun. It goes without the use of military force. However, this does not become less terrible. War torn Brazil, Latin America and almost all countries of the "third world". Instead of soldiers dying kids. This is a war for the debts and interest payments of the third world, with weapons, more deadly than the atomic bomb, more shattering than a laser beam".

Now let a bit of optimism. August 6, after lowering the US credit rating by Standard & Poors, the Chinese Xinhua news Agency announced: "the World needs another reserve currency to replace the dollar." And that slogan is already being implemented.

2008. China pursues a particular policy, making the yuan popular all over the world. In Iraq, Pakistan, Syria cheap buy Chinese jeeps "Great Wall" which used to be considered a miserable thing. But it is not in them. And these countries, and Latin America (in purchasing China buses) does not pay in dollars and yuan – this is a requirement of the people's Bank of China. Thus, the world gradually becomes accustomed to the fact that the yuan is a fully – fledged money. The crisis is a good time to China "chewed" the American currency and promoted in return.

Under the control of China passed the automotive group Volvo, the factory on manufacture of cigarettes in the Czech Republic, the pharmaceutical factory in the Netherlands, the production of computers in Germany. This is not to mention the real estate – the Chinese invest in apartments in the USA, Canada, Spain. "Expansion of the dragon" led to the fact that soon in the hands of China will be all more or less important business. But that's not all. According to rumors, the PRC has shown interest in "dinosaurs" – the company "Apple", the king of beer "Heineken" and CNN. The scale of the new wave of the crisis is difficult to assess, but if she comes in full force, we will reduce the cost of cool companies. This will help China to save billions [7].

"Countries, living in luxury, the crisis is destroyed, and China has made it a superpower!" – says economist Robert Gorinski from Hong Kong. In 2020 China will become the first economy in the world, "drooping" of the United States, the yuan will be world currency and the largest corporations will be under the rule of the Chinese. It is strange that during the crisis, the Russians never floated their gold reserves".

Indeed, Russia in 2009 has made only one attempt to buy Opel in Germany, after refusing to do so left it. China since the beginning of crisis has already bought up half the world. US dollars lie in the Russian reserves are dead weight, although it clear – until they turned in blank papers, it's time to invest. Including, and in the development of their country. As do the Chinese.

This optimism turned out.

In conclusion preemptively answer a possible question about the appearance of this article on the topic of the day. Why is it necessary?

In our opinion, it is necessary at least in order to gradually explain the situation. People usually are busy with their everyday Affairs, they are not up to the challenges of the global financial system. But you have to try to understand how in reality inside this world, where are the main threats, who's to blame specifically, abroad and in their country. Maybe once we will accumulate a critical mass of information, which will facilitate the way out of this situation with minimal losses.

But for those who are interested who do not wish to burden themselves with additional information, can be answered by the unforgettable words of Viktor Chernomyrdin "Historical time has befallen us. Rejoice!".









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