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Stalin Golden ruble. The forgotten history of the

This is the story of the last unfinished project of Stalin, Stalin Golden ruble, which has not lost its relevance today, though it's been 60 years. He could become one of world reserve currencies, in the distant 1950

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Economy era of water scarcity

In recent years, dramatically increased tensions between a number of Central Asian countries. For example, the conflict between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan deteriorated so much that experts have begun to discuss the possibility of armed clashes between the two countries. As you know, one of the key destabilizing factors in the region is the imbalance in the distribution of the most important resource that defines the concept of "life" on planet Earth — water.

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Seniors will become victims of a new financial pyramid?

The increasing life expectancy by reducing the working-age population leads the country to economic collapse. If in each generation the proportion of working decreases, and the proportion of recipients of social benefits and pensions grows, each generation begins to pay more taxes than the previous one. Under this scheme, built a financial pyramid.

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The West is trying to drag Russia into the WTO

Whether the WTO Russia itself? Theoretically, she may also get some benefits. But only after the Russian manufacturer will be properly protected, and the industry is fully competitive. Only once in the framework of the Customs Union will develop certain trade balance, which should never be swayed by the influx of consumer goods from member countries of the WTO. And only after Russia will act in global markets-as a seller, not the country of the buyer.

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This is a terrible word devaluation: why cheaper ruble

The ruble last week is rapidly handed over the dollar and the Euro its position. As a result only a couple of days the American currency has reached the biennial high, surpassing the mark of 32 rubles. Didn't get behind him and the Euro: for the first time since November 2010. currency of the Eurozone rose above 43 rubles.

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