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In Russia is preparing a tax on cash

The Ministry of Finance and Ministry of economic development considering the introduction of a tax or fee for the cash payments. It can be included in the plan of accelerating the economy on 2018-24 gg, report "Vedomosti" with reference to familiar with the project officials.

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Russians are waiting for the digital economy

Vladimir Putin took the key role of digital technologies in the innovative development of the state. The message to the Federal Assembly President for the first time formulated a new strategic term "digital economy". Why now decided to focus on IT-technologies, and what are Russia's prospects in the new digital world?

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The transferable ruble. Secret weapons of the USSR

The transferable ruble was the first major project of creating a supranational currency. Other supranational currency came later. So in this matter our country was ahead of the rest.

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Putin in the Kremlin gave a sign: "antipersona" Kudrin program priority

The President seems to have chosen the vector of future economic development.

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Glazyev compared the state of the Russian economy with myocardial infarction

Presidential adviser Sergei Glazyev criticized the rigid policy of the Central Bank, stating that it will not allow to reduce inflation and rise in investment activity. Finance Minister Anton Siluanov defended the Central Bank and the Kremlin noted that it did not share the views of Glazyev.

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